Short Form Content & Communities Update on 3Speak!


Communities on 3Speak

Previously, when uploading a video, a creator could choose from only a few communities available in the dropdown option. Community owners were supposed to register with us before getting their community featured on 3Speak.

Now the drop-down has been replaced by a text box where you can type in the name of any community available on HIVE (~1600 right now). We update the list from the chain every hour. This means creators can post 3Speak videos to any community of their choice from the creator studio. Please see the below GIF to understand how it works:

Source: 3Speak Creator Studio

You can type the name of the community you want to publish in and select that community once it appears in the list as shown above

NOTE: If you write anything else in the text box then your video will be published on the Blockchain but not under any community. So make sure you select the correct community and do not enter anything on your own.


Threeshorts is a community specifically for short form video and meme content. Creators who like to create or share memes, GIFs or short videos that last for less than one minute, can use this community to get rewarded for their work or sharing of other short form content. From today onwards, we are going to curate content in this community.

Where to Post Videos:

If posting videos through 3Speak's platform, The community ID to use for posting these can be seen below:


Where to Post Memes or .gifs:

If posting Memes or .gif files, please use or for now. We will update 3Speak over time to better accommodate posting these types of files.

Don't forget to post to the #threeshorts community ( in order to potentially pick up an upvote from the @threespeak account.

What Gets Upvoted on ThreeShorts

Original Content:

Must be original and high quality short form content with viral potential

Shared Content:

Shared content is also important. We will be looking to reward users for sharing viral or potentially viral content. Of course these rewards will be substantially smaller, but we feel that it is the sharing that counts. Any shared content must credit the original creator and preferably link to the original work.

Accepted Content Types:

  1. Videos (less than 1 minute long)
  2. Memes
  3. GIFs

NOTE 1: Kindly do not post videos with length more than 1 minute in this community, anything longer will not be eligible for rewards.

NOTE 2: Upvotes are given at @threespeak's discretion. You are not entitled to an upvote. Keep your content short and entertaining in order to have a chance for rewards.

NOTE 3: Spam & attempts to abuse the system will not be rewarded. Such users will be blacklisted.

We hope that these new "Communities" related features on 3Speak will improve the engagement and attract more creators from other communities as well. Please do share your feedback in the comment section.

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Excellent update @threespeak, I love the idea of publishing in the community you want.
The short videos and gif will be a success.
I wish the whole team a great night

good call, short content rocks

Going to be quite interesting...short videos ,gif able to catch up audience is very challenging but good to see how the user's comes with the challenge...there are many who can very good at this...3short👍

Glad to see the support for the hive communities, I think they are going to help a lot in the future of Hive Block Chain, for content finding and posting.

Short video rocks! Personally, I don't have enough patience to watch long videos. Better short and full of info or fun within a minute.

By the way, can I post mini cartoons made by me?

Great additions! I have really been digging into 3Speak lately and really enjoy it.

Great updates! I love being able to post my content directly to the appropriate community. This offers an absolute added value for the communities. I still think it would be cool if you can set your own communities you are active in as a kind of bookmark and select them with a checkbox. That way you can prepare a list of your prioritized communities in advance and it's easier to choose the right community when uploading.

I just translated this great post for the german speaking community - you can find the post here:

Deutsche Übersetzung des Beitrags

That's a fantastic initiative! This is exciting!
Hope we will see more and more people making content and sharing that.

Good to know about ThreeShorts, I will give it a try. Quick question for you : What is the price of uploading video on threespeak ? Like with X dollars ( or hive), you can upload y minutes of video ?

@sanjeevm, there are no charges for uploading videos

I am sure, there was some charge before, is it now made free ? Any post with more details ?

Great call. This will actually make threespeak more mainstream.

Good opportunity to make short, high-impact videos. Excellent initiative. Thank you.

Three-Shorts is nice initiative, thanks for making a home for Memes, Gif, and short content creators.

Yeah! The shorter the content creator the better. I love midgets

I'm not a meme lover but I'm sure I'll start making some cute ones 😊

Nice idea. I like 1 minute video. I just going to aut with my gimbal😉

great move towards the right direction! the short content is key and mobile too!

"NOTE 1: Kindly do not post videos with length more than 1 minute in this community, anything longer will not be eligible for rewards."

top trending video in this category is 2 minutes :)

I like how short the content is :D

Alleluia to this! 😎

Thanks for make it easy to all now users will increase.

Great! Memes can do wonders for this platform.

No doubt about that...

I'm glad to see a community that shows some love for these formats. I think it will be a huge success!😇

Thanks, I was really confused on publishing my first video on Threespeak and i wondered if threespeak and threeshorts were the same 😀


I wanted to be able to select the community I prefer and I couldn't.
Really needed improvement, thanks!

tik tok watch out

Excellent information now I will be able to share my Acoustic Guitar course with all the Spanish speaking community of the HIVE platform, thanks threespeak for the improvements and I wish them success in the future. I request permission or authorization to publish this post by the vdc community for Spanish speaking users.

Well! Posted a cartoon an hour ago which was dedicatedly made for the Hive. But didn't get any view. I'm not hungry for rewards, I just want people to watch other people's contents. Give a downvote if you don't like but at least watch it. There are more content creators and less viewers.

I think Threespeak should have "recommended Videos" option like YouTube so that new & talented content creators get a chance to show their talent. I am sorry if told anything wrong but Threespeak team should think about it.

Awesome update!! I remember when I posted on 3speak around 10 days ago I wasn't able to pick the community where I wanted to post because it couldn't be found on the list. But now it's all easier and I can't wait using it again! :)

Have an idea already!

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i have a problem, i want to publish in 3peak old, but i dont understand why it send to the other 3speak group