Changing your mind is completely normal

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I changed my mind about quite a lot of things over time.

When I first started writing and posting articles I was convinced that quality is always more important than quantity. I was sure that posting only when you felt that your work was good enough was the way to get the rewards you wanted out of your efforts, and it was difficult to convince me otherwise.

Nowadays I think that quantity and quality both are important. Posting too often without trying to offer any value will just make you invisible to anyone who searches for anything meaningful. Posting great work once a year can easily make you irrelevant because the internet moves so fast. Posting work as often as you can while also aiming to create decent things is the way to go, in my opinion.

The same happened with getting a job. A few years ago I was convinced that having a 9 to 5 job was a horrible idea, that I would be dependent on my paycheck, that I would have horrible bosses and that I would hate my life unless I would become a freelancer and achieve the freedom I wanted.

Nowadays I can see the benefits of having a 9 to 5 job, such as reasonable work hours, a steady paycheck, vacations, and so on. I no longer have to work 12 hours a day, to force myself to do more and to get stressed if I don't, to figure out everything on my own, and so on. If I live a modest life and I don't spend everything I make, and if I use my free time wisely, I can have a part of the freedom I want, and maybe all of it one of these days, before I get to the age of retirement.

I used to think that all people suck when I was younger and I did everything in my power to avoid them, to avoid any social interaction. I thought that everyone was mean, focused on their own interests and out to get anyone who might've inconvenienced them in any way, shape of form.

Once I grew up I realized that I was dumb to think like that. Sure, some people are mean and lazy and hypocritical. I work with a few people that are like that. But others are nice, selfless to an extent, and easy to interact with. There's no need to avoid everyone - you just have to get rid of those who cause trouble and to continue to interact with the nice ones.

The examples can keep on going.

Changing your mind is completely normal. I used to say that people don't change, but I was wrong about that. People do change, and with that comes different opinions about certain subjects. It's normal - good even, to change your mind and to begin to accept or dislike certain things that you once had a very strong opinion about. It's not hypocritical. It's human. And sometimes, it represents progress and growth.

So, if you're slowly changing your mind about certain parts of life and you're a bit confused about whether that makes you a hypocrite or not, know that there are a lot of people out there who change their minds about a lot of things every day. That's how you grow - you accept that you were wrong and you adapt based on new information and experiences. Sometimes your newly formed opinions will be bad. Sometimes, they will be good. But a change is always necessary in order for improvement to happen.


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