Sweet Sweet Summer Friends

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Now just because we don't celebrate Halloween in South Africa, it doesn't mean that my house does not get converted into a horror zone every now and then.

The other, after working very long hours and running on minimal sleep, I decided to take the time to become one with my bed. I am not sure for how long I had been sleeping, but I woke up to my fingers being stroked ever so gently. my arm was gracefully draped across a pillow that I was cuddling, and the tiredness was overwhelming. I fell right back into a deep slumber before I even managed to open my eyes.

Then I felt it again, gentle soft strokes over my fingers. I was stuck somewhere between trying to figure out where I was and who was next to me... I slowly opened my eyes, and What I saw was a Solifuge the size of a small dog sitting patiently on the wall by my hand, waiting for me to wake up so that he could make eye contact as he stroked his hairy little spider legs over my fingers one more time.


The weirdest part was, that I was so tired at that point that I flicked the Red Roman away promptly and didn't even water time falling right back to sleep. I would deal with him in the morning if he decided to stick around...

But he was certainly not the first or the last Summer visitor that stopped in. A few days later, this rain spider decided to stop by. I tried catching it so that I could throw it outside, but he made it very clear that he had absolutely no intention of leaving on my terms.

In one attempt to catch it, the spider bounced off of the door that leads from my room to the porch where he was hanging out and landed on my foot. Instinctively I drop-kicked that little bugger right through the safety bars of the porch into the garden. Subsequently, he was named BOB for absolutely no reason at all.


No spiders were harmed in the making of this post. Well, maybe a little - I am pretty sure BOB is ok!


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