Using a VPN in Ubuntu just got easier...

in #vpn2 years ago

It might sound like I am contradicting myself, but I just wanted to say that using a VPN in Ubuntu just got easier. How come? What do I mean? This morning I spent an hour trying to make the brand new Surfshark application for Ubuntu to work on my system, and it really works and it is easy to use.

If it is so easy, why did I spend one hour trying to make it work?

That is a brilliant question, but the answer is quite simple. I had an old Surfshark installation on my Ubuntu computer and that somehow interrupted with the brand new version of Surfshark that I wanted to install. I tried to use commands such as sudo apt remove surfshark and similar commands, but I didn't succeed with installing the brand new application after that either.


Then in the end, with some help from Surfshark support, I understood the difference between sudo apt remove and sudo apt revoke. Yes, I had to use the revoke command in order for the older version of Surfshark to be entirely removed, and when I had removed it completely, I was also able to install the brand new version of Surfshark. And yes, when you have it installed, it is very easy to use and it is actually quite brilliant.


As you can see from the two screenshots in this article, the application is almost entirely similar to the Windows application, which means that it is very easy to use and you do not need to use the command line anymore in order to connect to the different servers and to change your settings.

I know, I do enjoy using the command line, but for the sake of efficiency, this is actually much easier and it makes it all the more reachable for those with no tech-skills and for those who do not want to acquire tech skills.