Project Giving Fundition first update

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Dear Steemers and project backers,

For our first update to our fundition page, I thought I would explain how we go about selecting the initiatives which we choose to write about and support. Before that though, I wanted to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has so far donated and helped to make this first fundraiser a complete success both on Steemit and through Fundition! 

In our efforts so far to raise money for the Yokaenso community initiative in Tanzania, the kind Steemian community has already shared more than $50SBD through our main blog post, and also around $20USD through fundition. This is a great success, and just with these funds, Yokaenso will be able to purchase t-shirts for their entire team, as well as new gloves and gumboots for the waste collecting project. Reaching our goal of $200 USD would help us provide even more to help this wonderful charity. As a reminder, all information regarding Yokaenso and the work they do can be found here:

How we select our initiatives?

Project Giving's goal is to find effective small-scale initiatives which are actively creating positive change in their local communities. However, finding the right initiative to sponsor is not always the easiest of task. Below is a diagram which the team created to explain this exact process:

We hope this information helped you understand a little more about the process which goes on behind the scenes at Project Giving. Thank you once more for all your kind contributions and be on the lookout for more upcoming updates to our Fundition page as well as new initiative posts on our main @ProjectGiving Steemit page.

Until next time,

@TristanOliff - Project Giving founder


Great initiative. Glad to see such nice projects in steemit. Following, upvoted and resteemed. Have a nice day.

Thank you for your support! We choose projects to support based on how they improve their local communities or environments along the UN development goals.

@raj808 shared this initiative with me and I really look forward to supporting y'all! What a fantastic use of the blockchain and the Steemit community.