Morning Walk With Pepper Dog! Dreaming of the treasure hunt!!

in #urban7 months ago

Found the perfect spot to go for dog walks with the pooch. Ever since she hasn't taken a liken to some other dogs and folks.

We found a place off the beaten track that's really close to home.

Early personal dog path!


The river's getting lower, And it might be time to cross over to treasure Island!

Plus, the pepper girls being getting better at the swims!


Here's some screenshots courtesy of Google maps. Exmarks the spot!


This river flooded in 2013, This island would have been underwater. In this historic flood. Many treasures still litter the riverbanks. Currency flowed out of homes? Upstream. There's still much waste and treasure to discover.

Treasure map for the good lady!


Please wish us the best of luck, If do not return. Empty hand, without treasure.



wow, that's pretty good. picture number two is so impressive he has something in his mouth.

beautiful dog