Avengers: Civil War 2 [Part 9]

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Things began to change as the visions started to become less and less likely. People started to switch sides as well, like Black Panther who not too long ago, was holding Tony still so that Captain Marvel kills him.

Meanwhile Captain Marvel is sitting atop a skyscraper in New York overlooking the city.

“How could it come to this?” She asks herself.

Maria Hill calls Carol and tells her that she has found Spiderman and that he’s exactly where the vision said he would be.

As this is happening, Ulysses is in a state of trance. His eyes are blank and nobody seems to be able to wake him up.

In his mind, Ulysses has traveled to some new strange place. It looks like a destroyed planet that had just gone through a nuclear apocalypse.

Everything is dead, there are no plants, humans nor animals to be found.

Ulysses is wondering whether he’s in the future, the past or even a new planet entirely… But he’s surprised by a massive creature that tries to kill him.

All of a sudden, a man with claws jumps on the monster and kills him protecting Ulysses.

That man is Logan, The Wolverine himself.

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Old man Logan was supposed to be arrested for one of the very first visions that Ulysses had, but when Carol sent Captain America and the shield army to arrest him and his daughter Laura, Cap let them escape.

Back then, Steve Rogers still wasn’t sure what to make of the visions, he tried to convince Logan of surrendering but Laura ended up convincing Steve that her father shouldn’t be punished for a crime that he might or might not commit in the future.

Cap knew that Logan wouldn’t go without a fight, and that the Shield army had orders to shoot to kill.

He didn’t find it in his heart to let an old man and a child die for a crime that may or may not occur in the future, so he let them escape and lied to Carol about it.

As fate had it, Ulysses is now standing in front of the man who almost died because of his visions. Only now, that man is one of the very last survivors of planet earth due to his regenerative abilities.

Ulysses asked Logan what happened to the planet, and Logan responds:

“Tony Stark happened. He pushed her too far.”

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Ulysses suddenly wakes up from his vision.

He tells everyone that they should stop the rift between Tony and Carol because otherwise Captain Marvel will lose it and would accidentally destroy the entire planet.

Meanwhile at the Shield HQ , Carol and Maria are monitoring every step of Spiderman as he walks around Capitol Hill… Out of nowhere, Steve Rogers appears as well.

Just like the vision.

Carol tells the NYPD to clear the area and stand down. She said that she’ll handle it herself.

To be Continued…

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