Decluttr Review, Or How I More Than Tripled My Money Reselling CDs & DVDs

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Decluttr Review 2018.png

I Turned $21.81 Into $70.41 Using Decluttr.

It all started with me trying to figure out ways to increase my income from thrifting. I had never paid much attention to music CDs and movie DVDs before as they are numerous and time-consuming to sort anything profitable from the bunch. Especially since many aren't worth much individually.

So my time was spent looking for courses, lessons, and the occasional audiobook in the media bins.

But since I downloaded the Decluttr app, I have been able to search the CDs and DVDs (and even some games) in a time-efficient manner. It all comes down to the barcode scanner and speedy lookup provided within the Decluttr app itself.

When you scan the barcode with your phone's camera, it will tell you that they don't want it, it doesn't recognize the barcode, or what they will buy it from you for.

After three thrifting trips, I had amassed a large number of such discs (109 to be exact) - to the tune of 24 and a half pounds and a total cost of $21.81!

On Sunday, September 2nd, I sat down and created an order in the Decluttr app by just scanning the barcodes of each case. Every scan brought an instant price and was added to the order.


When I was done, I had a Decluttr order with an initial offer of $75.38. This was pending approval by Decluttr's quality control staff.

I submitted the order and was sent a UPS label to my email. Yes, Decluttr pays for shipping your sell order in. If you don't have access to a printer, you can have Decluttr send you a label in the mail.

Decluttr Package.jpg
Circled in red, amongst my eBay parcels for the weekend.

After packing them securely into a large box, I dropped it off the next day at the most convenient UPS store location to me. Tracking told me that the box was due to arrive on Monday, September 10th.

Nothing to do but wait.

On Monday I received an email that they received the parcel. Decluttr promises next day payment and I had given them my Paypal for payment so I could get my money fast. Decluttr offers different ways to get paid, Paypal, Direct Deposit, and even a check in the mail.

During the next morning, I got the notification that Decluttr paid me $70.41. Since the initial Decluttr offer was $75.38, I was about $5 short.

What did they reject and why? I have no clue because Decluttr doesn't tell you and you don't get the items back.

To me, this is the biggest negative. I wish I knew why so that I could avoid buying them from the thrift stores in the first place. I am just going to have to avoid questionable items, like those with small case cracks, on my future sourcing.

But overall I am very satisfied with their service and will be sending in more shipments. In fact, I have already found a few choice items that they want.

I give them an 8/10!

8 out of 10 stars Decluttr App.png

If you have some CDs, DVDs, or console games that you want to easily get rid of, check out Decluttr! Use this referral code link for an extra $5 on your first shipment (I will too).


I started with this app today. I had a stack of 75+ DVDs I found in a bag I went through and it accepted about 15 of them. Goodwill is having an INSANE 10 book/CD/DVD/Video Games for $1 sale citywide now, so I got 10 movies/video game for $1, of which 5 are for Decluttr, and 5 are good Pokemon Battle, sealed Wii game, and an anime series to sell on eBay.

Really tempted to do a barrage on Goodwills for the deal and see if I can make a big Decluttr splash, but it might be more fun than profitable since most videos are like $0.25-$3.00.

Thanks for the lead though. This will definitely accumulate as I find piles of media on the curbs.

I also finally sat down to learn about USPS regional boxes and ordered two styles as they will be pretty useful for certain routes.

Wow, 10 for $1 is great!

The money can really add up if you are getting the stuff for free. Decluttr likes obscure things - movies and CDs. If you never heard of it, it's probably accepted.

Oh, and kids stuff. That sells well on the app.

Man, you are one resourceful guy. Thanks for sharing @getonthetrain. Nice job. Will have to check out dcluttr :)

Good way to make some bucks and gain some room. :-)

I have used this site to flip Iphones. I works pretty well for flipping even broken phones.

Some DVDs are worth $100s of dollars, Like Weird Al music DVD
or worth less than shipping like Kung Fu Panda 2.

As long as they don't get too picky, then the 90%+ pay rate is definitely above your cost. As you are worried about, and me, is that this rate will go down over time as they continue to get too much stock.

But, it is really nice get almost a $100 for sorting through a bin.
(along with it being out of your house within the day.)

Hope to see more articles on how this progresses.

They should have at least told you what they Rejected.......@getonthetrain
I know Beggars can't be Choosers............

When you scan the barcode with your phone's camera, it will tell you that they don't want it, it doesn't recognize the barcode, or what they will buy it from you for.

What an amazing app @getonthetrain. I love that feature in particular.

Sadly they don't seem to have a UK branch but when I investigated further it seems that they themselves are the US branch of a UK company I'll have a bit more of a look when I have time. 😊

I look forward to hearing how you do with your next haul. 😊

Who the hell buys CDs? They must be shipping them to third world countries.
Good hustle.

Come to think of it, the Spanish music CDs did fetch a nice price.

Come to think of it,
The Spanish music CDs
Did fetch a nice price.

                 - getonthetrain

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