Touring "El Cora", a Local Crocodile Sanctuary, With my Family ~ #dontfallinthepit

in #video8 months ago

Got to spend a quality day with the fam a few weeks back, and just got done putting the video together of our guided tour at El Cora.

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These guys are a non-profit and do some really incredibly work to rehabilitate injured and neglected animals. Caesar, our guide, was super knowledgable and a pleasure to walk around with.

If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend going here and taking the tour. It's not an experience you can get just anywhere. And if you can't make it here, the video I made should almost give you the feel of being there yourself.

The kids had a great time, and so did the wife and I.

YouTube Thumbnail.png

Check out the vid and lmk what ya think!

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There's nothing more pleasant to the ears then children's laughter.
The kids weren't too excited.

3 kids 5 and younger, you guys have your hands full. Once they're out of dippers, the monthly budget looks a lot better.

Blind or not I'm not sure I would have held that gator.

Wonderful video. I enjoyed the kids reactions and enthusiasm as much as the tour.

You guys have a wonderful family.

I hope business is going well!

Thanks man, yeah, watching it back and seeing their smiles and laughing, it was cool to kind of re-live it.

It's a lot of work for sure, but super excited to be done with the diaper stage. We're getting there :)

Biz is going well for it being "slow season"....but ready for the packed houses again already.

All is good, hope the same to you and momma bear.

That is pretty awesome. Very brave of the little one to actually hold the croc. I don't think I would be able to do it myself. I remember petting a boa constrictor when I was a kid at Busch Gardens in Florida, but I was much braver or oblivious back then!

Kids are fearless man. They don't know what danger really is yet, so anything is on the table, lol. He was super chill, didn't really even move, I bet you coulda done it no prob :)

Ceaser is an amazing guide, I must say. Having answers to literally every question. He sure knows his animals.

I love the excitement in the air. Your little angels are so adorable and it's so lovely watching them move from one cage to another.

I absolutely love the idea that the animals are returned to the wild after they're treated and cared for.

And a 50 year old crocodile! wow!
And with the ability to hold a breath for 2hours? That's really massive!

Thank you for sharing this lovely experience @intothewild.

And thanks for up voting my introductory post.

Hey man, no problem!

Caesar was awesome! He actually showed up to my bar the other day and I showed him your reply, he loved it! Glad you liked the video! And welcome!

I had no idea that there are crocs in Mexico. It makes sense. But, it never crossed my mind. I was thinking caymans would be more likely.

I do believe there are Cayman, but more crocs than anything. A lot around where we live actually. I see them on the golf course all the time, and when we get big rain storms, they get washed out into the ocean and end up on the beaches near us....people love it! lol

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