Nopparat-Thara beach in Thailand: You can do better

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some serious photoshopping was done here

For those of you that read my stuff, you will know that I tend to be quite critical of the beach that I actually live at in Thailand.

This is the beach I live at! and it really sucks!

I took these photos yesterday (most of them.) I didn't try to take pictures of anything good or bad - I'm not trying to force a narrative or anything. I just walked from one end to the other and took some photos.

Nopparat-Thara is a beach right next to Ao Nang Beach in Krabi, Thailand and for some reason i can't understand is a very popular place for people to travel to (i suspect they were lied to.)

10 years ago there was almost nothing here at all and people rarely went to it. Back then the highlight of the entire beach was the very strangely named “Young Girl Minimart.” Where the staff were normally men in their 60's.
sorry, no photo was available

However, when Ao Nang became completely overrun with tourism, businesses spilled over to this side and now it is completely filled end-to-end.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to “hate on Thailand.” I like living here and choose to stay despite having the resources to leave if I want to. I simply feel like this beach isn't anything special and I would feel duped if I spent a bunch of money to come here – and the hotels are still relatively expensive.

meh... i guess it is ok

i could have waited until it was sunny i guess, it would have sucked then too, just would have been brighter

The walk back was at lower tide... that's when the garbage starts to become part of the fun. I didn't take any pictures because at that point my phone died... i need a powerbank i guess. Just imagine those shite pictures above but with plastic trash everywhere too. That's the jist of it.

The problem I have with the hotels here is that if you look at any of their websites, you will see very few, if any, pictures of the beach the hotel actually sits on.
They will present pictures like this instead.
holy wow!


Now that looks amazing doesn't it? Who wouldn't want to stay there? The only problem is that this photo is nearby Poda Island - which is a National Park and unless you land a job with the park service while visiting you can't stay there at all. It will also take you 45 minutes to get there on a long-tail boat and you will have to pay $70 for the boat and $12 per person to set food on the island. They fail to mention that on the hotel's website – i'm sure it is just an oversight.

I just don’t understand tourism economics I guess because I don't know what inclined these hotels to buy this extremely unjustifiably expensive land.


A few years ago someone built this colorful monstrosity and then, apparently, immediately started ignoring the grounds in front of it thereby destroying the only reason someone would want to stay there. FUN FACT: this hotel was totally white initially but the government made them change it to a whimsical color scheme because it resembled a temple and I guess that is illegal.
boss? Where should we put the trash?
I think at the front entrance. Occasionally burn it.

Lastly, Nopparat-Thara beach contains the much ballyhooed Tsunami Memorial Sculpture. Which ironically, is in such a terrible state of disrepair that it appears to have recently been hit by a tsunami.



The sculpture itself was stolen from the display in the first year of operation.

Guys! I don't need to be Goldie Wilson, Mayor of Hill Valley to realize that tearing this non-existent sculpture memorial down would be much better than leaving it like this.


kids? your tetanus shots up to date?

It's not all doom and gloom though. There are a few upsides to this beach so I'll be fair and mention those.

  1. It is easy to park here – for once the municipality did some forward thinking and put in some parking spots

  2. There are lots of big trees on the beach for natural shade – you need that in Thailand. Get there during high tide or you'll have to walk 470 meters from your shade in order to be in waist-deep water

  3. They recently started an initiative to keep the beach clean although it is still nearly impossible to find a trash can / bin.

Basically, the point of me writing this is because I want to write about at least one thing a day and this one was easy since it is right outside my door. Now I just need to figure out how to get out of my lease and move somewhere else. :)

I'll leave you with a pic of my doggo on a beach, mention it in your comment to prove you actually read the damn thing.
she was on the same horrible beach i am describing during this pic too

As always I invite your comments about how i could improve. I want to make these entertaining and fun.

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I think the problem is similar with Indonesia. Here in Indonesia, we want tourist to come, to enjoy the beaches, mountains, or other attractions. But, seems like the stakeholders are not too invested in the idea of sustainability.

They don't care about the people living in the travel destination. About the change that tourism could brings. They don't care about the environment.

It's ironic to see how people start to have a good income, thanks to tourism, but at the same time, it's hard to find clean water. All the ground water have been sucked by Tourism Industry: Hotels, resto, resorts, etc.

you are the only person that has replied thus far that gets it. Full upvote for you :) have a great day and thanks for reading!

This is the very first time I would be reading from you. I'm in love with your sincerity already

Your experience is just like the one I had In 2012 when I was processing university admission, I checked on the website of a particular school, I love what I saw,all the pictures were just too beautiful, I put in for their screening exams, on getting to the school for the screening, it was nothing but shit! All the pictures I saw on their website were faked, they were completely photo shop, the exact opposite of what they used on their website . I screened out myself before they administered the test, though I did the test, but I was so much disappointed within me....

I still don't understand why people have to fake things like that , when you use lie to bring people to you, would you still use lies to keep them? Smile

The most annoying thing is their expensive service, what are they collecting such huge money for? For that shot!

The only thing that is beautiful in all the pictures above is the picture of your dog having a nice time. No worries about the ugliest situation around her.. Smile

thanks for reading the article properly. yes. I hate false advertising. It happens all too often.

It's my pleasure.

Yes it does, those that practice this as a means of advertising would be loosing more customers than gaining more.

Like this popular adage that says

"If you fool me once you are a fool, but if you fool me twice, I am a fool"

lol, we have similar problems here with trash. It's a shame. It boggles my mind how a restaurant business, for example, will put a giant dumpster right at the entrance and just sling food and grease everywhere. Nothing quite so appetizing as the stench of rotting meat, scavenging street animals and hordes of flies welcoming you in for a bite to eat. I guess I can be thankful that they haven't resorted to burning it yet. haha. but sadly it wouldn't surprise me.

Hey doggo! Lots of bots here on steemit just looking for upvotes. Stay vigilant! : )

There is a restaurant in Santa Barbara that does this exact thing! It is called The Boathouse and it is right on the water, it is stunning! But there are dumpsters that sit right outside of the restaurant that smell like... well... shit haha

The best smell in the world is some warm trash seafood! Yummm!

They too haven't resorted to burning it quite yet but we will see. It is a shame that the most beautiful location in Santa Barbara smells like shit as you walk to the beach... But I guess it is a small price to pay for a gorgeous stretch of beach :)

good work @adol ... thanks for reading and yes, i completely agree with you :)

Seems Doggo appreciates the beach much more than you do. I think it's because Thailand has so many gorgeous beaches so it's easy for you to make the comparison and understandable.

I think the sunless beach is simply awesome. Humans are the ones that make it undesirable by dumping their thrash on it.

They should fine people for littering on beaches anywhere in the world!

yes doggo likes everything. I think i could take her to the trash heap i was complaining about and it would be the "best day ever!" for her. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

Nicely done and point understood. I laughed as though I could actually hear you narrating this. Strange I suppose. They say there is beauty in everything, and everything is beautiful..YOU PROVED THEM WRONG!! LOL. I will now be taking a closer look at my surroundings her in New Jersey USA. We live a short distance to MANY tourist destinations. It seems to be a tough balance to maintain, attract, protect, sustain and preserve. Too much stress for me to handle. During our travels we always like to take a tour with a reputable local guide who can explain how the 'tourism' industry has manipulated the culture and community into something they assume tourists will view as appealing. Feed it to us within a picture of propaganda. I don't lay all the blame on them..I shoulder the blame as well. Hard to find inspiration in it.

CUTE Puppy by the way..Shih Tzu?? We have two (Molly & Pepper) We absolutly love our Pup's. They don't like the sand though. We've tried with no luck. Grass is much friendlier to them.


love your response..... and your doggos are lovely!

You live there in AoNang? First went there in 2007 after which it changed rapidly. Still beautiful however away from the beaches. Nopparat has always been like that although there was indeed nothing apart from Young Girl Minimart ... I remember it well. I'm trying to introduce the platform to someone in AoNang that just opened a new restaurant. Hmmm ... perhaps you could pop in there?

well i am a bit of a novice myself but i'll help if i can. What is the name of your friend's restaurant?

It's at a place called Millie Hostel, she's taken over ground floor cafe/resto - Grand Opening today from 5.30pm!

i've never heard of it. I'll ask around

The world is better on Photoshop. At least in the looks! Thank you for your tip!

An excellent beach if you prefer to have natural shade provided by the trees. Like most of Krabi's beaches, you won't find miles of deckchairs and beach umbrellas, so buy a beach mat and find the perfect spot. It's also possible at low tide to walk from the beach across to Koh Kao Pak Klong Island in the bay. Popular with local Thai picnickers and those who like to swim, eat and laze in the sun.

honestly speaking images are beauteous and gorgeous. let me say that this post by @gooddream is best so far I have seen today.

please accept bunch of appreciation from my side and keep ticking ahead.

stay blessed

i actually wish they did allow a few deckchairs but i understand why they don't. In the past when allowed a FEW chairs, the businesses have decided to fill up the entire beach with them and then charge people to sit in them. :) Thanks for reading

thanks for valurable upvote i am obliged for this. do ticking ahead by sharing heart touching post.

stay blessed

I actually think the dog was the most fun part of your post.

IT is duanting to see how (stupid) tourism can just land anywhere and just desproy the natural and cultural habitats.

I wonder though, atre the hotels over there actually still running and booked full?

Cheers, @devbymbea

i think they do ok because they keep building more of them (just not more roads to get to them)... I've worked in tourism in Thailand for nearly 15 years and from what i have seen they will stop building new hotels once 50% of the ones that are already there are for sale because they can't get enough customers.

That's still sick though, although it also is to blame on the tourists i guess. All those who prefer to stay in hotels, add to this problem.

This is a huge problem in a lot of places. The tourism board makes it seem like the most amazing place to attract visitors. I understand their reasoning but it’s unfortunate when people visit a certain place and it looks polar opposite to the pictures. The tourism boards should just show doggos and then everything would be great ;)

i think you got the right idea with the showing of doggos haha

same issue where i came from ,workers on tourism industry don't seek continuity :it is that when a tourist want to come again and bring family / friends or at least to write a good review about the hotel and the country because at least we give him the same thing he have chosen whatever 3 stars or luxery hotel or .
TRUST IS A MUST .But they are scammer and scammers don’t look up to the futur .

tourism is powerful arm and we should know how to use it .

NB : i see that your doggo is enjoying the beach unlike you 😜

thanks for reading pal... and for noticing doggo :)

Unfortunately the mentality of humans is not always good, they damage and do not take conscience of it, it is capable of destroying a beach or a beautiful landscape in order to profit. The most correct thing is for government agents to do something about it, but that is usually difficult. The most pleasant thing about your story was that despite expressing your dissatisfaction, you also highlighted the positive things and that your last picture, even though it was on the neglected beach, your pet looked very good.

thanks for reading it. dogs love everything :)

Is she really your dog? LOL! Thanks for the authenticity and reporting the facts! Keep up the great posts!

she really really is. thanks for reading

Bait and switch is one of the oldest tricks in the book. And when you are talking about a place without regulations, any recourse is futile.
Great post. Buyer beware!

thanks for reading and you are correct :)

Doggo seems relaxed. Best of luck getting out of lease and move on, mate!

thanks pal... and thanks for reading :)

beautiful photos and that cute puppy

Thailand is becoming more attractive day by day. Their tourism sector is also booming. I will visit their, when i will have enough time and opportunity. Good captures too.

i think you kind of missed the point of the article. However i agree with you about Thailand being beautiful..... just not this particular part of it.

Sorry, I was not about the article. Just looking at the picture and my thoughts.

it must be disappointing to rent a room in a hotel near the beach .. on your website publish those fabulous photos of a dream beach and When you get to the beach, you get that the pictures of the beach were fake. What a disaster ... haha ...

I am sorry that your beach has it's problems! It definitely does not look like those pictures that are online! But The pros that you listed makes it sounds like it isn't all bad. After all, I would take your beach over no beach at all :)

And your dog looks like me every time I get up from a nap on the beach sand everywhere and slightly confused! haha

Follow and an upvote from me! :)

I love that stone in the sea picture

Thank you my brother for cutting this erotic memory and beautiful picture. I went to visit Thailand last winter. It's a really wonderful place. I'll be back in January

Nice photos :)

wow it is pretty pretty beautiful, I really liked the island let alone the island there are many simple hotels.
incredible thailan

Lovely sites.

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Thanks brother for shearing this interesting memory and some beautiful picture . I was visit Thailand in previous winter. It's really amazing place . I will go again in December .

Wow !
Follow you...

What a paradise! I like Asian countries are so wonderful, in terms of food, culture, their people, many tell me they are not very sociable, I would love to know Thailand, dreams are not to be fulfilled. They are to be lived

Hi!!@gooddream i just upvoted your nice post.well done post by you.

beautiful beach and sea, my place in Indonesia there is also beach and sea almost like that, with beautiful and very charming island like waka tobi, bali and many others, if you are a person who likes holidays may be suitable in that place,
if you have a chance and free time try visiting here
Good luck😁👍

Wow !
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Makes me want to visit there! Thanks, keep up the great work!

This view is the best! Clear sky and blue waters.

nice pictures and good post thanks


Es la primera vez que leo un artículo de su autoría y desconozco las razones que lo motivan a permanecer en ese lugar a pesar de los aspectos negativos que menciona. Es comprensible la incomodidad que siente al ver la basura en la playa y sus alrededores. Sin embargo; me surge la duda ¿ Cuáles acciones podría emprender las empresas del estado, empresas públicas y ciudadanía en general para crear conciencia de la importancia de disfrutar de espacios naturales sin contaminarlo?. Sé que el trabajo para cambiar la cultura ambiental a nivel mundial es arduo pero es imprescindible mantenerlo por el bienestar de la humanidad.

what a really nice beach! Great photos! I'll try my best to travel to Thailand this year haha

Beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing it!

I like the post. You are captured good photos. Thank for sharing.

Great post! Look forward for more!

I actually think to visit Thailand. Many other visitor told me that Thailand is really beautiful and nice place to visit. The problems that you have got there, its very bad to hear you from .

We have a place which look like that in Aceh, Indonesia, we call gua sarang, and the hotel here very affordable..gua-sarang-1.jpg

Im from the Philippines and were both living in a tropical country, i guess your lucky because this place is not yet terrorized by those big businessman players who will set up casinos and everything and will eventually damaged our great mother nature.

Our famous Boracay is now closed for rehabilitation in the next 6 months to bring back its beauty...

Thara beach is looking so peace and pleasent.

Wow Thailand 👍

I figure I can be appreciative that they haven't turned to consuming it yet.i still don't comprehend why individuals need to counterfeit things like that.Humans are the ones that make it unwanted by dumping their whip on it.

You are Awesome photographer. very beautiful place and great capture.

nice post, I always goes to Thailand every year for a couple of month, and this year we rented a bike in krabi town and drow all the up to phang nga and visit ao luck and laem sak. and on our way even ao nang and Nopparat-Thara and I totally agree with you about thoose places it have really changed over the year, you got my upvote and I keep on follow you. You are welcome to have a look in my posts from my last trip in Thaland and Vietnam and I looking forward to moore posts from you 🌺❤️☮️

Hello. I like this beach anyway. Thanks for the post.

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