#ThoughtfulDailyPost - Perspective and Consequences


Neither of the visionaries being featured on this week's edition of #thoughtfuldailypost has died so let us celebrate their wisdom while they are alive. @Wesphilbin waves the flag for us and has created @thoughtfulposts as the curation account you can delegate to in order to boost its reward power for thoughtful posts. Please do!

I invite you share in my musings and the loosely-related music I pair with each.



David Suzuki https://davidsuzuki.org/ is a gem of a man and a stalwart defender of the planet. For some reason, I was under the impression that he had died lately but checking https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Suzuki told me otherwise. It is always a good day to look at the world from a different perspective.

I am personally not big on deities but feel better enjoying the majesty of a mountain rather than estimating its metallic value. I will have to admit I was driving past a wooded area on a road dominated by farms and enjoying it as a wood lot. Why didn't I think forest? Just today my daughter was asking me why if people know about slaughterhouses, do they still eat meat? Good question.

Personification of the planet is a little silly but a little more respect toward each other and the health of our ecosystem would definitely be a game changer.

A little Share the Land by Guess Who seems to fit the bill today.



Iron Mike https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Tyson is also not in the news lately because of his death! Perhaps not always a fountain of quotable knowledge, he has lived an adventure and has learned some things.

This one dropped right after the latest plane pummelling headlines. Imagine being a big enough dumbass to disrespect the baddest man on the planet, repeatedly, in an enclosed space like a plane. If you don't know what I am talking about, you might be living under a rock or blissfully unplugged from this North American media nonsense. https://www.tmz.com/2022/04/21/mike-tyson-repeatedly-punches-man-face-plane-bloodies-passenger/

I do love this quote though! Jokes are jokes but people have to learn that playing stupid games wins you stupid prizes. Grumble grumble something about your mouth writing cheques your ass can't cash. I am a pacifist but know that five across the eyes as a potential consequence to the words you say make you consider those words more wisely.

Make friends not War.


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Who disrespects Mike Tyson?



Perspective and Consequences... certainly an interesting topic for being thoughtful. You had mentioned:

I am personally not big on deities but feel better enjoying the majesty of a mountain rather than estimating its metallic value.

That could also be synonymous with enjoying a good tune for the music, and not so much for who's playing it... right? Nah... I'm kidding; have you had a chance to check out Mr. Vai playing his Hydra??

Cool... yeah? Who knew you could play a guitar like that! Good to hear from you brother... as for who disrespects Mike Tyson? Maybe someone that has no idea what's behind the punches he throws? Same vein as is Steven Segal legit, I suppose. It's just rolled over to Friday here...have a great weekend my friend!





Vai has been classified with octopus with most likely coming from outer space. Genius and a madman!


Happy Friday! Oh... if you want an octopus, say hello to Amplifier. Groovy little UK band. Sel Balimar is the singer, among other things...



Hell yah!

Also, delegated another 100HP to the cause.

Sure didn't have to. But thank you very much brother. I appreciate you man...

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Why don't eggs tell jokes?
They'd crack each other up.

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The world is how we look at it. That's true. If we look at it without materialistic approach, we can enjoy its beauty genuinely and multi folded.

About the second musing, I would agree 110%. Social media has made many ridiculous and objectionable things acceptable. Destructing the ethics in the name of freedom of expression can easily be observed on every social media. Doing fun and making fun of others has a difference that is needed to be maintained in order to ensure the morality. But, it seems like the world today has gone past valuing the moral values. Everyone is after the freedom of expression without understanding the responsibilities freedom comes up with.

So true.

Tough to get distracted by bad online behaviour but makes me happy to know that at least comes with the threat of a downvote here!

Lol. And downvote comes with a threat of misuse and rivalry as well

Mike Tyson what he said is so true.
Keyboard warriors, over here with football (soccer for you) the trolls in social media are ridiculous and Tyson has a point. that guy in the plane though, what was he thinking!
Thanks for the HP delegation, I have followed you too and will be checking your posts:)
Wishing you a wonderful weekend :)

Always a wonderful weekend on #hive as it usually involved #beersaturday!

Well met.

Can't go wrong with a beer on #beersaturday 🍻

That's awesome. I am a huge David Suzuki and Guess Who fan and get a bit choked up when I hear that song. When they were recording it, my dad was probably trying to figure out how he could rape the land so at least they balance each other out.

I'm glad @davedickeyyall sent me your way. It looks like we share a lot of the same views/values/whateveryouwanttocallit. Cheers!


Oh heavens... Brother Zeke is a peach... 'aint he though? Good soul that loves to get preachy, and raise that #thoughtfuldailypost flag!! Gave you a follow... love and light brother ✌


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What do mummies do on vacation?
They unwind.

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Well thank you very much, kind sir. He does seem to be a pretty decent sort. So far. He must have a dark side, right? Like the part of him that spits on kittens or something? Keep an eye on him.


Thursdays I get a little preachy but I follow the morning bowl every day and drink life in.

Well met!

Ahahaha, from Tyson's last interview, I thought he wouldn't hurt a fly anymore, but apparently the kid was as annoying as a swarm of gnats).

Yah a little wisdom took over for all that aggression and he smokes bales of weed nowadays. Also still training for big money fights so he has a conduit for any aggression.

Good for Iron Mike!

Mike Tyson is a bitch... Even Will Smith said so..

I love the David Suzuki quote, I also love meat, but damn your daughter's quote has me thinking, powerful thought from a young mind that.

Oh and iron Mike is on the money. It's amazing how brave (read cowardly) people can be behind a keyboard.

Yah I don't believe that violence is the answer but the removal of all repercussions for our actions makes for some pretty careless trolls who will get served at some point!

Yah the slaughter house thing got me thinking too. Been great having a vegetarian in the house as we cook plenty of meatless meals now and I don't miss it. Still love me a burger from the BBQ but I could swap them for Portobello burgers and not lose any sleep.

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