Effort to reclassify cannabis in United States

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A FL rep has launched an effort to reclassify cannabis in the country under federal law.

There are still federal restrictions that remain surrounding cannabis and this can be a cause of a lot of headaches, and infringement upon liberty, for businesses and individuals around the country.

There has long been growing support to see things change but how long will the people need to wait until they can see that freedom further embraced?

If successful the new legislation might reclassify it under Schedule 3 instead of being Sched 1 in the Controlled Substances Act.

There is widespread support for legalization around the country and a number of states have already set up flourishing cannabis industries from California to Colorado, Washington, and elsewhere.

Will Florida or Texas be next to set up their own markets for recreational use? And could they become some of the biggest in the country?

We know already that there is demand in both regions and some might argue it is long overdue for things to change, to see an easing to those restrictions where possible, in an effort to foster economic freedom in this area and more.



I haven't met anyone who has a problem in FL with weed, they need to just make it legal!

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I have been saying in my Weedcash Wednesday videos that federal rescheduling is really the only thing that will put these cannabis markets back on track.