Hive Docu - Planning New Project

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I'm thrilled to introduce a new project I'm eager to build on Hive — Hive Docu.

What exactly is @hivedocu ?

It's a meticulously curated collection of videos, films, documentaries, and promotional content centered around Hive, its community, and our collective endeavors.

As a long-time user and advocate of the Hive ecosystem, I've often encountered challenges with the quality of content we showcase here.

My vision revolves around showcasing our endeavors in videos—presenting not just to the Hive-savvy audience but also to newcomers. I aim to create a singular space, visible and accessible to all, a place where someone discussing Hive can simply say, "Hey, watch this—it explains a lot."

Simultaneously, I'm committed to maintaining and do personally but not only high-quality content that emphasizes not only the equipment but also the skill and artistry of the director, editor, camera operator, and the entire crew involved in the process.

Sometimes, explaining things about Hive becomes intricate, making it challenging for everyone to grasp. Having a platform where we can exhibit our work to investors and others would significantly simplify onboarding new contributors. I believe those films and documentaries could be great additions to show to others at the others blockachain events which are atteneded for example by people like @crimsonclad

In the near future, I aspire to assemble a team with shared aspirations. We'll venture out to document Hive-related projects, create promotional videos, showcase communities, and tell intriguing individual stories.

Some things have to be shown and presented in documentaries :

  • Construction of borehole system lead by @mcsamm @hive-ghana
  • Community in Cuba @hivecuba
  • Community in Venezuela @hivesucre
  • Cafe with full ecosystem in Krakow @krolestwo
    and others, you welcome to let me know about other projects and stories worth to have.

It's a journey that requires time, but having everything consolidated in one place will foster our growth, convey our message effectively, unite us in building together, and support valuable projects.

Hive is about these projects, these personal narratives, these incredible communities—but they need visibility (in HD ;)). Now, with @hivedocu, anyone has the opportunity to share their stories. It's a highly curated platform where documentaries and projects crafted by my team from all corners of the world will not only showcase dignity and humanity but also, as I consistently stress, emphasize quality.

Here, I'm excited to unveil the first promotional video filmed in Mexico at @hivefest, featuring the café shop @cafefonda in Rosarito, Mexico. Thanks to the efforts of @starkerz and the magic selling skills of @manuphotos, they were delighted to accept business HBD using @hivekeychain developed by @stoodkev . In the video, you'll see the cheerful, long-time Hivian @jeffjagoe using the Hive ecosystem to pay for his coffee. I strongly believe that content like this will significantly expedite and streamline the process of getting other businesses on board. The same could be done for other payment systems like the one by @brianoflondon

Also I would like to thanks the community @valueplan and people who manage funds especially @guiltyparties @theycallmedan @smooth @blocktrades to help me be at the event in Rosarito so I could apart filming the hivefest in my spare time I could use my time to film this and get more excitement about bringing new projects on the table

Please watch it in 4k highest resolution

Please feel free to use this video.

This is a test, a pilot, a beta project, early stage. Yet, I'm hopeful that with additional support from the community, I can continue this endeavor.

**Any comments are welcome, I'm always happy to hear the voice of the community **


Probably the best piece of videography for a hive ad ever seen on hive! Work of true talent! We are lucky to have this type of skill on hive

Count us in! This video was super cool, we are sharing this asap. Thanks 🙏.

Surely ! You are on the top of the list

Oh .... this small video looks cool , I hope you can make more them . I very like to see this kind things .

Thank you, it was filmed on the spot, but surely it represents what the payment system can do.

Cool .... lets hope all see it also soon . Never stop and make more and more this how things start work .

This actually what am talking about and would love to be a part of the team, am also a creative in the photography, videography, marketing and event planning field.

Am willing to be part of this innovation.

Can you send me your project you already done. Will look into that

Your discord or telegram name sir or you can check for AFAM FEST on Facebook. I was part of the organizing team and maybe if you drop your username I'll send some others.

That's pretty cool. It's the future.

YES! We need this!

beautiful vídeo

That's sick! Great work man!

Just let me know how we can contribute to this project. I think is something essential for what we all do in a daily basics.

It will be best if I come see you guys there and we create some great documentary, about the community, about how is Hive changing things for you, it will need some pre-production, but we are in touch - not sure when that would be done, but definitely worth to show the story.

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We have powerful stories to share with the world. These are more than ordinary and thanks for bringing this to our notice.

Yes! Hopefully we can do something together in nearest future

I loved this video and I just reposted it on YouTube!
This is a great idea, following and supporting @hivedocu
(Even though to be honest, at first I thought it would be similar to sudoku and we would solve mathematical quizes :))

Hah ! Thanks for support, the name is coming from documentaries :) Nothing to solve, just spread the word :)

The video was very nice, I will share it as soon as possible

Amazing initiative and project!!

How do I contact you?

I really love this, will definitely be a great way to give Hive more exposure.

Thanks for the comment, will try best

Wow,what a big job created

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