[Ulog] Behind closed doors! Visit a templar's palace!

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Good Evening dear friends,

today we have been invited to visit a very interesting
old building here in Malta. An old palace belonging to
the Knights Templar. The place is owned by a friend. I
took my smartphone with me. Silently like a shadow,
I took some photos for you :) I am always fascinated by
ancient buildings, especially when it is a place like this,
that is not open to anybody but the owner usually.

After a day without internet,
as my connection left me for
unknown reasons yesterday
and a weak connection today
we had to get out and relax.
Thus I am very very sorry for
the delay in answering your
most valued comments. <3



A view from the roof terrace of the palace.


And a better view. In the background, the area called the three cities:
Vittoriosa, Senglea, and Cospicua.


The roof terrace's view was truly amazing!


A peek into the inside. The palace is filled with Venetian chandeliers in most impressing sizes! The walls are decorated with carefully woven antique silk.


This is maybe more the decoration
one would expect within a Knights
Templar palace :)


Hope you enjoyed the visit <3


PS: And again sorry for the delay in answering the communication with you, the weak signal is really driving me crazy and it is not that easy to change the provider as there are only two and both are equally overloaded :)

Enjoy the rest of Sunday, my friends!






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Thank you very much!


I have always had a facination with the Knights Templar. I think part of it comes from being in the SCA and a love for all thing Middle Ages.

Then this would be a perfect place for you ... so fascinating. The whole country is so full of heritage!!! Still very bad computer problems here, no working discord and no reliable signal. .... ughhhh

Oh, no!!!

We would love to come to Malta. When we do, we will come stay with you and sweetie.

Malta is a wonderful, mysterious island; every day we discover something new and worth exploring.

It would be very nice if we could show you "our" island.
Partly one is intoxicated by this energy that reigns here...

Oh, that would be wonderful. Just have to get to where we have our passport and then money to go. I would love to visit Malta and spend time with you and @anutu.

Congratulations! @anutu
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Thank you so much, this encourages me even more. What a great project!!! Really truly appreciated!

Hi sweetie @anutu!! 😚😙

I miss you!!!!!!!!!!

Im glad i bump into your post. I love all your shots especially the sea side with the boats.. just lovely!

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