Arabesque Restaurant : Egyptian and Arab Cuisine in Mauritius!

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My wife being Moroccan, and after trying couple of restaurants here and there serving 'Arabic foods'....hmmm she was not that satisfied!!!

She was always complaining to me...'This is not Arabic food...the taste is not there...the ambiance is not present...', until we went to Arabesque restaurant located in the city of Beau Bassin in Mauritius !


At Arabesque, once you step in you feel that Arabic atmosphere around...from the decor to the scent...the music and yes...the Chefs are all from we talk!



Live Kitchen

You get to see all the actions live from the seating area...I just love live kitchen restaurants, where you can see your foods being freshly prepared just in front of you!


When wife and kids are enjoying...99% sure the experience gonna be a great one!Lol!

Here's my daughter Rheem ready for her first Egyptian food ever! The real stuff!


My wife and my son Omar mesmerized by all the Arabic decors and lights which made him so curious!



Service was very friendly and rapid.
And all the different foods we ordered were simply super delicious!
The hummus, muhammara, breads, falafels, sambousek and shish tawouk were all of top quality.





And for the desserts, there's a trolley set up where we can select whatever you want...

The baklavas were amazingly delicious!


We ended the dinner with a nice coffee and settled the bill - quite affordable price for such a place with all the expats chefs working, the rapid and friendly service and of course the yummy traditional foods served which were all approved by my wife!
Ps. My wife cooks very well...that's why she's so picky!!!

We will definitely return back for a second experience soon!


This is my first contribution on @waivio, hope you've enjoyed this little tour of Arabesque restaurant in Mauritius.

Will add some more reviews of other restaurants around the whole world where I've been to!

Until then,
Have a great day/evening ahead!




Did you know there's a foodies bee hive community? It would have been lovely to see it there for a better chance of being seen.

Oh hello my friend!
Yes I do post most of my blogs over there only, my favorite community actually.
The past few weeks I've been navigating the hive ocean and checking the depth here and's really a huge rabbit hole! 😂😂😂

Thanks for such a detailed review, great photos too! And welcome to Waivio.

It would be nice if we can get more restaurants and rewards outside of Vancouver, Canada as well.

I know only about one global campaign for now ($5 worth of HIVE for sharing 2 photos of your favorite coffee mug):

Just make sure to Reserve the reward first :-)

Oh thanks so much for appreciating my posts and the nice welcome!

Just as you mentioned it...I already went over and shared my favorite mug, hope you get to see it!

I will be sharing more reviews on restaurants I've been and will go in the coming days/weeks...a little bit around the world!

Btw I have so many friends in Canada...and many of them usually comes to Mauritius for holidays too...and as i have a restaurant - a small one like a bistrot, very often they come over for dinner there.

Maybe i have to share more on my little restaurant for the future Canadians who will come to Mauritius can come over and taste my cuisine!

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