Who's up for an ANAL PROBE? 2020 never ceases to amaze

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I've been calling this for years so whatever...... Earlier this year the American Government admitted to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and everyone was busy staring at their fucking "Smart" phones. The supposed "Galactic Federation" says Humanity isn't ready and is right for the most part. The fact most people are in such a state of Cognitive Dissonance or just imprisoned by forces outside their control does not lend a civilization to probably level up.


* https://www.navair.navy.mil/foia/documents

The soft disclosure has been going on for awhile with programs allowing the drippings to come out from everything from "X Files" to "Ancient Aliens". Tell a vision did a good job programming some to either ignore or deny the fact that credible and high ranking individuals have flat out said "THEY ARE HERE". Do we as a species even deserve that? A species that trashes the planet, fracks, kills, tortures and is capable of getting their attention via nukes?

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Gravity is a psyop by the C I A to keep ya down Sis-Star!

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absolutely, I keep these short and sweet and just like to see what responses I get :P

reminds me of what acio is doing <3

Real engagement takes time and doesn’t disappear with each passing cliche in the feed...

Are you starting to get it?

I uv my comments at times for an ROI and had some people who actually abuse the system and are abusive as sentient beings imho bitch about that as they have been the same to crash shit into the shit pile of well....shit :) I'm not in the cool kids sociopathic circle jerk club and even though I'm cute as fuck that also doesn't sell as I don't sell it? People have the right to do a lot of things but maybe I should just do bullshit color challenges and not have to photoshop myself to look hot because trust me a ton are effin catfishes or look about as bangable as a potato (just saying if you sell yourself like that and then aren't that then whatever, better have more going for you then effn' bleach and sending asshole pics to doods under the radar) rant over but so many more to come, or not
Yeah baby! Frank Bacon is now one of my faves on here , fin ( rant separate about things I just notice and realize it's 2020 and empowerment for us vagina slingers this year was WAP oh yeah and having the first female VP

love the q, i thinq we are all starting to get it <3

"getting their attention via nukes"

Nukes are likely a hoax, like space travel.

good luck convincing anyone haha... I have a really hard time getting through to folk's cradle to grave "NOOOOK" training...

Hiroshima. Look at the heavy dosage of radiation these poor people are bathing in!!



Folks would rather be scared than listen to actual 'experts'.

But but those big pretty light ball mushrooms!!!!!!!!!


the only reason I do not think they are here yet id because we are still alive and/or self governed I find it very hard to believe that anything evolved could look at us and think us worthy of this planet we are killing - and if they are here they need to step in because we are a plague ...on the other hand maybe corona is just that considering that it is affecting the reproductive tract :P

they need to step in because we are a plague

They've been here the whole time. They are the plague.

Ya really gotta be weary of who to Trust and Support. Many People with the “Victim” mentality are some of these poor souls trapped in the digestive pits of Archonic Aliens, who’s cries for help are really just a decoy to capture more folks to feast on...

I bet you know a Vic or Tim that I speak of...


Are vic's and tim's naturally attracted to blockchain....or is it all social media?

blockchain especially

Attraction to the Audience.
I just see it all as media... Co media since you need two to tango.


@fulltimegeek wondering when someone would throw that in

I'm ready for my anal probe.

I knew you'd be back 😉 LOL

haha , sup sup sup :)

How are you doing? We bet 100 Hive you wouldn't come back right? 🤣 I'm just kidding. Hope you are well.

:P meh I get a few minutes of boredom to drop nicely packaged nuggets of doom around, hope u r well

The beginning started off as interesting.
The middle petered out a little.
And the less said about the finale , the better...lol
happy Sunday!

so it's like most sex? yeah happy Sunday to you as well, I got bored and checked out if there were any signs of intelligent life going on especially with the super fringe of the fringe
Suddenly I feel like watching director's cut "Blade Runner"

so it's like most sex

The total opposite (in my experience)...!

Don't be staring over at me if your looking for intelligent life!

(I don't think I've seen blade runner more than once - and that was when it since it came out!).

yeah I wouldn't know either about that part it just made me think of most Americans who can't climb a flight of stairs , anyhow the movie is rad