The Daily Meme #437!


IF you want more history from the time period this book tells the tale most reporters leave out.

Even today's book doesn't mention it beyond noticing that the population was starved by lenin.
It just jumps right past this documentation of what happened by people that experienced it.
The people of the ukraine were starved out.
They had their defenders, but they lost.

Enter Alexander Solzhenhitsyn.


IF you are getting your HIStories from corporations and their gov't skools, you might want to catch up with the reality of things becuase you are being misinformed to make controlling you easier for the masters of your destiny.

Stop being a comfortable slave and reach out for the freedom you know your heart desires, the people around you deserve it.


Are you are tired of paying your masters to bomb children in far away places?
Perhaps it is time you pushed back on that.
A simple way that anybody can do that is to hoard your coins.
A dollar of change in your pocket is a dollar of value out of the banksters' pockets that force us to pay them so they can play in the amusement parks from hell and shop in the human grocery stores.
'Aint that fresh?'

Metal in your own possession will always have more intrinsic value than digits on a bankster's ledger.

That is all, for now, you may resume your otherwise mundane day.
To contest the characterization of your day as mundane, make a post of your own explaining why your day is not mundane and ping me, eh?

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yes, we are living in the matrix now.

The problem of people is that they don't want to change their ideas, even if they are wrong, as long as the majority with them is heading towards destruction.

A person would think they were sheep,...

We don't have to change them all, just enough of them to tip the balances.

Then, some part of the world population is still being starved. Who to accuse?

Thanks for the insights, if we don't know our history, we are doomed to repeat it.

In our time, a person has become a slave by removing his culture and ideas and leaving him without an identity, which is the bad thing that destroys peoples without feeling.

Yes, that has been my experience, too.
Culture is very important.

Hi @antisocialist can you please explain, why you downvoted my post?

If you manually downvoted, please, leave a message, so I understand the reason why is downvote there.

Please, let me known you reason, i will be happy to hear it, if is any.

Thanks you for your understanding.

Tipu is a vote selling service, vote selling defeats the proof of brain concept.
It has been frowned upon from the beginning of the project.
Hardforks were done to stop it, but yet it persists in this, and other forms.
The downvote was my protest against it.
The vote is small, you are free to ignore it.

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