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It is that time again where we reflect and discuss some of my positive or thoughtful findings for the week. Positivity proliferation is a fantastic function of the blockchain so let's get thoughtful. Alliterations aside, @Wesphilbin waves the #thoughtfuldailypost flag for us and has created @thoughtfulposts as the curation account you can delegate to in order to boost its reward power for thoughtful posts.

I invite you share in my musings and the loosely-related music I would pair with each.


May You Find Someone...


T.B. LaBerge https://www.tblaberge.com/ is an author who took his inspiration from a home-schooled background and got his start on Tumblr in 2011. You don't hear that story everyday and I believe he has the content and engagement enough to have big game on Hive.

This one reads not unlike an emotionally intoxicated monologue from someone with vast seas of wonder. Perhaps he has experienced too many land lubbers without the spirit to explore his waves or has found just that person and has found a way put it to words.

When you boil the block of text down, I see bravery, respect, and love. An expansive mind can be tiring to navigate and it would probably be a strange individual who would dedicate themselves solely to exploring my sea but it is a nice notion.

The positivity of this is overwhelming though as his hope for so many things that would be a blessing for anyone is pretty profound. I would erase the Word Porn label from this sentiment and hope it for you.

Come sail away with us.


The Trick Is...


Richard Carlson is a mid-nineteenth century actor and director but, in this case, he is someone else who is an American author, psychotherapist, and motivational speaker who passed away in 2006. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Carlson_(author)

How solid and concise is this statement? How many people have we seen behaving poorly while their moods are highest, and losing grace when things don't go their way? What can be my third question?

Just reading this and knowing it is a simple trick, feels good to be passing it on for others to drink in. One of the greatest things we can do is develop the power to remember gems like this when emotion might steer us wrong. Love it.

With wisdom often comes a touch of grey.




This one is a little levity which helps the soul as much in a different way than mindfulness. Enjoy!



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Greatful that we have our bros!

It is one of our superpowers.

Good bros make life good!

I have got the best!


As always... perfect #thoughtfuldailypost... I continue to try and recover from this virus. Or rather, the after effects that it brings. Yes, I already deal with enough health issues, but I try to leave those at home...

... like I remember being told growing up, when working a job... "leave those personal issues at home." And so... I try. I see so many wonderful posts in my Community. And I can't help but feel bad when I get behind... this Human Condition aye? But I know it's about choices. And I am thankful, and inspired, that so many choose to tell their stories in my Community.

Thanks brother, for continuing to inspire, as well as support others. Oh... and by the way:


!LUV !WINE !giphy Inspiration

Oh shit it has been too long since I heard a song from my fellow hoser Heavy Devvy!

Brings chills every time.

Thanks for doing what you do Wes.

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You are an awesome human being! Lots of love!

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Well, Yes!!!! :)

We have to be great full in any situation we find ourselves in and Richard Carlson also supported the idea for me I am greatful for 2021 all though it is one of the the year I can very forget again due to the kind of sickness I developed that has no cure but still am grateful.

Ah yes the only thing we can really control in life is how we react to it. Grateful and graceful sounds like the ticket!

Here's to a fantastic 2022 to you.

This racked my brain, in a good way. I had to read it twice cos it says a lot. We need to be graceful in our lowest point, and this is quite difficult because most times it seems that it is easier to lash out but it actually isn't better. Thanks

The batman aspect actually was a nice touch.

Haha I thought the batman thing was a funny unexpected but kinda applicable one :)

I appreciate the time you invested to read along and engage!


Beer to you too

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Grateful morning from here friend.

I think I need to implement the trick by Richard Carlson for the year 2022

I think we all should do that my friend.

Happy New Year!



Or at least listen to more Grateful Dead

!LUV !giphy Peace

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I love the T.B. LaBerge qoute, like something you'd hear spoken in a Eulogy..

The Batman multiverse one... 🤣🤣

True enough.

Much better to hear it while we are alive so that we can know when we have found something close enough for happiness.


stumbling upon this post is great and just what I needed. having people by yourside that can weather the storm with you instead of feeding fuel to the fire is one of the biggest things that changed my life positivity. thanks for helpign me acknowledge and recognize and noticed that.

I put these together as much for my benefit as others. Spending time thinking and discussing positivity is a fantastic and rewardin exercise on the best blockchain.

Thanks for taking the precious time to engage and reply!

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PS Mine are all thoughtful daily posts except #MarketFriday!


Yes indeed, they are. And I appreciate you!


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