c0ff33 vlog 4th September 2023

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So here it is, 4th September and yes I know two weeks late vlog again - tide and time wait for no man and the last 8 weeks have just been crazy hectic for me so fitting this is in just getting harder and harder.

July and August have been plain dismal in the UK, wet and overcast - mostly mild but not exactly summer - more like winter minus the freezing cold. Even the August Bank Holiday was wet and miserable, so it’s a super surprise to hit September and suddenly blue skies and near 30 degrees temperature - just in time for school’s to go back.

At least the overcast summer has been good for coffee sales, it’s continued to be rammed out over the last few weeks with us struggling to keep up with demand - never managing to hold stock and often roasting to order with some orders backed up waiting for us to catch up.

Some good news at least, my Hive Engine Witness is now solid at 17 thanks to gathering some much needed votes, including regaining the very nice people at Rising Star Game. Getting a coveted top twenty spot means my Witness now just about covers it’s costs, overall with the Hive Witness and full API node for Hive my hobby is still costing me - but it’s a lot less then is was now.

Over on Hive my Hive Engine Witness is now 17, view the ranks at https://primersion.com/he-witnesses and feel free to give me a vote - although you need staked Workerbee to actually move me up the ranks. Hive Witness is rank 43 and I have updated to the latest hived 1.27.3

On Rising Star Game I have moved up to level 59 unlocking a new mission - https://www.risingstargame.com/

I also have a Dlux.io node up and running https://hiveuprss.github.io/dluxmonitor/ you can view the nodes that are producing (runners) there and learn more about Dlux at https://www.dlux.io/






Active HIVE Witness alongside @derangedvisions, if you appreciate the effort and work we put into the HIVE blockchain please consider giving us a Witness vote - vote for @c0ff33a or @whiterosecoffee using your favourite Hive Blockchain front end.

We run five Hive servers, two Witness Servers, Hivemind Instance, Full Account History Node HAF version 1.274
https://api.c0ff33a.uk and backup https://rpc.c0ff33a.uk our full API servers to use with your dapps and front ends.
Seed Node https://seednode.c0ff33a.uk and Fat Node https://fatnode.c0ff33a.uk

https://hiveblog.c0ff33a.uk Our own condenser front end, exclusively using our own API server to access the Hive Blockchain. For the best experience use on Brave Browser with Hive Keychain plugin.

Hive Engine Witness - support @c0ff33a at Tribeldex head to Tribaldex Website or Primersion Websiteand support my Witness with your vote.

Dlux.io Witness - head to Dlux Monitor Website to view the current node runners

Join Rising Star Game British based and Hive Blockchain backed music themed game - no investment needed just start playing and earn StarBits, if you enjoy it invest in card packs to climb faster and increase rewards. Follow @risingstargame for the latest information and updates.

Visit #brits Discord Channel Join #teamuk and make your posts easily found, post with the tag or create a post in teamuk community so your fellow Brits can easily find and support your work. Let's work together to make #hiveuk an active community on the Hive Blockchain. #teamuk tag and Brits discord is exclusively for use by United Kingdom Hive accounts or ex pats living abroad

#teamuk tag is followed and actively upvoted by @teamuksupport

I distribute coffee roasting machines and also espresso coffee machines and roast my own Speciality Coffee Range. being one of the premium coffee suppliers Yorkshire including a wide range of filter coffee sachets. Finally I have a dedicated website to my Artisan small batch roasted coffee featuring roast and post packs and super easy coffee subscriptions.

Become a White Rose Coffee Roasters affiliate and earn a percentage of the sales you bring in for sharing your affiliate page links Become A White Rose Coffee Roasters Affiliate now payout available via Pay Pal or HIVE based on the current exchange rate.


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Awesome blog my friend. Great to learn more about you in the process! Awesome that the overcast weather has helped with the coffee side of things! Enjoy the sunshine now too!.. sounds like the weather is amazing then! I'm looking forward to some warmth soon on this side of the planet - which probs means good for the coffee side of things for your upcoming winter then?

Sorry the weather sucks there. It’s been unusually hot here. Almost 100 degrees the last four days and we won’t get a break till Friday. You need another roaster brother.
Congrats on the move to 17.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Been pretty hot here. Just now starting to mellow a bit now. They say our Covid cases are ticking up as well.

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