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I left the city. I decided to fuck all, stop following idiotic random rules from clueless people in my government and go to the beach. A beach town with little to no tourism right now - although the season is supposed to start pumping in a few days -, plenty of sand space, dogs everywhere, locals-only vibe while welcoming new people and, most importantly, no quarantine, lockdown, stupid Covid measures or insanity driven paranoia pumped by fear by the media.

I've been here for a couple of days now and, despite the freedom I feel every single time I'm in a beach town or village, I know I must stay focused, both in improving my German and also keeping on writing, buying altcoins, reading about finance and economics, listening to educational podcasts etc, in short, to keep building myself.

After all, this short trip - with no return ticket yet - was born out of the desire of spending the Covid days in an environment I can be happy, free and most importantly, myself. But it is just a short chapter in my life. Once the borders open and I can get my German student visa, I'm fleeing to Berlin to continue my long term plans.

Covid is a plan ruiner, party breaker and ballon popper. For most of us, if not all, it was a game changer where pretty much half a year and maybe more of our lives was thrown in the trash and what we thought of making happen for this year had to be put on hold.

But that only up to us, right? If these several months are wasted, it is only on us and us alone. We decide what we do with the time we are given - and in this case, taken away. I can decide to mourn about all those plans I didn't convert into reality or I can keep preparing to fulfill them, and actually arrive to my destination more prepared than as I was in February.

Anyway, this little town in the Mexican Pacific coast is perfect for surfing, relaxing, enjoying the sun and overall, make the most out of real life, since there is barely internet at all and where there is WiFi, the quality is subpar. I don't get my 4G cellphone data anywhere around town (believe me, I tried everywhere) so I'm WiFi bound.

This means I have an office... well, kind of. I mainly hijacked a table and use it every day to do all my daily PC with internet required stuff, just a couple of meters away from the WiFi router and, at the same time, surrounded by jungle-like plants, a little pond, a sand hallway and a hammock. Pretty neat, I'd say. Exactly what I was coming for. Exactly what I was craving when I was trapped in that 7th floor apartment for two months with a roommate I couldn't stand, not just for her Covid paranoia, but also because of her terrible personality.

I'm happy now, I fell fullfiled. For the first time in three months I'm not feeling like I'm throwing away my life during the stupid, crazy, paranoid lockdown. I'm improving myself and at the same time, I'm nowhere near being quarantined. People are normal here, there are no infected people and life goes on as if it was 1949 or 2024. There is no mass hysteria here and you know what? That's exactly what I came for.



surrounded by jungle-like plants, a little pond, a sand hallway and a hammock

That's a 5-star privilege in this time 😜

You definitely picked a good spot XD and are much less likely to get sick now that you're less stressed and it sounds like a much healthier environment.

Apparently I had the option of waiting out covid back home as they were letting long term residents back in (I apparently still count as while I live there I go back frequently, apparently they rejected people who had lived there previously but then moved away and haven't been back for years and years who suddenly wanted to go wait out covid there because there is no covid there) but we have pets and it wasn't too bad here, and now daily life is more or less back to normal, just have to put up with businesses being forced to keep adhering to covid regulations (which somewhat inconveniences some daily life like our homeschool group won't go back in this term due to crippling insurance requirements) but at least we never had to go into lockdown here.

Also some good things came out of it in our case (useless virus had to be good for something), J finally got to work from home and from that successfully negotiate permanently working from home.

Definitely jealous !

Sounds good (everything) and looks good (the jungle office). Enjoy your cool getaway, Eric.