Quitting would be easy

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There are 92 days left until the season ends and we get to go home for the next 5-6 months. This means that if I will continue to write and post every single day, I'll end up posting at least 100 more articles, since there's more work to be done even after November.

It's interesting to think that I already wrote and published a bit over 100 articles since I came here, and I have 100 more articles to go. That's 200 articles in 7 months, the time I've been here, plus a few extra because I've been doing this activity before I left.

That's a lot of content. I think it's more than I ever created in a single year. And although the rewards were great, both monetary and in terms of growth, it became, in time, a bit exhausting to create so much. The exhaustion comes mostly from my inability to stick to one thing and the constant craving I feel to do more and more, to diversify my activities and to be able to switch between them whenever I wish.

When I came here for the first few months I only did one thing - write. I would write and post an article a day, and then I would spend my time however I wished, watching movies or videos on YouTube, reading the e-books I have on my laptop, sleeping, and so on. That made things easy, and time went by fast.

Nowadays however I write and post these articles, I keep a daily journal, I am translating a comic book from German to English to hopefully learn a bit more about the language, and I'm playing one game that I really want to finish: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. Besides all that I also want to start copying entire books in an attempt to get better at writing myself and to see if I remember the information better than if I would just read.

I do all that, or at least I try to, while also having a job that takes around 10 hours a day of my time, that exhausts me and stresses me quite a lot.

All this is a bit exhausting. And quitting would be easy. It would make my entire life much easier if I would just give up on something, like writing. It's easy to ask myself "what does writing bring me anyway that it's so important I must put all this effort into doing it daily?"

It's even easier to justify quitting.

But it's always easy to quit. And quitting always brings you nothing. It ends your attempt at getting something, or somewhere, and it leaves you with nothing. Trying, however, has the chance to help you move forward and to bring you a lot of benefits. It can change your life.

Therefore, there are only two options out of this situation that I find myself in: either quit on doing one or more of the things that occupy so much of my time so that I can relax a bit more, at least until I'm done with work or, the other option, the one I prefer more, to use this difficult situation to grow, to get better, and to do all the things I want to do faster, with less stress.

I need to find better ways to get ideas for my articles, to write and publish all this content without allowing this activity to take too much of my time.

I need to learn how to write faster, while being coherent, so that writing in my journal every day takes me 30 minutes instead of 60.

I need to learn how to write in and translate from German faster so that I don't have to spend too long copying and translating all the text from the book I have.

Finally, I have to become better at playing the games that I play so that I can enjoy them properly, instead of considering them a hurdle instead of a relaxing activity.

This is, in theory, an opportunity for me to grow. Instead of quitting, I can get better at what I do and finish these activities faster, with the same level of quality.

Will this be possible? Maybe, maybe not. But I know that trying very hard and making an effort now will make me feel much better in the near future than if I would simply quit, feeling like a failure 2 months from now for not being able to deal with all these tasks.


Quitting; the path of least resistance is mostly the first hideout to stress & not seeing the results as you very intelligently said.
And working 10 hours? You are one superhuman but please don't quit writing or else, you'd be depriving myself and several others of your wisdom, creativity & excellence that we need 🥲🥲
Thanks for sharing 😇