ONE YEAR in MEXICO! ~ #recap

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Sup y'all? Can you believe it's been a whole year since we crossed that imaginary line on the map separating the US and Mexico?! Wild, right? It went by fast, and a lot happened!

Made this video as a little recap of the year, and also a fun afternoon spent in La Cruz at a burger competition which was created to help raise funds for El Cora, a local crocodile sanctuary here in Bucerias.

Enjoy the vid and let me know what you think!

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Still waiting for my first HIVE friend to come visit!


Thanks for keeping up with us, Hive on y'all!


Yeah, at 14mins in, I wanted that bite. Yum.

Hehehe, it didn't have all the toppings, but we thoroughly enjoyed it regardless.

12 hour drive from Mission, Texas. Maybe I'll convince myself.

So, it's been a year. I recall reading about your family driving down. Time flies.

Time sure does fly, man. 12 hours, hell, you could do that in one day! Just start early, let me know!

Or, I could fly in from REX airport. Round trip is like $160. I'd just have to figure out how to get from PV to Bucerias

Damn man, that's cheap! I'm looking at close to a grand to head back to MN. If you decide to fly in, lmk, I'll pick ya up at the airport no problem :)

Hey @intothewild I was drawn to this post as I'm currently in Mexico with my son (21) @thatscooterguy. I love your video and have been on the google map now and walked the little man around some of your town.

I have been looking at this area Sayulita and Lo De Marcos. But I hadn't heard much about Bucerias, so thank you for the info.

We are currently in Playa Del Carmen, but the pacific does call us. I will follow you do stay connected. 😀

What is the weather like there now? I see a lot of rain on my app, BUT, I know the apps don't seems to work well in Mexico lol.

Hey @lisamariesworld! Thanks for the comment and the follow.

The weather right now is technically the "rainy season", but really it just mainly rains at night, if at all. And they are spectacular!!. The lightning, thunder, clouds, it's really incredible and awesome to witness.

Sayulita is a cool town, hippy style, younger crowd, and loud. Good surfing, but busy! Lots of people in a small area. I like to visit, but couldn't live there.

Don't know too much about Lo De Marcos tbh...

I was in Playa a few months back for a wedding. Was beautiful, but I prefer the west coast for sure.

Cool, yes we miss the mountains, lived in Spain before and love to hike and visit rivers etc. 😀

So cool!

Kudos for your sense of adventure and courage :)

So nice to see people out there just doing it.

Thanks so much!

That's the thing, just gotta do it. Anyone can.

Awesome video dude! Just finished it and looks like La Cruz is a great place to call home. Looks like more expats at the burger thing than locals.
That cooler Samwell was carrying looked so heavy, I feel for him. My favorite part was when you started giving people bites of the burger you were eating. That dude that took two of the same burgers was too funny.

Glad you liked it man!

We don't live in La Cruz though, although it's definitely a city we may end up in. Super chill, quiet, calm, room to roam.....nice quiet beach for the kids, not much to dislike, unless you really crave a bustling night life, which currently we really don't. But we're only 10-15 minutes away and my bar is even closer.

Def mostly expats at the competition.

Yeah man, it was heavy. Once we didn't know where we were going, I stopped recording and lent him a hand, lol.

Chris, lol, grabbed two of the same burger on a taste test competition, hahahaha....I was like, bro, you gotta mix it up. This isn't just a free food give away, hahahaha.

Thanks for checking it out man. Still waiting for ya to visit ;)

I see, I got confused with all of the different names of towns. At least your place is close.

Would you say that locals tend to stay separate always or are some more likely to engage and speak some English with people who decided to move down there?

I figured you had to have lended a hand at some point, he was not enjoying that walk 🤣

That Chris dude better chill, everybody wants a #6!

No idea when I’ll ever make it to Mexico, but it’s in my vision at least.

The locals are more than willing to chat with the expats and tourists, most of them make their livings selling their products to them....but there are for sure "local bars" and "gringo bars", thats mainly because of cost. The local MX bars are super cheap, typical mexican food that they're used to, so it makes sense for them. VS my bar, which is a little more expensive, relatively speaking, where they prefer not to spend 8-10 bucks for a burger. But some do come in, especially for soccer and UFC fights.

LMK when you're comin down!

That makes perfect sense. Pretty cool how two worlds can mesh together so well.

Ah man, sorry you didn't win. Did you learn what you might need to change so that you have a better chance in the future? I can't believe you have been down there for a year already. It seems like it was just yesterday you left. I looks like you are settling in awesome. I am glad you have found people to hang out with and I am glad the bar is doing well. Congrats!

Yeah, didn't prep enough and the first time you never really know what you're getting yourself in to. I'll plan ahead much better next time.

Been settling in well man. The year flew by! Met some great people and the bar is doing well right now even in "low" season. No regerts.

We'll have to see if I can smuggle myself across the border at some point for a visit.

I'll leave how you plan to do that up to you.....or you can always, idk, just fly here??

I refuse to fly commercially. I am repulsed by the post-9/11 security theater pornoscaners and gate rape. I won't submit to that.

Oh I hear you man. I opt out of the scanners and ask the gate rapers if they like what they're doing while they grab my balls just to fuck with em. Maybe some of them have quit because of it and got a job not molesting people.

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Time sure does fly. It looks like you and the family are doing well. Your bar looks great. You seem to fit right in and have made lots of friends, which doesn't surprise me. The next time you do a video and highlight burgers, make sure it comes with a warning label.

If you haven't eaten a burger in the last 24 hours make sure you have a shit load of napkins handy to soak up the drool coming from your gaping cake hole.