Kudos for the transparency report @ybanezkim26. The accounting of donations is one of the most important aspects that have sometimes been neglected by those who run it. Glad to see the smiles, even after such a difficult time.


Yeah. Transparency report is a headache, but it should be done to establish accountability.

They're so happy with what they received. Makes me happy as well.

It's good for the overall HIVE community as well because this establishes trust in between Hivers. Keep up the good work. :)

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All the best for each one of you in the upcoming year!

Great that you guys could offer so much help in all that chaos. I'm sorry for each affected by it.

A community for Charity projects would be nice. A place where all the little and big requests, stories, donation funds are summarized for the Hive community to see and choose from. Just an idea, but there is a whole new year coming up so maybe something like that will appear :).

Anyhow, stay safe and a happy new year's from Germany!

Thank you! We were able to help because of the support of Hive. Without Hive, I doubt I could help that much.

With the developments in Hive, I think it will pop up soon. We'll just wait and see.

Happy New Year! Greetings from The Philippines!

The Hive community can stick together when needed. That's a plus. You guys are doing so much on and off the chain, I take a bow and hope for a great 2022 for each and everyone.

I will stick around for sure 😊.