Meet YOYOW - Chinese Platform SImilar to STEEMIT

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If you never heard of it i will just put some back-story here. Bitshares and STEEM are based on graphene created by @dan and YOYOWs founders also old, known and big users of this both ecosystems.

China community always prefers dedicated platforms for its language. This is why they have dedicated gigants in every sphere ie Baidu instead of Google, Alibaba instead of Ebay and Renren instead of Facebook.

Going by this route of getting system popularized in China the team has decided to run it in their native language in a way they believe Chinese people will find it easier and more likely to use in big numbers.

YOYOW Network

The ICO of coin was on Bitshares, later on to make ease of token use and implementations there was added ETH token version. Currently in simple way you can move tokens between both platforms. When the network is finally on mainnet it will be using Graphene Toolkit so it will be another part of BTS/STEEM/GOLOS/EOS ecosystems. Currently we can see preview of how this will look like on

YOYOW Markets

As you can see the team is really dedicated and skilled. They already got so called biggest in the world cryptocurrency exchange BitFinex and currently one of most popular ones that i love to use - Binance. OpenLedger is where all this started as ive said earilier and HitBTC surely has good volumes too (this two both have SBD trading).

Next Target - Japan

YOYOW is launching their worldwide marketing activity, and the first stop will be Japan. We can already see how good the team is by getting top exchanges and word out about YOYOW everywhere, now they are speeding up and adding Japan as next target. This may mean the platfom will dominate Asian markets so i would say this coin should be watched closely.

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It won't be long until Facebook and Instagram start adopting this strategy. I'm shocked Reddit hasn't done it already. This is clearly the future direction.

Thank you for good information

you are right. Really good information. but for YoYow for only chinese. Well explained post.

This crypto battle for dominance will be epic, a billion brainwashed chinese vs Ned and Dan in their moms basement.

I can be so jealous when I see a coin like this being traded on Binance and Bitfinex while I can only trade Steem on Bittrex. Their trading volume is already higher than that of Steem.

I already sent few coin-requests to few exchanges about STEEM. Did you as well?

Maybe in Steem community there is too many people, which are thinking: meh... probably someone else already did that...

Maybe they havent. Give it a shot look around and dont kill your own ideas before you explore the possibilities. You can do it I know you can!!

I've sent a request to Binance a couple of days ago, but no response so far. Binance lists 194 coins now. STEEM should definitely be part of it.

Someone somewhere in the Steemit marketing team should act accordingly...we can't just watch.....!!!

I guess different markets will always have different coins. Both are doing great for now

Hey this is good @kingscrown. Thanks for sharing.

This is the beginning of the end of the traditional social networks.
And the beginning of a new era of blogging
We're lucky to have at first.

Agreed, very interesting times ahead of us.

Yep, its gonna bring more people to this network

Traditional social networks being centralized? And, the new era of blogging being decentralized?

absolutely agree. wholeheartedly.

Totally agre

AMEN to that!

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interesting info.... thanks for sharing

yoyow is a great coin... should have some

Sounds interesting, for sure will check this coin :)
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you!good post!

I wonder if the Chinese government is going to appreciate a social network that can't be censored.

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A lot of platforms similar to Steemit will be coming but Steemit is way ahead in terms of development and community. But we really need to get the Steem and SBDs listed on big exchanges.

Good point. Scrypto and Investfeed have been around for a while, but they are ghost-towns in comparison.

Absolutely correct.

I heard about YOWOW recently. I wasn't so sure about it at first but they do really seem to be doing some great work on the platform.

I'll probably be throwing a few dollars at it to see what happens. It's priced quite nicely at the moment on Bitfinex.

Thanks for the write up. You gave a nice insight into the potential of this coin.

But the problem is whether the Chinese government allow you to post or vote on YOYOW:)

Yes, I agree. The Chines government wouldn't allow absolute freedom of speech. They would try to control the speech anyway.

That's a very good point!!

If people start talking bad about the government. it will be shut down in heart back.

Just need many chinese shills telling everyone how the Chinese government loves them.. and i am sure they will allow it to run.

Although i do hope its truly decentralized and can't be stopped.. that will be fantastic for freedom of speech in China.

China has the biggest censorship on freedom of speech. If it get big it will be banned in China.. Info flow in China is very manipulated and filtered.

Valid point. Im wondering if they have already incorporated means of controlling this as well or if this technology will be disruptive to their community

I think the means of controlling stays the same. They will censor the website and its traffic directly so that no information can flow.

Yeah all this technology might seem too exciting and ground breaking. People are getting all hype for a technology haven't proof itself yet. Typical bubble in brewing.

When will this platform start working?

No idea

Great info YOYOW what else to say? This is 3rd time today I reply with Love for all projects 'Larimer'
Also agree Binance becoming favorite exchange. ♨

Agreed, yowyow's got a good team.

The best part is options, we now get them. Bring on the future. We been waiting for to come out of the dark ages.

Thanks for sharing this new information.
Good to know about YOYO.

I appreciate this info, upvote all the way

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I hope the china Technology becomes more successful .Thanks for sharing good information.

Do you think this will affect Steemit in a positive or negative way?

Hello @kevinli
In my opinion, I think it will affect steemit in a positive direction.

When the network is finally on mainnet it will be using Graphene Toolkit so it will be another part of BTS/STEEM/GOLOS/EOS ecosystems.

But I may be wrong. Lets see what @kingscrown got to say.


I think its amazing to see programs they bring power to the users. I remember when came out. I thought the creators of steemit would be mad. No they endorsed it. This is what steemit draws me toward steemit.
Thank you for sharing this @kingscrown , I actually had no idea about this sight until now.

Hello @kingscrown
The Chinese really love to have their personalised stuffs as you've mentioned above. I hope the platform becomes more successful and help the decentralization of the universe.


Thanks for the info @kingscrown..have a question why didnt they build on NEO instead and btw im a hodler of fuk token too😎 cheers mate

Would help if Binance listed SBD... down on HitBTC, down on Poloniex, and Bittrex has me frozen.
crypto problems lol

I almost forgot about yoyow, thank you for post about yoyow

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As mentioned by @Samuel-swinton the big question here is how the Chinese government will respond to a social network that can't be censored. If the past is any guide I would say not well at all.

On the other hand, this hasn't stopped any of the Chinese companies implementing search, social media and ecommerce solutions, and while it might cause some growing pains for Yoyow, I'm sure they'll back stronger for it.

A blockchain based social media network that pays you to use it - yep, that's right up the alley for the Chinese, and for Asia in general IMO.

This is certainly a con worth watching.

Well, the other reason (open secret) they prefer theirs is things like FB is blocked and many of the #cn folks here know very much about "going over the wall" :-)

I think it will be the next big network trade centre. Resteem and voted. Thanks for sharing such a good post

i salute to the chinese people who was spendent more effort just to give their citizen more comfort on what they are going to in understand easier on everything in terms of networking most likely here in steemit.

Time to join yoyow early
Make good content.
And become whales there.
But since it's Chinese , It wouldnt attract a world wide audience for now.

Great info never knew howmyou manage to get it. This mean that youmare very dedicated steemian.

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i got a smirk on my face when it said made in china lol

Alibaba instead of Amazon. Wechat instead of Facebook. They do love instagram though, even ought it's blocked.

I'm very skeptically as to whether or not this can avoid being shut down, but I hope they make it!

The ones that get the job done always have copiers of their product.

Nice Post
Back v Please

Is the YOYOW strictly in Mandarin text?

Excellent article. Shared :)

YOYOW is the next big thing in Asia and wow this is really huge since it's the highest cryptoworld market. We should watch for this!

Thank you for sharing this very informative post @kingscrown ! Resteemed!

Its time for non rewarding social media to get tossed to the curve. Glad I am apart of this now before it gets huge.

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