Wedding Trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico ~ #weddingbells

in #travel2 years ago

Just got back a few days ago from a 5 day trip to Playa Del Carmen. A bartender at my old restaurant was getting married and I got an invite. West coast of Mexico to the East Coast, and got to stay at the all-inclusive Barcelo Maya, which was the nicest all-inclusive I've ever stayed at. It was realllllyyyyy nice.

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Made a lil vid, check it out!

Congrats again Cory and Jamie!

You ever been to PDC? Or the surrounding areas like Cancun, Isla Mujeres, or Tulum?

I'm not the biggest fan of all-inclusives as I prefer to wander, but that's just me.

What about you? Is that your preference when you travel? Or do you like the unbeaten path like myself?

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I've never been to an all inclusive, so I would like to go at least once just to say I have been. I think I mentioned that we are supposed to be going to Cabo next year, but I don't know if that will actually pan out. It will be my first trip outside of the US (besides Canada), so I am kind of nervous.

Not much to be nervous about man, in all honesty. Go, and enjoy yourself.

Haha I was just there in October!

A few days diving on Cozumel and then a week in Playa at the Hilton for a Jiu Jitsu escape.


All inclusives are great if you take advantage of daily excursions to get out and see stuff. Plus, you gotta be braver and go get smashed and sing karaoke with the natives!


Hahaha, that's awesome man. I'm sure the diving was pretty epic. The water over there is much more blue than it is over on this side.

Props on getting up on the stage and going for it. I can only imagine the liquid courage may have had something to do with it....

Yah man too much tequila! I think I wrote a story on it a while ago...

So much fun and your post brings me back.

Damn man, that looked like a good time! We went out on a catamaran similar to that one, fun times. Looks like you sang your heart out too, lol. Props to ya, I'd have to be pretty sauced up to get on stage and do that.

Really cool video! Hope you had a nice trip!
Are you using a GoPro or are you filming with a Gimbal? The footage is so well stabalized.

Had a great trip, thanks man.

I'm using the GoPro Hero 8 and a really crappy selfie stick, lol. The GoPro does a great job of being pretty seamless. My buddy gifted me a nice gimbal, but I need to get with him to figure out exactly how it works.

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