The next challenge

in #work2 months ago


A few months ago I wrote an article talking about how important a routine is, how it brings balance to your life and how it even gives some meaning to it, if you can find a worthy goal that you can pursue. I usually change my mind quite a lot about the subjects I approach in these articles but in this case, I didn't - I still believe that a routine can be extremely good for everyone. It helps you to be productive, it liberates your mind, and it gives you a sense of direction.

For the past 5 days I've been stuck in my room, unable to go to my job, due to Covid. I tested positive last Wednesday and since then I've been staying inside, despite the fact that I feel completely fine. I wrote this article on Monday, in my official free day, so in total I stayed home for 6 days. Although the break was good, allowing me to relax and forget a bit about my responsibilities, it also disrupted the routine I created and followed, this way bringing some chaos into my life.

The chaos was strictly personal. Nothing really changed on the exterior, but I slowly got a feeling of uselessness and boredom. This break caught me off guard, so I didn't have time to plan any project at all. Daily writing became easy enough to take only a small part of my free time, so I had no idea what to do with the rest. The fact that it's also extremely hot in the room doesn't help.

So, I was stuck trying to entertain myself and be okay with the idea that I won't be very productive for a few days. I finished a book I started a few weeks ago. Then I finished a new one. I played some games, mainly S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, watched some movies, and wrote articles.

Luckily for me, this should be over soon. Today I got another test which was Positive again, but barely, so inconclusive. I'll have to go again tomorrow to get a test, and based on the result, I'll either have to stay inside for another 5 days or go back to work (since this article is written on Monday and posted on Tuesday, I already got the result for the test, which was, luckily, negative, so I'm back to work). Regardless, this isn't that bad. But this short break reminded me of something: in a few months I'll finish work here, when the season ends, and then I'll go home. What will I do then?

I will probably try to find a job, but since I live in a small village where there aren't a lot of jobs available, I'll have to either search for something remote or try to work online, like I did up until this point. If it comes to the last option, then I'll need a plan, a new challenge, something to keep me busy, something to work towards. Otherwise, there will be chaos again, and not the good, constructive type.

Daily writing already became a part of me, so I might continue doing it, either here, on another platform, or maybe even on a personal website. But I doubt that this activity will occupy all my free time, every day, for months. So, maybe I'll give other things a try. One idea that I recently got was to create a piece of art every single day, for a month, to see what happens, what I can create. I know such a challenge can be difficult, especially because I always want to make more and more when creating art, so limiting myself to a single day to work on anything will be quite difficult.

After that? I have no idea. But what I do know is that I must create a routine. It needs to be something consistent, aside from writing. I want to do more, to be more useful. Maybe even build something for myself, something that will generate an income while I'm away next season and unable to do too much.

So that's what I have in mind, at least for the first month or so - one piece of art every day. What type of art is irrelevant. The same with the tool that I use, be it Photoshop or Blender. After that however, I have to find something else. But it's good to at least have something to start with.