Hive Naija Weekly Prompt | Edition 38

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As a community, we have come a long way together over the years, and more exponentially since The Big Move. What we want for ourselves is to have a space where countrymen have a home to share the Nigerian experience and connect with one another. Together, we'll have a blast of a year.

Welcome to a new edition of the Hive Naija Weekly Prompts. This initiative is one of our activities to explore our creativity and foster connections amongst ourselves. Whether you're a seasoned creator or just discovering the joy of expressing your thoughts, these prompts are crafted to inspire and ignite your creativity, as well as interact with the creativity of others in the community.

Last Edition's Winners:

What a blast this week! We had 49 of you share beautiful memories and heartfelt experiences with us! We appreciate every participant for taking giant strides to expand their minds with the last edition's prompts. Many were as beautiful as they came. And there are a few that we want to showcase for their exceptional entries and level of engagement in the community.

First Place

What I Would Never Do...
by @marynn

Growing up I saw and experienced so many rigidities. Some are still happening till now but thanks to civilization in so many aspects of child raising. I'm not the type that loves making children feel uncomfortable or whatever.
Your child is with you and she ain't free because this will happen when we get home. A child who would be bad would be bad no matter how you are with him or her and a good child is not because of how rigid you are with her that made her good.

Second Place

I Thought I Had Died
by @enioluwafe

My neighbor ran into the kitchen, and noticed what happened, she turned off the socket connected to the hotplate and dragged me out with her into the room.
For minutes, I was shaking. The whole shenanigans finally ended, and I could think straight again.
I had to go on the net, to find out more about electric shock, and what it does to people and how that some people end up dying.

Third Place

by @kilvnrex

But the change for me began when a friend asked me one simple question… I'm not even friends with the guy anymore, and he has because he is now living worse than we were then. Then we were kids who wanted to explore, we never cared about good or bad, we just wanted what we wanted out of our own selfishness. His major influence was his elder siblings, while mine was my inquisitiveness. Especially from age 6 when I was left alone with the TV, and then I started getting gadgets. My friend then was still a far better boy than me, he wasn't as rotten and hardened as I was, and he would even try to tell me to be careful about the way I was living life.

Congratulations to these talented individuals for their outstanding contributions. Each of them wins 3, 2, and 1 HIVE for their positions. Now, we would like mention a few other entries that we deem exceptional.

Honourary Mentions

This Week's Prompts:

📝 We all have that one fond memory, that brings a smile to our face each time we remember it or at odd times. It may be of a person, an event or an occurrence in our lives. Tell us about it and why this memory is important to you.

📝 An 'IT' moment is a time where you felt the most at your best or at peak form. Share with us that particular IT moment where you felt the most invincible or satisfied with yourself.


  • Pick a prompt, craft a masterpiece, and be unique with your title.
  • Ensure your entry is at least 500 words
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  • Read other entries and leave comments if you want that too.
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The community thrives on the diverse perspectives that contribute to its vibrancy. We look forward to your unique entries this week. Many thanks to @leo.voter and @aliento for their immense support.

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@kilvnrex @marynn @enioluwafe

Receiving the award is very gratifying. From childhood we are rewarded in various ways. I welcome the three of you to this honor today.

Respect and love to all friends. May the extraordinary skill of all promise us some new learning. As always, thank you very much for the weekly event. Also we are very happy and motivated to introduce some amazing rule center relations among us.

Thank you

Thanks so much.

you are most welcome friend

Long live hivenaija, thanks for the honourable mention and congratulations to the winners.

Thank you @hive-naija for the honorary mention and Congratulations to the winners.

Heeeeeeiii🤭🙈👏👏, I feel so honored to be among the winners. Congratulations everyone, each and every one is a winner. I had a nice time with the entries of others and the prompt as well.

Oh wow, I never saw this coming, a big thank you to the hivenaija mods for The selections. Congratulations to my fellow winners

Congratulations to all the winners.
This is my entry to hivenaija weekly prompt wk 38.

Congratulations to all the winners.
Awesome topic for this week.

Here is my entry:

Congratulations to all the winners.
Here's my entry 👇

My entry

Memories are what remind us of the past events that occurred to us in the journey of life. Some memories are good, while others are otherwise, but whichever one it is, it is still part of our lives. There

Congratulations to our distinguished winners and honorable mentions

Here is my entry.