Mayto & Tehuamixtle VIDEO ~ #rollthatbeautifuldronefootage

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My last post I shared some pics and the outline of me and my buddies road trip to Mayto. Well I just got around to editing the video, so check it out.

Chris has a really nice drone, so I was waiting for him to get me his SD card so I could add all the beautiful drone footage to my video. Definitely glad I waited, because, damn!, the view from above is just so dang pretty.

Hope you enjoy!

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So cool the drone footages while you're driving!!!

Yeah man, his drone is pretty dope. Mine can do the same "follow" feature, but my gimbal is really not good at all, very laggy. His is so smooth it's ridiculous. But that's the difference between a 400$ drone and an over 2K$ drone.

But that's the difference between a 400$ drone and an over 2K$ drone.

Lesson learned, let's stop being cheap!

Well, sometimes ya just gotta start small. I'm glad I didn't buy a really expensive one right away because 100% I would have crashed it as an inexperienced pilot and been out 2k, lol. It still does the job, just not as good as his. Fits my needs though for the most part.

Yeah ok it makes sense, same applies for a car I guess 😄 I went super cheap for my first car, it ended in a ditch, no harm done!

Wow what a way to share an adventure! Reminds me of my trip to Mexico a few months ago.

I have a new drone I haven't tried out yet and this might have inspired me to do so!


thanks for sharing and well met!


Awesome man, what kind of drone did you get?

Always loved toys and was gifted this one so I could be a beginner!

Nice man, Holy Stone is a pretty good brand for beginner drones. Looks like they've stepped up their game a bit too since I last looked at them over a year ago.

Yah the guys were pretty impressed with how much technical advancement/capabilities were packed into a lower level mode. Like a Hyundai with all the features of an expensive car. ;)

Should be fun but we are also looking at using it to make promotional videos for our digital marketing business @town-crier.

Gotta test it out soon and maybe I will finally be able to post some @3speak video content!

Amazing paradise

It is a pretty amazing town.

What fun video. Those oysters were huge, I have never seen such big ones.
The beaches there are gorgeous now I want a vacation 🙄

Too big, honestly. Kinda like eating beef from an old worn out cow. I prefer them smaller, small enough to shoot. Knife and fork are not ideal for oysters, lol.

Vacay can be anytime you want it to be. My bar is waiting for y'all.

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Yeah, the drone footage is insane and the gorgeous empty beaches beckon for some bare footprints in the sand.👣🏝👣

Loved the tequilla differentiation segment! Bet the Raicilla went down extea smooth after being chilled down in the freezer! Hope you didn't leave it behind!🥃🍋🍹

Now that I saw the live video of the dinosaur oysters I think I'll stick with shooter size one. Yours would be delicious chargrilled served with a Voodoo Bloody Mary.🍡

You had make time to watching any of the NHL playoffs? My hometeam, the "Ballsy Blues", are still fighting to advance even after losing our best goalie to a hit from that dirty dog Kadri! @intothewild 🏒🚨 🥅 💙💛

P.S. Your mirrored shades are DAF!😎👌

I'm at the bar a good amount and most people coming in do so for the hockey games. I had 2 Avs fans here the other night when the Blues scored in overtime to win it. They weren't too happy. Still think the Avs are gonna take em out though.