On Welcoming in that Empty Void Feeling...

in #void2 months ago

I've spent a lot of this year so far, 2022, sitting around on my ass on my laptop.

In fairness to my self I have done other things too, but a good proportion of my time, several hours a day in fact, has been spent in idle use 'dicking about' on Hive, Hive-Engine and in the crypto wonderland more generally.

Managing Splinterlands assets doesn't help this either! That's a task that can be done in about 10-15 minutes a day but on which on can easily idle away an hour too.

It is so very nice to dwell on all those shiny gold cards, after all!

But anyways, I've just more recently, now we are almost half way through 2022 (already, fuck!) got a bit more disciplined and with a little more mindfulness have started to pull myself off my ass and away from such idling practices.

My primary tools in this effort are a cushion and a chair, rather than a bed to lean back on, pretty basic, but sitting up helps with keeping focused on writing rather than 'dicking'.

But not dicking also means, well, not dicking.. and it has actually quite hard, because once one ditches the mind-filling distractions of the online wonderland, you're left with this kind of slightly uncomfortable empty void like feeling.

I've been here before at a much deeper level, so it's familiar, just not pleasant, but I also know that it's something one just has to deal with, it is 'mine' after all.

And I also know it won't last forever, because the simple truth is that nothing is permanent!

So it's all good, in an empty, uncomfortable kind of way!


I wouldn't worry as this is temporary and will bounce back soon enough. I must admit I never question what I do these days as I know at some point this dicking around will pay off.

I think it's necessary however long it lasts!

I also spent lot of time with my so called probabilities and reading here and there in Hive. may be I need more focus and time management.

I try and ring fence hive 'duties' but here i am again!