Dustsweeper Update

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Hello "Dust" Friends,

The STEEM price has had a tough ride and has been as low as $0.20 in recent months. The lower STEEM price means that more SP is needed to hand out the same upvote value. When we recently ran a calculation, around 1000 SP was needed to be able to reach a $0.02 vote. So, of course, this makes it harder for Dusty to sweep. At the moment, the average rate is just above 200 votes per day.

Dust skipped

One consequence of the lower STEEM price, something that @mediawizards brought to our attention, is that Dusty is skipping very tiny dust. Dusty is configured to look at the reward value of a pending post/comment. This is the value you can see when checking the reward on the blockchain, eg. the value you see on steemd.com. It is listed with 3 decimals.

Dusty is configured to skip posts/comments if the value shows "0.000". Taking rounding into account, it means that anything with a value less than "0.0005" will be ignored.

Previously this was never really an issue, but with the price drop, a minimum of 25SP is now needed to reach this level.

Is it worth to sweep dust lower than that?

Dustsweeper is here to help save upvote values less than $0.02. So Dustsweeper is most effective the closer the upvote value is to $0.02. When sweeping extremely small dust values we are basically just spending the voting power without actually returning anything to you as a customer.

If you have any thoughts about this please let us know below.

Discord update

In case you haven’t noticed, the last update to the Discord bot now makes it possible to check when a user received the last dusty vote.

Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 16.45.57.png

The 2nd last line displays the time Dusty tried to sweep the account for dust, no matter if dust was available or not. And the last line displays the time when the account received the last vote.


Here the latest Dustsweeper statistics.

  • We have 1327 Users registered.
  • A total of $908 saved from turning into dust.
  • An average of 230 votes are distributed every day.

We are always happy to keep an eye on your Dust. 😀

Thank you for reading!

ps. If you wonder about the cool @dustsweeper graphics above, they were all designed by @charisma777. Please check out her post: https://steemit.com/dust/@charisma777/a-gift-for-dustsweeper

Dustsweeper is an initiative supported by Witness @danielsaori. @danielsaori is also one of the co-founders, together with @davemccoy. Their shared vision is to help newcomers grow and prosper in the STEEM universe.

Seeing a 2 cents profit turn into dust doesn't sound like much, but for someone new, it can make all the difference. @dustsweeper is trying to prevent that potential disappointment by helping protect those tiny profits.

Do you like Dusty? Please give a Witness Vote to @danielsaori

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A very good and informative post. I just was wondering why some low votes xomment isnt voted, now i understand. Nice update, we are hoping the steem price raises and balances soon, so all goes better for all the communitty.
Thanks for your good and awesome work @dustsweeper .

Thank you for the comment Reinaldo.

Thanks for your good work

Thank you!
Dusty is working hard, doing her best. 😀

I have noticed the frequency of Dusty votes has gone down, but I knew that was because the price being what it is, he's pretty well overworked. No worries! I still occasionally get a vote and its not like the money in my account with y'all disappears if it isn't used quickly enough. :) Thank you for this service!

Thanks for the comment.

At the moment users should be able to receive 7-10 votes per week. This can fluctuate a lot but that has been the average the last few weeks.

I think that very low dust should be ignored too. If it does't return anything to the customer then it's just a waste which is what we are trying to avoid. 😊

Thank you Gillian! It’s always difficult to find the correct balance, see what I wrote to trincowski. If looking at only preserving upvote value, 0.005 would be an interesting level. With Steemit’s 2 decimal standard it would mean a rounded value of 0.01. It would be an optimal value for steem’s dust/minimum payout value. It would make much more sense than the current 2 cents.

I don't really understand how it all works @danielsaori but I trust you to do what is best. 😁

With steem so low it is understandable you need to adjust. Thanks for all you do.

Thanks for the support!

See my reply to denmarkguy. We haven’t actually changed anything, but potentially we could to remove the threshold.

Welcome and my fingers crossed that steem starts to skyrocket! 😊 🚀

I'm sorry I missed this @danielsaori, I've been so tied up lately that I've neglected to follow up and see just how awesome Dusty is. You are doing a fantastic job and deserve all the credit for making dusty one of the best projects on Steemit! Thank you and keep up the amazing efforts :)

Thank you Dave!
No problem, I’m happy you found it. 😊 I have a few things in the pipeline that I wish to implement. Hope I will find some time in the next couple of weeks. Will reach out to you on Discord.

oopsss. wrong acct to upvote you in... But thanks and always a pleasure Daniel!!!

Haha. Thx!
I watched the 3rd Hobbit movie a couple of hours ago. So that must have been way Gondor came to my aid. 😉

why has dustsweeper upvoted a comment of mine which is past 23 hours payout 😐

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Hi Khussan, do you have the exact link so I can have a look? I have checked your last 4 votes and they all seem to be in order.

Oh i forgot to say this after cheking i found it was to a reply in comment 😅

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btw how do i check my remaining duster bal

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How do I check my balance with you guys again? Thanks :)

Hi Kilbride, you can either connect to Discord https://discordapp.com/invite/z48vwEu and used the bot in there. Or you can send 0.001 to @dustsweeper and you will get a memo with your balance back.

I have sent you 1 steem just some times ago but nothing happened. how it works ?

I hope you got your questions answered in Discord.

I was wondering how you were dealing with the price drops. Thanks a lot for the update. I agree that very low dust should be ignored. It doesn't make much sense wasting our balance on that... We might as well simply upvote ourselves and that's not the point of this program, is it?

From one point of view this program was created to make all votes count. No matter how small value, it’s not fair that the system destroys it. The other side was to actually preserve value, to prevent that $0.015 will never be paid out.

I’m not sure the 0.0005 threshold is a good and balanced one. But for sure, going lower we will void point 2 above as we won’t preserve any significant value. Someone might also complain that we are only spending the VP to boosts dustsweepers curation rewards and build SP.

The counterargument to that would be that the stronger that Dustsweeper is, the more everyone benefits in the long term.

I guess the other argument for upvoting microdust is from an onboarding perpective. With RCs being as restrictive as they are for new, small accounts, it could be disheartening and disengaging for a newcomer to use that RC to cast a vote for an encouraging comment that someone has made on their post, only to see that vote disappear into the ether.

Personally it doesn't phase me either way, but I'm just putting up an alternate viewpoint for consideration.

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The onboarding perspective would be the reason to change the threshold. 15SP is delegated by Steemit to new accounts, but around 25SP is currently needed to reach $0.0005. So from that point of view, it would make sense to lower the threshold.

Maybe we should make a dPoll about this and let all the users choose.
Three options:

  • No change
  • Remove threshold completely
  • Set threshold to 10SP

I love getting my “dust” swept up 🧹

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And Dusty is happy doing all the dirty work

Great having the daily protection of this service! This is a key tool for those wanting to get as much Steem as possible.

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Happy you like the service 👍

Given the sagging price of Steem and the cost of running @dustsweeper, I think ignoring the tiniest dust particles is acceptable, at least for the moment. When we get back to $1.00 Steem, it can always be re-evaluated. Nice to see an update, in any case; re-steemed!

Mange Tak Denmark 🇩🇰Guy! 😀

We haven’t changed anything so far in the setup, it is just the lower steem price that caused this threshold to come easier into play.
So when steem goes up we will have an automatic fix. 😉

I grew all my crypto from using faucets or doing micro earning sites, I know first hand how every penny a penny adds up and honestly ANY profit you're making doing anything should be valuable. It's so easy to be in debt and lose money just like that, you're lucky if you're staying even these days!

There is great value in a service like this.

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so posts can't be at zero if you want Dusty to upvote it?

Is @dustsweeper still alive? My connection is so bad I cannot load this post.

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The price is 100% up since your last update. What's going on now?

Good post but I miss how to make it happen

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Hi there! Just about to re-up so was checking out your last update. You do realize that its 0.02 in STU right? The usd price has nothing to do with it?

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how can i register

You should include the method of using @dustsweeper services in every post so that new users may not get confused to find the way of using it. It will be a great help. Thanks!