Blog of the Week: New Theme for Tuesday 5 October 2021

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Can you believe it's October in a couple of days' time? The next thing, the "southerners" (hemisphere) will be complaining of the heat while our northern friends will be freezing their bits off! Seasons and seasons of life!

Sorry we're a little late with this week's announcement. Let's just say that a few RL challenges associated with month-end and, well, just life, cropped up. Because we're late, and to keep things fair, the closing date changes, too.

A reminder

For those of you who are regular contributors to the Silver Bloggers Community #bow initiative, and newcomers, too, a reminder that:

  • The winners' announcement is separate from the new theme. If you missed the winning post, you'll find it here.

  • to keep things fair: the same person (account) may not win twice in succession.

    In summary, last edition's winner may enter, but the contribution, like those of the judges' panel, will not be eligible for a prize .

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Theme for the Week closing on Tuesday 5 October 2021

It's time to go back in those memory banks. This week's theme -

Thirty years: three things that shaped my life

Choose three things that happened in three different decades that have had an impact on your life and tell us why. They don't have to be historical or world events: they can be as personal (or not) as you like.

How to enter your post for the Blog of the Week (#BoW)

  1. Posts must be in English and obviously centre on the week’s topic.
  2. Prose must be a minimum of 350 words. If it’s a photo or graphic essay, the photos must be your original work and preferably with some sort of back-story to the images.
  3. The blog must be posted in/from our community
  4. Use #BoW - blog of the week - as your first tag. And follow the tag so you can easily find, upvote and comment on other entries.
  5. Share the link to your entry in the comments of this post.


The contest closes at midnight GMT (also known as UTC) on Tuesday 5 October 2021 and the winners will be announced later the following week.

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The prizes

As usual, the winner gets

  • 50% of the liquid rewards from post announcing the winners.

His/her account will be set as a 50% beneficiary

  • 10 Hive sponsored by @lizelle that will sent directly to the account wallet

The runners up win, too

Thanks to our founder and Silver-Blonde Lizzie, the runners up will also receive 5 Hive each, and which will also sent directly to the accounts' wallets.

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Theme suggestions

If you have topic suggestions, please leave them in the comments?

Themes can be anything you like within the Silver Threads preferred for this community. Content creators will, of course, make of them what they will.

The panel
Thanks as always to the panel headed up by @lizelle, with @papilloncharity, @ericvancewalton, @tarazkp and I (@fionasfavourites). We may, from time to time contribute to #bow, but will not be considered for prizes.

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And, thank you in advance


Good day all you Silver-Blog-Lovers. Since i'm working on going offgrid, you'll see the less and less of me. But don't worry, you wont get rid of me that easy. 😁 You may read some of the why's... 👇cara_7.JPG

 12 days ago  

Enjoy life off the grid @mondoshawan!

My apologies to all for being so delinquent in reading and commenting lately. My sister was hospitalized for the last time in September, and it's taking all month to process the fact that she is no longer in the land of the living. I never thought it would be this hard; I''m an old pro at burying loved ones too soon. Julie was only 18; Lori, only 63. I am ever open to signs and assurances that all is well and all shall be well, but also I'm ever a skeptic.

Perhaps I will add "Messages from the Other Side" as a topic suggestion. Or something along those lines. We Silver Bloggers are of an age where, by now, we must have lost a loved one....

 19 days ago (edited) 

Oh dear, @carolkean. My heart goes out to you. Losing loved ones is never easy no matter how prepared one thinks on is.

Reasons for not posting are helpful so we know where folk are at. Both @lizelle and I totally understand the demands of real life that keep one away from blockchain duties. Apology accepted but totally unnecessary.

Thank you for the great topic suggestion - I'll add it to our list.

In the meantime, wishing you strength and comfort. My thoughts are with you.

Thank you Fiona!!
I'm crawling up from the rock-bottom of burying my sister's ashes and moving on.
Moving on!

Thank you #THANKYOU for your understanding and support.

My condolences, so sorry for your loss. <3

So sorry for your loss Carol. God bless you and comfort you

Sorry to hear about your sister @carolkean no amount of time makes one feel better either, we can only accept. Take care!

Oh, I'm so sorry...I know what it's like to lose a loved one. It's hard to see them go. I don't know you, but I give you my deepest condolences and I'm not telling you to be strong, no. I'm telling you to cry; cry a lot, cry loudly, cry silently, however you want, but get out all that pain you carry inside you. It is the only way to heal or alleviate a little of the pain. Little by little, it is a slow process and it never stops hurting. We just learn to live with it and to remember those loved ones from resignation and the same love we profess to them and they to us.

Thank you for the excellent suggestion: not to BE STRONG (as so many people love to say) but to let it all out!! That's what I did, and it helped. Thank you fro reading andcommenting. :)

I am so sorry about the sad event in your life. Just go on keeping the fond memories of them in your heart.
My deep condolences to you and your family.

 12 days ago  

I must apologize for only responding now but my life's been in a bit of a turmoil of late.
My heart goes out to you, I am sooo sorry to hear about the loss of your sister.
I love your Theme suggestion of Messages from the Other Side!
Try to remember the good times.

Thanks Lizelle, and "never too late" with a reply - even No Reply at all works for me.
I toss a lot of stuff out there. Some of it reaches people, most of it keeps drfiting, like dandelion seeds. They are so plentiful because most of them will not land somewhere safe and take root. The good fly away along with the bad, and "good" has nothing to do with it - just timing, luck, and the right landing place. Maybe my username should be @Dandelion Seed. :)

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Oh I'm going to put out my grand Aunt's story about the civil war

 20 days ago  

We look forward to that @sylviaijay :)
Silver-blond Lizzie

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My post for Thirty years: three things that shaped my life

greetings my beautiful people, here I leave you my participation to the BOW

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Wow, I was taking a look at the communities and I came across this challenge that immediately caught my attention because I am a fan of telling my life, my moments that have marked me the most through my writings. I'm going to join right now. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Hi, everyone! This is my entry to Blog of the Week: New Theme for Tuesday 5 October 2021. Thanks for everything! Best regads!

Here's my entry.. a little twist to it; it's about my mom 😀

My mom has been with me for a week now, awaiting her surgery this week.
One t...

Good evening dear colleagues here is my participation

Here's my entry.. a little twist to it; it's about my mom 😀

My mom has been with me for a week now, awaiting her surgery this week.
One t...

Greetings friends. Here I leave my participation for this excellent initiative where we share our memories. Thank you.

 13 days ago  

My unofficial entry Life's lessons

I couldn't make it on time, I had to go out to pick up a parcel and that's why I just posted. In any case, at least let it be useful for reading.☹️

 13 days ago  

Alhamdulillah, I made it @fionasfavourites ..haaha, I finally have time to create this one as a contribution.

Lovely stuff! I'm popping over to read it now!

 20 days ago  

@fionasfavourites: I know I must be late... but I want to ask, do we have a curation trail that I can join? you know, when I can't be here as often as I want, at least I can do another type of support for the community too. This theme is so interesting and I need to manage my time better to be able to participate (at least I have to make a documentation of what I've been through and how it changed my life too) whoever behind this amazing theme, Awesome!!!

 20 days ago  

You are the best Silver Thumb, our super star Silver Flower can confirm about the curation trail but as far as I know you can do it HERE.
This fabulous theme is also her idea, I can't wait to see the responses, it's going to be very interesting indeed!
Take care and don't forget to make time for yourself!

I have set up a curation trail for the community account @cicisaja and @lizelle. It is, of course, called @hive-106316