HBD stabilizer functionality partially restored

in #hbdlast year

(see previous post for a more detailed description of the bug and actions taken)

Developers have confirmed that the bug exists but will be fixed with the upcoming (next week) hard fork HF25.

At this time, I have reenabled stabilizer using HIVE to buy HBD when the price is less than 1 USD. Although HBD isn't presently convertable into 1 USD worth of HIVE, the proper functioning of the conversion mechanism should be restored next week, so it is reasonable to consider HBD as still being "worth" 1 USD now.

Converting of HBD into HIVE remains suspended and will be restored after the hard fork (assuming market conditions remain safely above the haircut range).

100% beneficiary to @hbdstabilizer



Shouldn't we be printing hive?
I thought it started gradually changing at 9%?

There's a bug where the soft limit (printing) and hard limit (haircut) aren't aligned. It will be fixed after HF25 (probably next week).

I see.
What do you think of klye's loans and smart chain?

Don't know enough about it to comment.

Trustless secured loans up to 70% of hivepower.
It's supposed to come with a dex and some other things, but it is also supposed to be here by now, sooo,...we'll see what happens after the fork.
Managing all those keys flawlessly has to be a challenge.

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