'Attention @spaminator, @blocktrades & HIVE members - Please Forgive My Ignorance'

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I am writing this post to formally apologize to the HIVE community for inadvertent mistakes. Kindly give me a patient hearing as I elaborate.

I used to be an active poster and supporter for some communities during 2016-17, on the Steemit platform. I created original content with my wildlife photographs and my musings about them. I always helped other community members and engaged actively.

A personal tragedy hit our family during early 2018 and I could not recover out of it soon. It had a devastating effect on my routine and life. I took to working again just to keep my depression at bay. I totally stopped posting and interacting with anyone virtually. My real world reactions also narrowed down to bare minimum.

After almost 3 years, when I recovered my composure and renewed my passion for photography, I returned to the platform - only to find that it was almost a DEAD place. I could not understand what had happened. I desperately tried to reach out to my old friends and fellow community members. In the process, someone mentioned HIVE and told me that I could find some friends there. It was very confusing for me to understand what was going on.

While I tried to read and understand what had happened and what lead to HIVE the decentralized platform which is superior in all aspects, I continued to seek out my former friends. Not realizing that I was actually repeating same content, I posted content on both platforms - just to reach out to friends - Not knowing if they would be on Steemit or Hive.

Someone (@enginewitty) pointed out that posting same content in different places actually amounts to self-plagiarism.

I had never considered this aspect of posting. It was not my intent to post duplicate stuff. Now, I understand the mistake that I have made inadvertently.

I realize that Hive is a decentralized platform with true ownership by all contributing members and have taken to Hive as my home. It is far better than the previous platforms where some individuals and their money seems to rule things.

My intention to express myself on Hive is to share my good thoughts, bring positivity and help build a better world that cares about our community, members and the planet.

I therefore, request you to pardon my earlier mistake and not look upon me as someone who is attempting spam. I am learning a lot of new things about the platform. I request you to bear with me and let me know if I make any mistakes so that I can correct them as I post further.

I also request all my friends and supporters to continue their love and affection for me.

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Very pleased to see this, Hive is really where it's at my man. I hope certain eyes see this and understand you had no idea. Hopefully, you can reconnect with some people! I know @nainaztengra is still here, @jatinhota floats around sometimes, @saffisara is here, and even @hazem91 and @katrina-ariel are still here. Maybe not as much as before, and some maybe even more. But the fam is here with you, still running this marathon. Now that you've stopped to get some water and rest, how about we get back to the race?

Thank you. Your initial guidance and help made me realize the mistake I had made. Will certainly connect with all my good friends who are here on HIVE. Will do my best to keep good content. I work hard on my photography and my posts. Hope I am able to live up to the standards.

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And just so we are clear for the other know-it-alls that popped over here:

From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary -

self-pla·​gia·​rism | \ ˌself-ˈplā-jə-ˌri-zəm also -jē-ə-
self-plagiarism: the reuse of one's own words, ideas, or artistic expression (as in an essay) from preexisting material especially without acknowledgment of their earlier use
Borrowing your own words is a tricky issue. … Writers and publishers tend to rank self-plagiarism as a lesser offense than—what should we call it?—"real" plagiarism? Still, they mostly agree it's a no-no.
— Taylor Wofford

Well this 'know-it-all' pointed out that if he chooses to use his work elsewhere he should make sure to say so ...something that should have been explained to him instead of tossing the plagiarism term in like he was committing theft of content when all he didn't do was state where it was first published. It's his content to use as he wishes.

While it may be best practice to acknowledge where your content was originally published, as long as it is YOUR content you should be able to use it how you please, with or without acknowledgement of previous use. I mean even by posting to the hive blockchain, your post is published on many websites.

I agree. The main benefit of stating a piece has been posted elsewhere is to avoid being accused of plagiarism. Your content is yours to crosspost/syndicate where you choose to.

The term 'self-plagiarism' is irrelevant here on a blogging platform. It's relevant in academia and research where using your previous content/arguments without clarity that you're recycling content is considered to be a serious breach of trust.

Attempting to apply the word here would mean that anytime a person puts a post up that has any language previously used in one of their posts without referencing the post they would be self-plagiarizing. That would apply to all those posts that have repeated parts along with updated information. That gets pretty silly, pretty quickly in a blogging situation.

Noted. However, I have already decided that I am not going to post on Steemit. As you have pointed out, most of my old friends and mentors are on HIVE now. So - the question of self-plagiarism does not arise if I only am posting here on HIVE. I am a bit dejected though. Still getting downvotes even on comments and responses from @spaminator Do not know if I should continue to post and interact. ☹️

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talk to @guiltyparties and see if he can help you with that. It could be you need to be manually removed from the bot.

@shadowspub - How to talk to @guiltyparties ? On Discord or something? I am not very familiar with any chat mediums on Hive. Would be grateful if you can point me in the right direction. Thanks

yes Discord is your best bet. You can find him in several servers including the Hive one https://discord.gg/cqyMtaQfJw ... I suggest you tag him and ask if you can DM him to ask his guidance.

Big thanks for not trying to help the user when you know very well how to reach me. Let's all wait until all their money is stolen.

While posting on both Hive and Steem is not the best idea with the history between the two platforms, you can't plagiarize your own work. You own your words. Plagiarism is stealing the work of someonelse and passing it off as your own.

What you were doing was cross-posting your content which is yours to do BUT when you do so, you need to make sure that you put a note on it that it was published some where else.

Welcome back

Agreed, you cannot plagiarize yourself.

Thank you. Understood. Guidance from you and other experienced Hive members will help me to contribute better to Hive communities. I request continued guidance and support.

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@shadowspub Thank you for the clarification. It certainly helps. Will take due care in future

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I had same feeling as you about steemit before, it was the very 1st plattform I ever been to and only one I was at.
I found so many amazing friends and I found my passion for photography.
When hive came I was really comfused and it took a while before I posted here and found my way.
But thing is...
I love it more here and I grew more after coming here, also my passion for photography has brought me to communities that has inspired me in photography and ofcourse @thealliance family is here and @enginewitty who been a leader and Great friend since I joined 2017.
So Hive is home ❤️

LIFE happens to all of us and you needed time away and you been through alot.
So happy to see you back my friend and looking forward to your many photography posts ❤️🌹❤️

Good thing you doing here to explain and we know you you always make People smile and we all make mistakes.

Happy weekend 🌹

So glad to hear from you @safi001, my friend. You have always been so encouraging and always a great friend. I missed all my good friends and came back. I guess that itself speaks for the quality of all you individuals who have given me the honor to be friends with you. Cheers. We will keep working to make communities more vibrant on Hive. I will do my best to keep everyone smiling as I did before.

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I am very happy to hear that. I think you are a very good man. Thank you

Will you be exclusively posting on Hive now, or do you still plan to post some content on Steemit?

@timcliff I intend to post on HIVE. I am only hoping all my friends have migrated to HIVE. To be very frank, I did have an emotional connect with Steemit since it was the first platform where I expressed myself. As you may have seen from some of my posts, I was a very introvert person but found like minded people and felt appreciated for my thoughts. It is unfortunate that Steemit went the way it did. I am glad that the great folks that form the HIVE community did what they did to preserve the original spirit of the concept and formed HIVE. I do value the TRUE decentralized approach of HIVE and hence am continuing here. I am not sure I understand it all yet but am learning more every day. Without my old connections, friends and mentors, it is as if I am back to square one - starting all over again with almost no recognition and getting downvotes etc on my posts. Well, that is the cross I have to bear. Will try my best to rebuild my following and add value through good posts. Support from all you good folks on HIVE will definitely build my morale. Thanks.

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self-plagiarism isn't a thing... That's just silly.. More likely spaminator or the likes got political over the bad blood between the two networks or something and didn't like you posting on both platforms.

Seriously nothing wrong with posting content on both platforms.

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Thanks for the added clarification. As I have explained, since I was unaware of all the history of creation of Hive and was still learning, my posting at both platforms was just an attempt to reach out to my old friends - not knowing all the intricacies of Steemit and Hive. Now, I have not even posted anything on Steemit after I have realized the problem 8-10 days ago but the issue still continues. @spaminator is even downvoting my comments and responses. Even my responses to the good people who have tried to clarify things, have been downvoted. I do not know what else to correct at my end! Very frustrating.

That's one problem with spaminator is even after saying your are sorry and doing everything you can do appease them the only real way to get them off your back is to just ignore them and post normally until they bugger off.

They often say you just need to not post any plagerized thing or anything that breaks their rules for the next month and you'll get removed from their list.

If it's just spaminator downvoting then it's not too much to worry about as their downvote hardly makes a difference to rewards etc. it's only when someone who follows their downvote trail or something comes along and downvotes with a bigger stake does it become an annoying pain in the arse.

My advise is ignore their downvotes for now if it's not negatively effecting your rewards and continue to post good content for the next month and they 'should' clear you off their list.

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Stop writing shit. You know exactly where to find me and you could've done so instead of wasting time, meanwhile this user's account is compromised.

Why would I need to find you? I was just stating my opinion on how self-plagiarism isn't a thing.
Also why would he need to be flagged by spaminator if his account is compromised? isn't that what key-defender is for? EDIT: Oops thought you was the dude behind keys-defender my mistake it's someone else. Anyway question still stands why is spaminator flaggin if the account isn't spamming? (as far as i can tell anyways)

and I said what I said because spaminator and hive-watchers aren't perfect and do dumb shit sometimes, But if it gets sorted it gets sorted. I'm not going to say much more on the matter as I'm probably lacking insight into the situation and I'm in no mood to go digging into past posts and stuff to get the full picture. But judging from is past comment and post history I can't see anything that would warrant being flagged by spaminator.

To save both of us on time all I'll say now is I'll make sure every Hive witness is as crystal clear as possible as to how to help users in situations like this.

I used to do the same thing, too (didn't feel wrong to me at all, especially when I mention that it's cross-posted). Now I stopped posting on both platforms for lack of inspiration and motivation, but I'm feeling nostalgic to being a blogger, might return to it soon ;)

Your account is on the compromised accounts list. Please message me GuiltyParties [.com]#5071 or you can find me off the main Hive discord.

@guiltyparties Hi. Thanks for reaching out. I have sent a DM on Discord. Kindly let me know if that is OK or is there any other form of communication I should use. Thanks for your support.