Quick Trip to MAYTO, MX! ~ #roadtrippin

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Come 18 days, my family and I will celebrate one full year down here in ole Mexico. Maybe the fastest 347 days of my life so far I would gander. We lived in a condo for 4 months, and now live in a nice 4 bedroom house in a chill gated community occupied mostly by local Mexicans, which is awesome.


Eating oysters in Tehuamixtle


I opened a bar/restaurant.

I successfully attained my 4 year temporary residency, and the wife and kids is currently in the works.

In a short time, my 2009 Suburban will have Mexico plates, tabs, and all that goes with it.

I feel like a genuine, bona fide, Mexicano. lol

One of the few things my wife and I were talking about the other day, was that we wanted to explore more of our surrounding area. Road trip style. Since we live down here, it only makes sense to see what we can see, and visit where we can visit, while we're here.

We've done the semi-close places, like Sayulita, Vallarta, Yelapa, and Mismaloya....but after hearing about Mayto, I knew I had to check it out.

It was definitely a last minute trip and only one over night, but the wife gave me the go ahead to check it out with my buddy Chris aka #chessmex.

We stopped in El Tuito and had some delicious Birria soup at a really cool authentic Mexican restaurant.




Chris also said we had to stop and find the Raicilla man. He's just an old dude who makes Raicilla out of his house. It's a liquor in the Tequila/Mezcal family. Smokey....and strong, but not over powering burn wise. I was pleasantly surprised.


It's about a 3 hour drive south from Bucerias, windy roads like none I've ever been on, with spots where you need to slow down to turtle speed as to not blow a tire......or crash into a wandering cow or ass, err donkey.

The beach was absolutely gorgeous. The water was rather chilly being that there's no bay like back in PV. Also, it's very salty.

We also checked out another city about 5 minutes away which is a small fishing village known for their oysters. You bet your bottom dollar we each got a dozen, and they were HUGE!!!! All my pics/vids of Mayto are on my gopro. So the following pics are actually of Tehuamixtle.







The hotel, El Rinconcito was awesome. Personable staff, clean, phenomenal food, and holy crap was it cheap. Chris and I split a room, had a great dinner, breakfast, a few drinks, and the total was about 50 USD a person. Insane. You just can't find that back in the states.

After it was all over, it was solidified that I would be bringing the whole fam bam back to Mayto sooner than later.

Thanks for reading! You ever been to Mayto or Tehuamixtle?

Tell me about it!

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good times @intothewild Im ready to go back! Oh and you forgot a few stories.

Great times!

And some stories are best left off the internet, or in this case, an immutable blockchain, lol.

Maybe one of these years when Mexico comes down from the crazy narco situation I'll visit. Shame as it's really beautiful and deserves peace and prosperity...

We'll see what all happens in the future but congratulations on an amazing adventure in Mexico. That would be really cool one of these days for me and Dog to come down and visit. I have been thinking about going snowbirding and heading into the weather. Where's it's warmer.

The narco situation is really quite overblown, my man. Don't deal drugs, host underground card games, or deal in women, and you'll have a 99.9% chance of never even knowing they exist. The media makes it look way worse than it is...it never even crosses my mind on the daily. In fact, I'd rather deal with a mafia who is honest and says they're the mafia than deal with the government who claims they're trying to help me.

Make it happen when ya can, man, you won't be disappointed.

Good point! Yeah some amazing times with positive people and if you start playing those games in cartel land? Bad things happened.

Sending up prayers for that guy's last blockchain grow.

Anyways let's see what happens as me and dog have a passport.

Congratulations on your upcoming 1️⃣ year anniversary in Mexico! You're settling in nicely and keeping busy doing fun things including drinking homemade Raicilla while taking road trips to Mayto and Tehuamixtle.🍹🇲🇽 Sounds like there are "asses" on the roads regardless where you drive in North America!😂

Holy moley! I thought the oysters we recently had in New Orleans were big. Tiny in comparison & those look delicious! All the food in your post look tasty.

Keep making us envious with your awesome posts! @intothewild

Honestly, the oysters were TOO big. Kinda like eating beef from a really old huge cow...tough and beat up. They still tasted good, don't get me wrong, but I prefer to be able to shoot them, rather than use a knife and fork.

I don't aim for envy, but I get it :) More coming soon.

After your clarification and the new visual in my head, I think I'll stick with my bite size N'Orleans oysters! Though impressive to look at, a raw oyster that needs a burger sized bun instead of a saltine sized cracker to put it on just doesn't sound quite as appealing.

Do you put Tobasco sauce on your raw oysters? Didn't see any on the table.

Cheers! @intothewild🍸🍻🍹

Bite size, or shooter size is def best.

They didn't have any tabasco, but they had a plethora of other hot sauces that we sampled. One was literal fire. Of course, a nice hit of lime, along with the hot sauce, is just what they need. In Brasil, they have some seasonings as well that go great with them. But haven't found that down here yet.

Wow, that is pretty awesome. The pictures look amazing. I can't believe it has been almost a year already either. It seems like just the other day you were packing up and heading out from Minnesota.. I am glad that things are going well and you have found the perfect spot to call home!

Seems like just yesterday....no doubt. Time flies.

So far so good. The future is always open, we'll see what it holds.


Just awesome young man, you are really doing it right, so happy for you and your family. Your wife must be thrilled with the new house, settling in nicely, I hope.

Wishing you all the best. Can you send me a dozen or so of those huge oysters, nothing like good seafood.

She's much happier in the house, for sure.

I can send you some, but I'm not sure how they would taste....or smell by the time they got there.

omg what a good good life you have there @intothewild. I want to go to Mexico too!!!!!

It's all relative @diabolika. Every place, even one that looks like paradise, is never perfect. But I'm not complaining too much. When you coming to visit???

That is true! I will just not sure when yet. I will let you know when that time comes. :)

This pictures are really nice am pretty sure you had a lot of fun with your family seeing the lovely places and dishes looks awesome

Thanks man. Didn't go with my family though, if ya read the actual post ;)

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