The thing about beer yoga.

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Beer Yoga has recently beome really popular with the germans and now the austrialians major facepalm


Sorry, i just can't get it.

I can't really comprehend how people can drink beer while doing yoga.

It's like matching chopsticks and forks. Sorry, so not a match.

I mean we know that beer is alcohol. And alcohol dehydrates your body. Yoga is not intense exercise but sometimes, even i sweat a little after 45 minutes yoga or so. And with beer DURING yoga? I for sure do not think it is healthy.

My guess is that it is a ill-informed marketing gimmick by some german beer company to actually associate beer with all things but yoga.....

It also seems to get really popular lately. In fact, it was forwarded in facebook by my mum. All people but my mum...

The guy at the background caption: Really do i have to do this move?

I am just waiting for someone to get injured, like hit by the beer bottle or something. And then i will LAUGH HAHAHAHA

Watch their moves here


Looks like just another pretentious bullshit to make you be cool. Whatever is trendy and sells...

haha yes it is...

We germans love our beer.

but yeah this seems like a bad couple and I am pretty sure ( or at least ) they take it as kind of a joke to just get drunk

Well actually the pictures look like they take it serious...

I am so confused now...

I am sure you Germans love beer. I love my beer too. :)

Actually it is as serious as it gets

You might want to check if it is in your city.

I sold everything and traveling through asia atm, so I am safe from beer yoga atm.

Cool. I never have the guts to do it. Have fun!

time will tell if it was stupid or smart ;-)

Nah the things we decide can't be stupid or smart all the time :-)

Haha, you just see it the wrong way around. It's not about doing yoga with beer. It's about drinking beer with some yoga. Never forget: It's all about the beer. ;P

Well they called it beeryoga and not yogabeer. Also, I just do not understand how people can buy the beeryoga concept. I can't imagine how "healthy" it is.

And Yes I know it's always about the beer , isn't it? Haha

I also saw it on facebook. Looks like a trendy bullshit, like tons of them that are appearing / disappearing every day on the web...

Yeah indeed and branded as "healthy". This, I find it funny

Beer is healthy: it increases the amount of time spent with friends ;)

HAHAHA Well said ;)

This is quite funny and unbelievable too.

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Oh gosh. I looked at few of the pictures in your link. I do not want to imagine the partner yoga, acro yoga, and hot yoga with beer.

In the one picture where they are all lying down on their backs (shavasana), I think there are a bit too many people crammed in that space.

In the one picture where they are all lying down on their backs (shavasana), I think there are a bit too many people crammed in that space.

Exactly. Almost like a cult....

To come to think of it, somewhere, someplace may try yoga with weed.

HAHAHAHAHAHA I have never thought of it. But it's funny now that when i imagine

Now try Helium beer Yoga!! Take a look at this Hilarous blog!

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They cannot be serious! :D I'd take the beer and skip the yoga for now...

I have noticed in a few articles. Being someone who has been following a path of Yoga for some years now, practicing and exploring the myriad and vast avenues of it, as well as voraciously reading the philosophy behind it - this is such a fallacy to what Yoga is. Yoga which means "Union" is a path to Self-Realization - this could be arguable one of the highest forms of development of a Human Being. If you read some texts on Yoga and what some of the ancient Yogis were capable of - you will be puts X-men to shame ;)

Oh it's actually popular in parts of the US as well! My friend hosts beer yoga classes all the time! lol it looks like they would bang their teeth on the bottles.

I don't really get it either. Although, maybe beer makes exercise less painful haha idk