The Daily Meme #318!

in #thehive4 months ago

I got here over 5 years ago.
The person I was following has been run off by downvotes.
Maybe he had it coming, maybe not.
Either way, here I am, still waiting.

I wish I could code.
I'd like to trade my way to some easy money.
Buy low, sell high, you know, the thing.

I'm probably better off hodling.
I've got evidence that says I would be better off if I had never sold any hive at all.
But that isn't what happened.


We are having a membership drive in these discords, tell your friends.
If you want a voice in the consensus join them, and be one.

Join the Hive Discordiant Room:
This room is open source, and end to end encrypted private chats are available.

Exercise your duty to mitigate abuse.

Appeal blacklist flags here.

Get your flag reviewed for redemption.

Proof of Brain:
You know, what they sold us on to get us here.

The Terminal:
Newb friendly chat.

@irivers' list of discord servers.
@irivers does hive website reviews.

Well informed newb friendly chat.

Hive Official:
Central focal point of much of the hive.
Building the holodeck in 3d VR.

The Pulse:
Alternatives to the groupthinc.

Klye's server:
When your day just doesn't have enough Klye in it.

These are public rooms managed by private people for the benefit of everybody using this blockchain.
What they do is voluntary, but openly public.
Don't abuse their willingness to work for the collective for what little we give them, eh?
Without them, none of this exists.

When you go through these rooms catching up on 'the community', be sure to look for the detective, and add your detective, too!



Happy New Year man! unfortunately that meme might still be relevant for quite a while. But if we get rich that won't matter :))

Happy new year to you, too.
My money is riding on this year to be the year to breakout from the mold.
People are trickling in, slowly.

we getting there trust me...Hive Swarm Day is coming

I've been in on the dream for a long time.
I don't doubt its coming, at all.
We have too many things going for us.
I should've bought more at .15usd.

Wen Moon?? Wen my hundreds of millions already! haha

No doubt, I was supposed to be a loan shark millionaire by now.

People paying crazy gas fees don't know what we got over here. Hive is slowly, but surely going to solve that. We need more Dapps on Hive to attract more investors, people, etc... and on a side note, I'd rather Hive grow steadily than getting pumped and dumped then left to rot.

YOu should just "learn how to code" after loosing your job from any various field of work...ahhaha !PIZZA

Yeah, it sounds good on paper,...

A bit curious why he got so many downvotes.

Also, you can simply learn how to code, might not be easy but it is doable.

The person you were following.

Oh, for being a jerk, according to some.

Oh wow, that's crazy.

Well, he made a bunch of money real quick here, so he came out ahead.

Well, that's good, I guess cause being a jerk is very subjective.

Yeah, the consensus was pretty strong.
The guy was rich before he came to the hive, he is rich now, and too often one doesn't get rich without being a jerk to several somebodies.
He is doing just fine.

Sorry, I flag alot of people.

It's alright.


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