Cold weather, empty wallet

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Cold Wallet



It’s been another freezing cold day in London. I’ve had to drive my car to the only trusted garage in my area to get an MOT, and service, without being totally ripped off by the mechanics. Ironically enough when I arrived there, I realised the garage has changed hands, defeating the entire purpose of going there with my car in the first pal :)

I decided to give them a chance and see. I was expecting an astronomical bill anyway, considering how expensive everything s these days. I’ve received the estimate and it is eye-poppingly high. Funny enough, the car passed MOT without issue so, in theory, I could just pay for that and drive away until next year. However a car is something that you literally put your life, and others, on the line to drive. I think it’s every car owner’s responsibility to ensure their vehicle is in the best possible condition - including servicing it when the time comes, even if it passes the MOT.

To be honest a car is a luxury item in London unless you have young children. Even if you work unsociable hours, the public transport in this city is great. I know we like to complain about it, but it really is very good compared to most of the other large cities of the world. So, in essence, my car is a self-inflicted expense. I’d do well to sell it and buy crypto with the money and hide it away in my cold wallet haha.

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We've just had more car expense, but then ours are old. Have to decide whether it's still worth repairing them. Where we live a car is essential. My parents live in Bedford and have given up having a car. Even if they have to get taxis sometimes they will save money. They can use the buses cheaply anyway.

Buses are free for OAPs aren't they?

Sometimes it's probably worth biting the bullet and getting a new or newish 2nd hand one instead of pouring money to fix an old one. Especially now a lot of cities have implemented clean air zones and old cars have to pay a hefty charge to enter.

My parents may get free bus rides. They can get discounts on trains too. My dad has an ebike he uses for some trips.

No clean air zones near us, but we will be looking into newer car options next year anyway.

Yeah you definitely need a car where you are. Here I have a choice of 3 buses, the tube, the train (after a 15 minute walk) and other options.

At least the station is only 20 minutes walk away so I can get to a few places, including where I work. There are buses, but they can be expensive.

Other options?

Sedan chair?

LOL. Flying carpet 😂

Remember to take your Vit D!

Everyday. I have a massive stash!

It was cold today, everywhere is covered in frost that didn't thaw throughout the day. I enjoyed going for a walk, though, bracing!

It's going to be cold tonight. The clear sky is to blame :D