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Hello my beautiful friends of Hive open mic and beyond, it's a great privilege and pleasure to be here once again and also have you stop by. It's the 147th week and I'm super honored and excited for being the chosen artist for the week. It's a shame that I'm only submitting my entry now and I'm really sorry for that, I never thought I would be submitting a late entry but then, like they say, man propose but God disposes. But above all, the theme is A GRATEFUL HEART, so I'm grateful to God for helping me to still join us this week with my entry.


Image is mine and was designed using Inshot

I chose this theme for one reason and that is because I'm not as grateful as I should be and I just wanted to remind myself of the importance of being grateful. For the past weeks God has been so good to me and he has given me so many people that have helped out in one way or another that I least expected. I'm supposed to be going through a lot but then somehow I just get a reason to be grateful. One of the main reasons why I'm submitting my entry late is because I'm now a student.

Life as a student has been really so demanding and I just have to be less active on the chain but still active on my daily posting because I already set a goal to make at least a post every day of the year. It has been quite challenging but somehow I manage to meet up. My life has been taking a lot of new turns lately and God has been with me all the way and I just want to lift my voice up and praise God because I know he will always be with me through out all of these turns and I'm sure I will overcome all of these new challenges because I have someone who will always be there for me and that helped me to choose the song titled LIFT UP YOUR VOICES BY KANYE WEST CHOIR.

Thank you so much for watching my video, I'm truly grateful. I didn't add the lyrics to my video but you can get it by clicking on the link Source. I just hope my voice was clear enough for you to pick up the words I'm saying so you don't have to strain your ears, hehe, just feel your self in the song and lift up your voice and join me in singing praises unto God.

Until next time, stay AWESOME!!!



Hola, mis hermosos amigos de micrófono abierto de Hive y más allá, es un gran privilegio y un placer estar aquí una vez más y también que pasen por aquí. Es la semana 147 y estoy súper honrado y emocionado por ser el artista elegido para la semana. Es una pena que solo esté enviando mi entrada ahora y lo siento mucho por eso, nunca pensé que enviaría una entrada tarde pero luego, como dicen, el hombre propone pero Dios dispone. Pero sobre todo, el tema es UN CORAZÓN AGRADECIDO, así que estoy agradecido con Dios por ayudarme a seguir esta semana con nosotros con mi entrada.


La imagen es mía y fue diseñada usando Inshot

Elegí este tema por una razón y es porque no estoy tan agradecida como debería y solo quería recordarme la importancia de estar agradecida. Durante las últimas semanas Dios ha sido tan bueno conmigo y me ha dado tantas personas que me han ayudado de una forma u otra que menos esperaba. Se supone que debo estar pasando por muchas cosas, pero de alguna manera tengo una razón para estar agradecido. Una de las principales razones por las que estoy enviando mi entrada tarde es porque ahora soy estudiante.

La vida como estudiante ha sido realmente muy exigente y solo tengo que ser menos activo en la cadena pero aún activo en mis publicaciones diarias porque ya me propuse hacer al menos una publicación todos los días del año. Ha sido bastante desafiante, pero de alguna manera me las arreglé para encontrarme. Mi vida ha estado tomando muchos giros nuevos últimamente y Dios ha estado conmigo todo el tiempo y solo quiero levantar mi voz y alabar a Dios porque sé que siempre estará conmigo en todos estos giros y yo Estoy seguro de que superaré todos estos nuevos desafíos porque tengo a alguien que siempre estará ahí para mí y eso me ayudó a elegir la canción titulada LIFT UP YOUR VOICES DE KANYE WEST CHOIR.

Muchas gracias por ver mi video, estoy realmente agradecido. No agregué la letra a mi video, pero puedes obtenerla haciendo clic en el enlace Fuente. Solo espero que mi voz haya sido lo suficientemente clara para que captes las palabras que digo para que no tengas que forzar los oídos, jeje, solo siéntete en la canción y levanta la voz y únete a mí para cantar alabanzas. a Dios

Hasta la próxima, quédate IMPRESIONANTE!!!

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You made it dear and it is perfect as always. Your dedication to producing great works are just so fascinating. I never hear this song before but hearing it from you, I love it. Nice work dear. Weldone my lady
We meet at our usual place later tonight for the celebrations 🙄🙄
I dey talk with low Key so dat oga @ksam no go hear

Awwn, thank you so much sir, I'm so happy I could make you love the song 🥰.

Lolz, please oo, I don't have body to settle talk oo 😅.

It's always a pleasure having you around 🤗

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 141 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you so much 🤗

My dear @hopestylist being ng a student and keeping up sometimes can be very demanding but you somehow try to stay consistent every day and I must commend you for that dear.. I really admire you.

And I want to say thank you, for picking this amazing theme, a theme that reminds us of how Greatful we should be instead of complaining all the time.

It's good to see your post dear after all these weeks of being absent..
Am so glad I stopped by.

And I love your choice of song too, its a song I really like.

Good one dear..
Good 'night and much love ❤️❤️

Yeah, it's really so hard to keep up with everything and still give my best but I won't relent.

I'm glad to have you stop by and I'm even more excited you love the song and theme.

Thank you so much for your kind words 🥰, I'm really grateful. Have a great day!

Thanks dear ❤️

Have a great day too..

Only You "is a choir" 🤲
Truly, this presentation was spirit-filled, spiritual, captivating and intriguing. I was lost in the euphoria created, and plunged into a state of sober reflection on the greatness of God... and the need to be extra-grateful.

You've done so well... haunty that's now a student 😏😏😏

I'm so happy I could get you in the flow of what I was feeling while singing, it gives me joy.

Thank you so much for appreciating me 🥰🤧

Hello dear 😘 , you were dreamy! Those voices added, your brilliance ✨️ and that love you give to your entries, we value the effort you make not to lose your entry even in different occupations, studies will always come first 😉 .
Thank you for your wonderful entry.

This review just left a smile on my face not sure why but it feels good, thank you so much for your feedback and support, I really appreciate it.


It's totally my pleasure ❤️

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Thank you so much for the update @hivebuzz, it's so sad that I don't get to see these sorts of notifications as before. Life has been really demanding but hey! I'm coming back real soon, hehe

Hola @hopestylist tu voz es asombrosa, muy linda aunque no entiendo el idioma, se oye excelente agradable a los oídos. Te envío un abrazo un muchos exitos.

Hi @hopestylist your voice is amazing, very nice although I don't understand the language, it sounds excellent and pleasant to the ears. I send you a hug and many successes.

I'm happy you could enjoy it even when you can't hear what I'm saying, it's an honor to have you stop by ❤️.

Have a great weekend mi amigas 🥰

I am not going to say anything new. It's because, in your such kind of music post, I say the same thing😂 each time.
You sang well and another music I heard because of you. Again I said the same thing.😂🤣. right?

Hahaha, you just made me smile because of your comment, well, yeah you said the same thing but I receive it differently every time so it's fine 🥰.

Thank you so much for always stopping by to leave me a message of encouragement ❤️

Hahaha, you just made me smile because of your comment,

Then I am taking it as my success because making a smile is not an easy thing and it's priceless also.

same thing but I receive it differently every time so it's fine 🥰

I always say the same things but in different ways😂. The meaning always remains the same.

Yeah you should take it as a success because you mostly make me smile even just seeing your comments, hehe.

Yeah it means the same thing but the feeling is always different trust me 😌

you mostly make me smile even just seeing your comments, hehe.

If that's true then don't think I am a joker😂😂. I am a normal human😅. Hehe

Lol, I don't think you are a joker, I just like it that you are putting effort into making me smile, hehe

I was just kidding. Nothing to be serious. hehe

Hey @hopestylist this is awsome. You killed it dear and I'm so proud of you. Congrats for this beautiful entry.

When I am struggling not to fall in love, this is coming my way. So help me God 🙏

Awwn, thank you so much, I'm happy to know you enjoyed it 🥰

Amen oo, God will help you 😌

Thanks dear. I hope he helps me 🙏

You're always welcome, I'm sure he will 🥰

Awwnn, Hoppie. Keep it up, Sis. It is not easy being a student but you are an intelligent being and will work your way to balancing it all perfectly.

Thank God for the love shown to you.

Thank you so much for your encouragement dear, I'm happy to have you here 🥰


You are doing just fine sweetheart and I believe this a new phase of life you will get use to very soon and you will be able to multitask like many other students on the platform.

It is important that we are always grateful even though our worship can equal his kindness and grace for us. We just have to show appreciation and he will accept us as long as our heart show gratitude.

Yeah, I'm sure I will be able to balance all of these things up soon 🥰.

Thank you so much for your contribution sir, it's a great pleasure to have you here

Sure, with time you will. Have a great Tuesday and happy Valentine.

I just love how you used to sing with passion and emotion and that is something I admire too. Being grateful is so important in our daily lives that makes us receive more because we all know that a soul that is grateful will always please God all the time. You definitely chose a wonderful theme.
I came through #dreemport

Thank you so much for your compliment ma'am, I'm happy you enjoyed listening to me sing. The theme was what just came to my mind and I'm happy you think it was nice 🥰

You are welcome 🙂

Being a student can be a challenge when trying merge school activities with other extracurricular activities but with discipline and a plan everything will fall into place.

Pop in from dreamport

That's right, my case is a little bit overwhelming and laziness wants to finish me 🤦🏻‍♀️

Life as a student and a Hivian truly is very stressful. It's God's mercies alone that we're able to keep up. You have a really wonderful voice and it's sure that you'll go places with it. Remain Strong.🥰 #dreemport

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your beautiful contribution dear, I'm truly blessed to have you stop by 🤗