HiveFest 2020?

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As promised, a new short promo video is out.
Feel free to use any of them to promote HiveFest⁵.

New HiveFest⁵ promo video

Previous HiveFest⁵ promo video

Gandalf in AltspaceVR
See you there :-)

(FYI: During next days before HiveFest, there's a good chance that you can spot me wandering somewhere around AltspaceVR from time to time ...)

- Hello Sir, I'm a Hive witness, do you have a moment to talk about HiveFest?


Those are some fun promo videos! I hope you all have the best time.

I might make a late appearance, as the FOMO is pulling at me. Right now, I'm busy setting up my new author account. You know me as @katrina-ariel. Leia Talon is my pen name for sci-fi & fantasy books. Figured I should make it official on the blockchain, so here I am finding some favorite people to follow. This will be my first comment with my new account. :)

Can I ride a dragon to HiveFest? I mean, it's VR, so we could pretend I rode a dragon...

Nice yo see you back :-)
You need to park your dragon outside of the HiveFest lobby (I saw some dragons parked at the Dungeons world - you will find a portal in the lobby)

Ha! I tried. I did. Couldn't quite make the program work for me, but I'm there in spirit, and I'm back on the blockchain! Sending dragon love to you and your beautiful family.

Thank you for this promo video.

I spent time playing around with VR on Monday with 2D and Hopefully I'll familiarise myself before the HiveFest5.

Just posted my avatar today. Need to do a little testing on the VR but overall looks like it's going to be a fricking Fgun day.

Awesome, can't wait to attend our first HiveFest :) We're working hard, so far only a beta of our Dapp is up, trying to finish more UI updates and the really unique NFT system built on Hive! 🤠

I keep seeing you in VR. Will have to have a chat some time. Last time we spoke was in Krakow. Have fun.

Out of curiosity since I haven't checked, are there guest passes available? Just thinking that since it is online, there is a chance to have random people without accounts jump in also.

Yes, HiveFest is making a lot of buzz all around AltspaceVR :-)

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I strongly invite everyone to take a look at

Automated votes sucks :-P


Cool @gtg. Very nice. 👏 👏 😎

Great work, Gandalf!

Wow it's pretty cool!



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i kind of feel dumb i didn't really look over the post fully.

just ignore what i said


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Wow the promo video the best. Nice work. I think much of people will like it a much.

great artwork and visuals -- love this white white honeycomb element So Much !!! - !BEER and !ENGAGE 20

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HiveFest⁵ feedback and contest results

The social aspect was a mess, too early for VR but nice try anyway. The talks were great!!!

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