Introducing Instant Voting Bot - @bdvoter with guaranteed profit for Buyer and Delegator

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About @bdvoter

@bdvoter is a content promotion service on the Steem blockchain platform owned by @zaku and operated by @reazuliqbal. @bdvoter providing instant voting service with guaranteed profit to all content publishers, @bdvoter also provides a vehicle for passive investors in the Steem platform to earn a very competitive return on their investment by delegating their Steem Power to @bdvoter. By Instant vote service we mean you don't need to wait 2.4 Hours or long time to get upvote from @bdvoter, You will get upvote with in 3 minutes if it is valid.

How to Buy Votes From @bdvoter


Send 0.100 SBD to 1 SBD with your post URL in MEMO to @bdvoter

In the dialog window fill in the following valued:

✸ To : bdvoter
✸ Amount: 0.100 SBD to 1 SBD
✸ Memo: The URL of the post you want to get voted by @bdvoter

@bdvoter will Stop voting at 90% voting power, During That time all voting request will be refunded. You can check @bdvoter voting power by checking it on

@bdvoter will send refunds in following cases:

✸ a user has sent STEEM instead of SBD to @bdvoter
✸ The provided memo is invalid.
✸ Post Age Less Than 0.5 hours or Post Age More Than 3 Days.
@bdvoter voting Power Under 90%.

SBD Distribution To Delegator


@bdvoter will distribute 100% profit share between all delegator at GMT (+00:00). The payout is distributed in proportion to the amount of the SP delegation.

Example: Suppose 4 users have delegated in total 10000 SP to @bdvoter. If user D has delegated 2000 SP to @bdvoter, he will get 20% of the total SBD distribution.

How To Delegate to @bdvoter


If you want to work with @bdvoter bot, just delegate any amount of STEEM POWER to @bdvoter . You can do this by using the Vessel Desktop App from @jesta, or via steemconnect from @busy. Recommended would be steemconnect, because in steemconnect one can easily increase the amount of a SP delegation, which is not possible in the current version of Vessel. You can also Delegate to us by using below Delegation link via steemconnect.

500 SP, 1000 SP, 2500 SP, 5000 SP, 10000 SP, Custom Amount

We are also a very profitable curation trail leader on Follow @bdvoter today and earn more on curation rewards!


If you are from Bangladesh and looking for community support, Join Steemit Bangladesh Discord Server & If you want to support our service, please set your witness proxy to Steemit Bangladesh.

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Can't we just stop this bidbots thing and start manual curation? It really sucks!

People claim that it's good for investors but honestly, it is not, it just leads to corruption. Investors not only look for APR but also look how promising the project is. Steemit was really good with manual curation guys, and let the votes be natural. People are even abusing the airdrops due to this bidbot thingy.

As for delegators, there are many projects to delegate to. Consider delegating there instead of bidbots and your investment could contribute to the success of this platform.

First of all it's not bidbot, It's Automated voting service and Our all curation steempower will delegated to @steemitbd , we giving free upvote to all bangladeshi content creator from that account.

This post has received a 12.02 % upvote from @boomerang.

Can't we just stop this bidbots thing and start manual curation?

As long as delegation is a blockchain protocol and as long as there is little incentive for voters to curate better content, bid bots will be with us and will be popular.

Expecting people to simply act “for the good of Steem/Steemit!” (whatever that means) is insane. If we are not acting in a desired manner, then there is likely not enough or no incentive to do so. If we want behavior to change, then we need to align the blockchain protocols appropriately. But few seem interested in that...or even discussing it at all.

As for delegators, there are many projects to delegate to.

Yes, there are. I’m involved with a few myself. But they don’t pay and people looking for returns shouldn’t be expected to fund projects for free while the project devs and managers make money off of them. Delegating to bid bots is easier and more lucrative than anything else, other than getting free delegation from Ned or other whales.

Steem’s misaligned incentives breeds and feeds the anti-social behavior. Expect it to continue.

I agree with most of the things you said.

In one of my comments, I talked about the APR for delegators and I suggested there that we must create some projects that could be proven as profitable as bidbots but also contribute to the success of this platform.

Our @super8ballclub project is on top of them with the highest ROI on the entire steem blockchain and we made a post where we compared the profits of Super 8 Ball Club with other major projects.

Bidbots pay all the liquid rewards to the delegators, right? It drains more voting power than the bid received. I mean, if the received bid was $100, the bid will have to vote $120 or $125 worth. It simply means that the profit of delegators is equivalent to the liquid rewards of the post after curation. (SBD/STEEM).

At @super8ballclub, we pay 'all the author SP rewards' and it means the same profit as bidbots. We give almost the same incentive as bidbots to the delegators. The only thing which makes it a bit less profitable is the broken peg of SBD. Could this mechanism be used as an example for other projects? Maybe there should be projects following this approach? or maybe they can experiment the opposite.

But the conclusion is that the profitable project exists and if anyone is looking at the "most" profitable project, it's Super 8 Ball Club. We have delegators and @tombstone is the top delegator so far. I think we need to raise some awareness among people about the profitability of our project.

How do your returns compare to the Smartsteem or tipU bots? Currently, tipU is returning ~20% annually on delegation.

Actually, the thing with bidbots is, there is always a time when people are not buying enough votes so it averages out. These sponsor reports calculate their APR each week and you'll notice different percentages each week and that's pretty natural.

As for Super 8 Ball Club, according to the last week's payout, we are giving 9% return annually. Tipu is also sharing a portion of curation rewards so it is obvious that they'll win the race but smartsteem is different (I'm not fully aware if they also give from curation rewards or not).

The point that I want to make is, projects increase the value of blockchain and improve the ecosystem overall. On the other hand, bidbots are the reason of many current problems here.

Manual curation = Efforts = Steem will moon

Voting bots = No efforts of curation = Sideway movements or downside just like it's happening currently.

However, if someone is interested to delegate a large amount of SP to @super8ballclub, I am open to discuss the profit terms with him and maybe we could arrange a share from our curation rewards too.

One last question:

How much STEEM can be earned per week from 5000 SP delegated to super8ballclub? I saw the posts, but missed/don’t remember the timeframe for the numbers provided.

Agree!! all bidbots are just spammer, can't understand why they sell votes and take curation rewards also !!? if someone sells his vote the curation rewards must go​ to the author! a vote seller​ isn't a curator!​

You brought up an interesting point which proves that bidbots owners are solely looking for profit (excluding those who delegated their own SP to their own bidbots). To be straightforward, I am sure that bot owners work so hard to keep up the quality but simply as a human, they cannot do it without poisoning the environment, the complain on the trending page is the best example.

People are rarely coming on trending without using bots and that definitely shows the current state of steemit.

yes, as steem blockchain is a proof of brain, authors put time and brain to create content, but no one can get rewarded by the blockchain itself, must someone to upvote this content (curators), and needs a curator whit a lot of steem power to get value !! so curators with a lot of steem power looking just for profit by delegating to bidbots and vote sellers systèmes!!!
i think that steem will lose the attractivity whit time if we can't find a solution for :
1- curation value based on steem power
2- bid bots
3- bid bots curation rewards

My idea :
1-community must elect curators (vote systèm like witness), a curator must read and evaluate articles daily and upvote the good ones and downvote bad content, good curators must get vote and calcification​ and reputation from the community​...
2- bid bots must guarantee​ 25 % profit for Buyers
3- bid bots can't take curation

This bot thing reminds me of how elitists make money off of money itself, it is as nonsense as IOU's not being accepted at the local store. All money is an IOU, lol. Whatever. Screw the beast! Thanks for your comment. Much love! <3

is this bid bot just the same as the thousands of others?

Or, just go automated via subscription based upvote bots. Good review here.

Hello PrinceWahaj!
You are right bro. I agreed with you.

One of your purchased vote had to be reversed for not abiding by @Promobot Terms of Service. Found here :

No promotion of vote trading services.

bidbot bidding bidbots got rejected? haha.

Promobot, can you check on this for me....

7 hours ago Received 10.000 SBD from onthehook8

I received no vote or refund

Why did you move me to the next round? @promobot
Please fix 0 min to 30 min.
Again I lost steem because I looked at your '' O mins '' figures

Hey! Promobot. 5 hours ago you recevied 9.95 steem. But you no vote
Please check it. Thank you.
You can send back steem to me :)

Promobot, can you check on this for me....

7 hours ago Received 10.000 SBD from onthehook8

I received no vote or refund

Sorry for the delay, It's been refunded 11 SBD.

We've resolved the issue and this should not happen again.

Perfect, thank you very much :)

Promobot, can you check on this for me....matjeans...8 day a go i sent 9.950 steem

no refund

Your name reads like “badvoter”. Very ironic.

Your name in translated into Swahili sounds exactly like ponzi scam

I am still a skeptic here. Difficult to see how this is a profitable for both bidders and delegators.

By the way zaku in japanese sounds like "inferior fishes." Not sure if it was meant for the majority of steemits on here that using this service makes us inferior :/

congratulations and have a great time ahead with your service

so is this a you vote me , i vote you?

Another bully to take rewards from us.
Thanks, alot!

Do you guys still offer 150% bid value?

Yeah You will see here when we update that value.


That's low :( The ROI is around 101% :(

@enforcer48 you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

oo this is really nice.i would like to participate in this especially when steems value get high again... increases the expected profit. thanks for sharing

It is an excellent opportunity to grow on this platform, sure I will try in the coming days thanks for this kind of initiatives, the comments of other users motivate me to try with you.

Thanks brou

congratulation.. bangladesh theke voting bot bananor jonno.

Wow! Its amazing. In many days i deserved it in our bangladeshi community. Thank you @zaku.

I like it because of the fact instant vote will definitely try it thanks for great share.

Great ideea behind this upvote bot, 100% i will use it on my next post. All the best in the future.

i like it @bdvoter because i recive 0.15 sent buying vote with 0.10

All the best @bdvoter
Really a great support on steemit

Honestly, I tend to not use vote bots these days after experimenting with them briefly a few months ago with limited success. But I was curious, so I just sent 1 SBD over to @bdvoter and sure enough, received a vote within the promised three- minute timeframe, a 95.54% vote.

Nice work. I am sure people are going to love this bot and get value out of it.

Bivoter honest botScreenshot_20180724-132654.pngScreenshot_20180724-132625.png

Instant voting bot with profit thats great

Yeah. I don't like bidbots

Hm, is this really profitable for delegators? From what I've seen (never used any voting services actively or passively), you can get significantly higher return on your delegated SP with other services. I'm not naming any competitive providers here.

Yeah, what's with this always asking for SBD, why not STEEM? not everyone has a lot of those SBD to go around, it's ridiculous these amount of bots, what ever happened to the human voting, all of this leaves a lot of room for scams.

That's not how you spell guaranteed?

Seems interesting. What's the current multiplier?

Bot are dangerous for steem eco system.. I believe steem should so something serious about bots,, else steem will become a greed platform and good content creator will leave slowly and gradually

Es ist immer das Gleiche, wo das Geld ist, da soll noch mehr hin.
Ich halte das für einen Betrug am kleinen content creator , und wünsche Euch nichts als nichts.

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You got a 90.91% upvote from @bdvoter courtesy of @zaku!

Delegate Your SP to us at @bdvoter and earn daily 100% profit share for your Delegation & Reward will be Distributed Automatically Daily.

500 SP, 1000 SP, 2500 SP, 5000 SP, 10000 SP.

If you are from Bangladesh and looking for community support, Join Steemit Bangladesh Discord Server & If you want to support our service, please set your witness proxy to Steemit Bangladesh.

You write well
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interesting news,I will prove it.

Perfect just recheck the spellings of guaranteed :D

Wow that's awesome news thanks for sharing now we use this Amazing bot to earn more it's really great really I searched many bots but u say about this bot it's perfect on 0.100 SBD it's give 1 SbD wow it's interesting

This good tool , I am sure this would definitely help everyone for steem power and enhance reputation steemit account , I will try and use this tool

Upvote For Upvote And Reply to my Comments

Hey @bdvoter I am thinking to invest some money in steemit and then delegate the power to bots. Can you advise if its beneficial to do that. Will I be able to make some money out of it? Suggestions required please and thanks in advance for your valuable suggestion.

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hope i will invest in this bot

Can't afford for now. Maybe later. 😂

You got a 65.93% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @zaku!

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This post has received a 41.41 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @zaku.

but who would want to pay to bots that will then spam the post that they voted you? I know i dont like that type. If this can stop then may be i can use your services. Also, how many votes for 1sbd for example and how many for 0.1 sbd?

Otherwise good stuff you got going on here

True. Too much bot comments will make your page look bad :/

congratulations have a grate Time @bdvoter

I want granteed profit. Can I get some granteed for my profit? I love that if I send you money I get some granteed profit. Granteed.

Have a great platform to be installed on the STEEMIT. Thank you friend.

Nice posting i am interested👍

follow me for a follow back.

This is the really great for who are beginner here thanks for sharing this post

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