A Day With Mixed Feelings (Ulog day #10)

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Hello everyone, this one is also a late Ulog about yesterday. Sorry but I don't wanna skip to today and I'm gonna talk about yesterday as it's today. For an example, instead of using I woke up at 9.00 AM yesterday, I'm gonna use I woke up at 9.00 AM today otherwise, you'll be messed up in my Ulog. So let's start.

I woke up at 9.00 AM today but I thought that I'll be able to sleep till past 11.00 AM because it's the last day of the holiday season. But I woke up at 9 AM and as usual, did some stuff on Steemit and others.

Then I went to my study table (now it's already a little messy) and took a look at my Timetable. Then I saw that it was the studying time and did some Math work and some Holiday Assignments. After a while, it was time for Steemit and I didn't get a chance to post anything cuz I had received a lot of replies and there were a lot of new posts in my favorite list so I had to keep replying to them the whole time I had kept for Steemit stuff.

After working according to my timetable and sometimes being relaxed than I should be, finally it was time for Karate class.

Then the class started and our sensei put a Zumba music with a Zumba video on the screen and he told us that Zumba is our Warmup!?!? Everyone had to do Zumba with their Karate kits and it was some kinda embarrassing to do Zumba at the Karate class.

Then we were asked to have partners with same heights and there were only four girls including me and one sis is higher than us so sensei told her to be Brown Belt's partner and then me, sis and another girl were stuck. (that girl's the one who steals my sister's partnership. She always wants to be sis's partner and I never get a chance to be partners with sis. let's call that girl Ynw which stands for You know who. She's not Voldermort but let's just call her Ynw.) And also, there was a very short little bro who had no partner of his height and then do you know what happened?

You'd probably think that sis chose me to be her partner but SHE WAS PARTNERED WITH YNW!!!😤😠😡😡😡😡 Can you guess how I felt at that moment? I was totally down and felt pity for myself. I encouraged myself and then, then our sensei told me to be partners with that little bro. He's not even a half of my height but I had nothing t do other than doing those activities with him.

Then each pair was given a short pole and we were asked to do something like twisting. (the exact word doesn't come to me) And I had to do it with that short little guy. My hands are straining so much. I can't even move my left hand freely cuz it hurts so bad.

Then we were told to do leg stretching exercises with pairs and it was way too harder for me to quit pressing that little guy's legs hard. And then it was his turn to stretch me and that didn't give me any result at all cuz he's too little to press my legs.

Then we were told to practice Mawashi-geri in pairs and that's when that little guy hit himself on the floor when he was trying to show up his talents. He kicked the air with his right leg and then he raised his left leg to do maybe some kinda kick with that leg. Then he slumped to the floor and it made a huge sound too.

Then the sensei hurried towards him and raised him up and did some stuff so that he could breathe without any problems. No one was looking at us that time and sis told me that the sensei has thought that he was dropped down by my fault but actually I didn't do anything. Sensei didn't ask me if it was my fault but he asked what happened and then I explained what happened.

Then the sensei became my partner and by 10 to 10 kicks, we had to switch partners. This time, I didn't get a chance to be partners with sis.

Then at the end of the class, we had three fights, Brown belt and another boy, sis and Ynw, me and another boy. First I should say that sis fought well and as I remember, she scored 5 marks and Ynw scored none or 1 or 2 marks.

Then it was my turn to knock that guy down and that boy is so fat and has a huge body and me 😂 I'm the complete opposite of him 😅🤣. Sensei told us that the first round should only be punches and so did the second round. I was able to score those two marks 2️⃣ and then the sensei told us the next rounds are gonna be only kicks.

In the third round, I did a mae-geri with my left leg but before it hit him, he also did a mae-geri with his right leg. OMG! He just kicked me so hard and it was a Ge-dan shot and the sensei told us to stop the fight for a while. Sis and some others asked me whether it hurts but it didn't hurt that much. It was just like a little shot to me.

Then the sensei told me not to get too close to the opponent and we started the fight again. Anyway, he earned the last two marks and it was a draw. Then the Karate class ended.

Then at the Zumba time, our coach taught us some Salza steps and we danced to the rhythm. Then finally, we arrived home and then mom was ready to celebrate our last day of the vacation with some sandwiches, cutlets and stuff. We had them while we had our family meeting and it was almost midnight when I jumped to the bed.

I didn't organize my stuff for school and I had to do everything today morning :D

Btw, sis has her freedom to choose whoever she likes to be her partner. If she likes to be partners with Ynw, she can be it. Sometimes, I maybe a little jelous whe Ynw is partnered with sis but that's because she's the one and only sis I have. Anyway no worries here 😊😄😁

And one more thing;

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Thanks a bunch for stopping by

Have a good day or night!

Gotta go now

Until we meet again ❤

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Don't blame me! Remember when one time we were humiliated because we were holding hands in a running game XD And we should interact with other students or we might look like weirdos. Besides, you'll always have me all to yourself at the home :)

Hmm... that's something to think about. Yeah, I know. Anyway, I said that I'm okay :D

Thank you @yasu24 ^^
I'll check it out

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