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I invite you share in my musings and the loosely-related music I pair with each.


I Don't Owe You


Having not heard of Leave Her Wild before, I think it is this cute thing who is passionate about living in a van, down by the river. Not really but close and you can discover more if you are a facebook person https://www.facebook.com/leaveherwildYT or here https://www.youtube.com/leaveherwild and are about to switch to @3speak from craptube!

This quote sounds like someone who has eaten too much shit, has had about enough of it, or at least is mad enough to make a change. As a person who has striven to convert laziness into efficiency, often times I have to get angry enough to decide to make a change. I do believe hell is in the eye of the beholder and many people thinking they are in hell need to spend 5 minutes in say Syria or Kazakhstan and STFU. Actually that is not really fair as some people surf through actual hell better than someone with mental challenges deals with saying hello to another person. What the hell was I talking about?

Oh yah. If we could reset right now and believe the sum of our experiences and lessons amount to a level of self confidence and lack of need for external affirmation, what kind of gift would we have? What is stopping us? Stride boldly and care less about what other people think and see where that leads us.

I am a bit too metal to be a Smiths fan but they don't owe you anything.


Experience Yourself


Albert Camus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Camus is a French philosopher, author and journalist who happens to be the second youngest in history to receive the Novel Prize for Literature. Pretty legit even when you don't consider he experienced almost every war of the last century and is responsible for the phlilosophy of absurdism. Sounds like he would fit in nicely now!

I was a little distracted by the word "poetical" but brought back by the word "experience" which is aptly written twice. I do believe that what we are, to an extent, is a sum of what we have been through and what that has made us. I also often muse upon what I would have done in certain situations I didn't get to experience, and what that would have changed in what I am today. I strive for experience whether it is in seeking out adventure or saying yes with not enough diligence when there is the prospect of experiencing something new. I don't plan to change that anytime soon as it is great blog material among other things.

Reading this again, I am drawn to the weight of the sentiment that it is good for the soul to experience ourselves. It sort of separates soul from self which is a neat concept, but really focuses in on the adventure we each actually are. It is all we have really so let us experience ourselves as much as we do our world.

I tried to think of a song that would lend itself to this heavy yet liberating statement. My brain kept turning "experience yourself" into save yourself which is a throwback to a 90s track with a little industrial and a great vocal.




I have been adding a funny one in the last couple posts and will again but am switching it up a bit for this one. Bloodsport was a big movie from my childhood as it really did seem so exotic and desperate as far as the comforts I had come to know. This one popped up and had me hitting all that click bait I know well enough to avoid.

The image along is a mind-boggling contrast of ancient and modern that draws you in each second you take to look at Kowloon. The press of humanity and universe that existed in this tightly packed city is nuts! The fact that they were able to use it for a movie is so cool and a good spotlight on this cultural anomaly.

blows my mind just a little but I hear they have torn it down and repurposed the land. All doscivered because I thought a Jean Claude Van Damme movie was cool!



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