Chocolate Edibles!

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Chocolate Edibles

This time around, I finished up with the 7g of smalls and decided to make some chocolate edibles. There are a few recipes that use canna oil, but I didn't want an oily chocolate and went the butter route. 😄

I did the same process as before with making the canna butter, but made it with 1 stick of butter instead 2, making it 113g of canna butter. Once the butter was done I let it rest for a few.. and then proceeded with getting the double boiler reader to melt the ingredients together.

Started out with 2.5 cups of chocolate and 113g of butter. There are no pics of me doing this step, only have two hands! 😂 There is no time to play once you start, gotta stir constantly.

Once I got the chocolate ready, time to get it in the molds.

I grabbed a set of molds that were relatively cheap that I thought would be the perfect size for a bite of 420 chocolate, 0.5 inches for each cavity.

I spread out the melted chocolate in the molds trying to keep it semi-neat. I let the chocolate rest on the table for about 2 hours to cool down. After which I put the whole lot in the fridge to set overnight.

Next morning, I got the molds out of the fridge and popped the molds into a bowl to see what we got... 128 whole pieces of chocolate.

Don't worry, I took care of the crumbs and extra pieces.. waste not want not! 😂

Thanks to the handy dandy calculator on the net, I input all the particulars and hit the button... to get the final results. 🙃

After the calculations, wound up with each piece at 4.4mg of thc for each.

From start to finish, it took me about 4 hours to go through the process, not counting the overnight.

Time For Testing The Finished Product.

It's been a week since I made these, and for the first dosage test, I went with 4 pieces for a 17mg total of thc.

The chocolate works a bit differently as there is less to digest. And the effects were more mellow and I felt the effects start creeping in about 3 hours later. I ate them at 5 pm... so round the 8 pm mark it was go time.

I was digging the mellow crawl to an elevated state! 😉

Next day I ate 5 pieces at 22mg of thc. Well the result was a tad better to say the least. The 22mg was working nicely.

Day 3 I went with 3 pieces at 13mg of thc. The result was mild, and it still effected my pain levels without me being totally high lol. So this method seems to be working out thus far after a week.

I am going to go with a 4 to 5 piece dosage in the evenings. Between these and the cookies I am set for a month for edibles... probably more than a month as I still use the vape occasionally during the day too.

I keep these in the fridge, till I am ready. They need to be kept cool until you take them. I didn't attempt to temper the chocolate, as there is no need to. I let them set out for a few minutes to warm up to room temperature, then it's go time.

I prefer the chocolates to the cookies I think, but I like both. I guess it will depend on my mood on any given day on what I take.

420 and chocolate.. what's not to like? 😁

I hope you enjoyed the read... Peace Out!


Good jobs! they look nice! :)
and cool that you took care of the remaining crumbles :D

Thanks! Yes I surely did lol 😂 have a great evening, and thanks for reading.

You are going to have guests soon :D

That would be a wild lol.. who would pass out first I wonder? HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Now THAT is the question :D

Someday we will have to find out LOLL

Now THAT is the question :D

Someday we will have to find out LOLL

Cool to see your taking this very serious. I would love to try some of these!


Most definitely! Most of you grow your own, and I can't really add to that conversation.. yet! I've been an advocate for a long time lol. There was a time that never had to worry about running out, let's say. But I've got a teenager to raise up, otherwise I would be doing other things. :D

But this I can do. I bet you would dig these treats.

Next up I am thinking on mini cupcakes with 420 butter cream frosting. That's gonna be next month though. Have a great evening.

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