Witness Update - Talking with Pepe Mujica - 40th President of Uruguay

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As Steem-Witness, meeting with important people as STEEM ambassadors bring us to better and greater understanding of what works and what does not work in real-world scenarios. One of the people that made a political decision that actually worked is Pepe Mujica, the 40th President of Uruguay

The Republic of STEEM

"Return to simplicity, with lives founded on human relationships, love, friendship, adventure, solidarity, and family, instead of lives shackled to the economy and the markets." - Pepe Mujica

I have seldom met a man with so much wisdom, and listening and learning from him has been a fantastic experience which we urge everyone to google for documentaries and speeches, because this man is the reason for Normalization of Cannabis, he did it in his own country Uruguay, and is now harvesting the highest order of gratitude from countries officials all over the world. Wherever he goes, people flock to listen, to adapt, to learn about politics that actually work and make people happier and lower the stress levels.

In STEEM we shape our digital republic, decentralized worldwide but with a common goal, to make this platform known and used by the masses of the world, in the future even onboard countries republic banks into cryptocurrency systems, and why not SMTs?

I am sure he liked the idea of sending money worldwide in 3 seconds, and he knows about a system called STEEM, a modern economic system with private banking functions and zero fees.

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I just admire him for being so down-to-earth person. I just read an article about him a few months ago that he don't leave in luxury and he even gave his salary to help his people. I hope our politicians should learn from him on how to serve the people with clean conscience.

I`m from Uruguay and I voted for him.

But he ended up being just another corrupt politician, don`t let his sloppy image fool you.

Uruguay is sinking like the Titanic and he did nothing to change that. Just another corrupt sockpuppet.

His character is charming and lovely, but his acts don`t follow his "awww cute and wise grandpa" image that he tries to sell.

Plus: he is a murderer too.

Wow, this is deep. I think I can understand you @donstopmenow. We are also very frustrated with the Prime Minister of our country. Absolutely corrupted.

From your post he is acting like a psychopath. He is acting to be liked and using the position for his benefit. He is a murderer also killing for his evil purpose. Tell us what is he acused for and ehat are the alegations i would love to know

Ajajaj dificil explicar al pepe a los extranjeros. Suerte en Steemit

I hear you my friend! I'm Brazilian and, I no longer find it surprising how characters such as Mujica, Lula and Morales among others can portrait themselves as the leaders and saviours of our suffered nations. However, in reality they're only selling this image to those who know us from the tabloids and holiday reviews websites. There's no easy fix or heroes, I urge everyone to go a little deeper.

The best thing about Mr. Mujica is that he practices what he preaches. Not like others who speak of savage capitalism and are savage capitalists / Lo mejor del Señor Mujica es que practica lo que predica. No como otros que hablan de capitalismo salvaje y son unos salvajes capitalistas.

Not quite sure I agree! Mujica isn't as socialist as one might assume! #buzzkiller

@fyrstikken, in my opinion you have taken absolutely right decision by explaining the Steem Ecosystem to such an greatly influential man, literally who can take great and bold steps for the good, with words many people say, i also say, but you are the real action taker and really motivates me particularly to promote Steem Ecosystem some how. Now the real actions are reflecting everywhere, NED went to Korea and in Meetup, in section of SMT's possibly he gave an hint of Dtube coins which is great to hear, and after watching all these stuff, i want to do one very little promotional stuff which i will post any time in this month, i have two unique designs in my mind for the Steemit and Steem T-Shirts, because when direct way not works for the promotion we should try for the indirect way and i believe that, our attitude and appearance speaks lot than anything else. Keep doing this really integral work and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

I would like you to share more of his views of a system like Steem :)

Upvoted. I love wisdom. Love the concept of simplicity.

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Hi. I just wanted to wish everyone a perfect day

That is a wonderful post... you speaking from the heart

WOW! This is so cool to be able to share with such a legend!

Thank you for your good words, it is an awesome news for us all. Upvoted and full 100% and shared.

Namaste :)

Love is an invisible thread that bonds the peers.

Thank you for sharing your love

I've never heard from that Legend or read about him. I this is my first time and I will Google Search about him

Good job sir...and thank y' for giving me the opportunity to know about this great man, the Uruguayan President. I can feel y' had a nice time with him. Y' re doing great going far abroad promoting steem...beautiful job.

I am from Uruguay, did you ask him when we can Cannabis with bitcoin or etherum? Ajjaja

I would expect a lot of crypto people settle in Uruguay over the coming years.

What the hellll??

You talked with Pepe Mujica about Steem and this is everything you have to say?

Im sorry man, but i was starting to turn on when you alreeady finished.

Hope your wife doesnt have the same problem :P

Just kidding, and i really hope you elaborate.

I do not believe politicians

Love it the witness. @fyrst-witness

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I admire Pepe Mujica, the words he said, her philosophy, regardless of political performance (which I'm not sure). However, compared to other politicians, he has a position, a perspective, perhaps closer to humans.that is my perspective. I would have liked to read a little more of your conversation with him. Thanks for sharing part of the vision of this great man.

Excellent, simple, functional and important that in turn talking to the people who have had positive results, where the real success is perceived, this evidently improves the world, this is what is needed in Venezuela, more transparency and an authentic decentralized economy.

I love this person from my early age when i started to know about his lifestyle and his democratic purpose.I think his one of the best work is to donate to the poor people.He donated of around 90 percent of his $12,000 monthly salary to charities that benefit poor people and small entrepreneurs.Thanks @fyrst-witness for sharing it.I love this president from my core of my heart.

You've received my vote as witness! Great you visited this great man! He is a role model and a great politician.

http://www.epsd.org.mx have worked to change drug policies and to normalize Cannabis in Mexico since 2012. I explain what I'm actually working on in my blog:

What is the difference between gravity protocol and other similar projects like sia, storj and maidsafe?
Personally I like sia project.

I agree with you on this issue. I practically objerbd Indian education. Since I have studied India as a foreigner more than 6 years. Indian education system and standard increasing day by day.

Love it the witness.
Unbelievable hopefully fore the more successful I am sure with this witness

meting Pepe Mujica most have been a experience for life
wish to be fly on the wall there :)

The thing about him is that he is a man of his words. He says firm to whatever he says. Great personality

Excelente post es de imagino que quedaría encantado con el proyecto STEEM .gracias STEEM por darnos tu vos para llegar a todos los rincones del mundo..

I dont know him, thank you for giving me this opportunity to know one of the great man in uruguay.. I hope to know more things about uruguay. Awesome job@fyrst-witness

Thank you for telling me about this amazing man. Good luck to him and new achievements! And thank you for your work!
And for promoting this platform in the world!

Cara membalas Budi pada orang tua yang selagi masih ada sangat luar bisa selfe

o iyi bir başkan, umarım ondan sonra gelenlerde onun gibi mütevazi olur

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Viva el Gran Pepe...

great one indeed

HOW LUCKY YOU ARE @fyrst-witness. Pepe Mujica is for me the only politician in the world that I respect of his idiom because he really applies what he says. Grande pepe. I wish we had one like you and not the gorillas that we had in Venezuela (i used google translator is something is wrong blame google)

Nice and importantly moment

Cannabis is so important for so many reasons if you want to learn more about it or CBD please visit my page I will be posting loads of valuable information as I go. Thank you steemit for such a great place to share

I like that man "Pepe Mujica" He is the best president that I ever know. Humble with another and always be simple person in their life. Maybe all of Mr.President and people around the world can being Mr.Pepe Mujica as a good role model how to be a good leader have the humanity senses