📣The Block Party II?😎

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Authored by @enginewitty

Why Not?

With the coronavirus putting a major damper on the entire world's travel plans, it has been hard to meet people and enjoy the experience of life. It's time, are you ready? I am fresh off of a short jaunt to Las Vegas and am pumped to get back into the touching of faces and exploring new places! So let's do it!

Several months ago, there was a conversation in the Castle about if and when we were to have another Block Party, where it should be. The general consensus was to have it here on my home turf, in Tennessee! I'm pretty thrilled with the thought and am aiming at our touristy, but not too citified - Gatlinburg. Gatlinburg has a ton of things to do and might as well be one giant amusement park with delicious foods, interesting fun things to do, and, it's not far from some great scenery for the nature lovers!


Let's aim for September. I propose on having it the weekend of or after Labor Day, but put it to all of you to choose exactly. September here is quite moderate, usually around 80 degrees F and up near the mountains, will have a gentle breeze coming down to keep you from sweating your balls or tits off. If it is too hot, there are several water parks to take the kids to and even some great indoor wave pools and plenty of air conditioned buildings.

I'm Thinking

About posting every day up until a week before the actual event. I don't say this lightly. I intend to give everyone that comes some spending money. How? All the HBD from this post on, will be put into savings (gaining a little interest along the way) and split evenly between all the people that show up. So, let's say we average 15$ a post. That's 3.75$ every day into the refund pool. That's a minimum of 630 HBD to be split. If 5 people show up, that's 126 HBD for everyone. Maybe ten will show up and we'll average 20$ a post or get smashed a few times for hundreds, who knows? But I want to be able to say thank you in some way (aside from a cool goodie bag - maybe we'll try for some sponsors again and rent a place for speakers?) to those that make the trip.


If you remember The Block Party I, we had a small group of communities come through and add to the fun of it all. @guiltyparties threw some #veterans merch and @freewritehouse handed out some goodies. Other people brought their own fun things like @dreemsteem and her cool pirate challenge. We'll see how it unfolds over the next few weeks and that will dictate better the actual spots we will target (if any) as 'mandatory' and if there will be any kind of 'cover charge' for actual event purposes.

I'd love to see maybe @thebeardflex come over and share a pizza from The Magic Mushroom. Be sweet to lock down a section in there and have a presentation! Or @psyberx come out and play/sponsor a game of lazer tag or something. Maybe someone like @raymondspeaks from @brofi will want to come out or @josephsavage will give us another sweet presentation? Perhaps someone from #silvergoldstackers will come demonstrate a pour or two? Who knows? If you have an idea and want to work with us, I'm not hard to find and neither are any of the fam. We're sociable creatures and - look forward to seeing you in September!!!

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It wasn't really about gaming so felt it wasn't agreeable, but since we have permission, will do next time 😁

Las Vegas has lots of games 😂🎮🚀 #THGaming

WoooooHooooooo I think I'd like nothing better than to haul my ass to Tennessee in September.

It's a good time to be riding in the middle tier of states. Too warm? Head North a bit... Unseasonably cold? The Gulf is calling. Plus I got a good friend just TODAY moving to Bristol. I'm going to his farewell breakfast in about 2 hours :) I could test his hospitality out of this, too. I love it when a plan comes together.

Yeah, I think it's a good idea.

Awesome man! Missed you in Vegas and looks like the stars are lined up for Tennessee for you!

Another thealliance block party ❤️ it is a dream to meet you guys soon in RL and hug ya'll 🤗🍑🤗
I don't think I can make it tho, to far away and I am hoping on a closer place in the future 😁
But I know Who ever gets there Will have a fantastic time and I sooo wish to meet you all soon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thealliance is MY REAL family

We share a dream sweets, we will get over that way, I promise.

I added my two cents to the pool lol

great idea to do these posts daily, I will try to stop by more often :D

Rock on, we'll be seeing you! Hope your move to Spain goes smoothly!

@thealliance A block party with a chance to meet my Alliance buddies and some other celebs too sounds great. Will try hard to make it!😀

Thanks for the shout out for my post. Just your kind words and comments from all of you are enough for me. It is a great pat on the back. HBD or HIVE is just a bonus😀

Keep rocking #thealliance

singature small avatar.png

That would be killer if you can make it!

Sounds like fun!


Would you be coming then?

I want to! Trying to talk my friend Rebel Angel into coming with me. I've been trying to get her to start a Hive account.... :D

Sweet! How far is it for you to Gatlinburg?

It is a 9 hour drive south :D


The three creators are beneficiaries of these posts. What would be a good percentage for these lovely humans?


Google Calculator

No way I could make it... sorry! But give my goody bag to someone that needs it!!

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Ha ha! Can do bro!

You are a maniac. In the best way. 💕 Gatlinburg sounds like a fun choice for a spot. I suspect I can’t make it as other travel plans are percolating for September, but I am definitely gonna follow along in the lead up.


Maybe it'll bring you out here anyway 😁

This is an awesome idea! You're about a 10 hour drive from me (I know; I used to drive from Delaware to Waynesville, NC) so would need to plan this well. I'm sure it'll be a blast!

Look forward to seeing you!

Wow, an actual in-person get-together? How thrilling!

Would love to see you again!!!


Sounds awesome! Going to do what I can to be there.

Kickass, we'll hit a few casinos over at Cherokee😁

Awwww... You picked a good photo to represent my post. Thank you for featuring my post and the get together sounds cool. That's about a 10 hour drive for us here in southern NJ. We are usually on the move that weekend, but maybe a change is in order. That's a cool idea to post Daily and build up spending money.. To make it a give away too??!! Awesome! That's really nice of you and really a great idea of how to use funds raised through the chain. 😁

Probably faster once you hit the interstate. Be awesome to meet you!

I hope you'll make it and get together - in person :)

@tipu curate

Would you be coming?

Virtually, yes. In person, no. A bit too far away :)

Ha ha, right on 😋

So excited that this is probably close enough for me to attend! I've gotta start planning. My vote is for the weekend after Labor Day as it might be cheaper and easier to find lodging and the crowds for attractions and eating options might be less severe.

Bonus: this will be pretty close to my birthday as well!

Duly noted and you've been up there before, haven't you? It's gonna be packed regardless😂

It's gonna be packed regardless😂

This is true. I love going up there and we did a couple of Christmas trips there over the years. I'm really hoping it works out for me to go and we HAVE to find some great steaks!!!! lolol

You ever eaten at Chesapeake's? Known for the seafood but can throw down a good steak too. There are some killer steakhouses up there like Peddlar, Cherokee, Greenbriar, and Deer Ridge. We hit one of those up no doubt!

I've never eaten there because we always travelled with family that are a bit picky with eating so we would always hit Paula Deen's for our big meal out. You know I'm down for anything (food wise..lololol)

Ahhhh depending on the timing I may not be able to make it! I will be traveling in September!

If I am unable to make it I would still be honored to sponsor it with some hot pies from your local badass pizza joint!


Dinner on Beardy! When you have time, check this place out - probably the best I've ever had.

Mellow Mushroom

Where are you traveling to?

I don’t know if I can swing it. That’s usually a very busy time of year for me. But if I can I certainly will. As it gets closer I’ll have a better idea.

Sure hope ya can man, Be cool to hang out with ya again!

We love this at TUNZ
Looking forward to hearing and seeing more plans.
Please use the #tunz tag so we can upvote and support your daily post.

Will do and thank you!

Alright. I am sending @papacrusher to represent Cine & BRO. I can't travel atm because my wife is unwell. If we ever do anything in London, now, that's a different story :)

Am familiar, look forward to seeing him! All 3 of us should have a little chat here soon and see about some things 😉

I'm sure that'll be fun :)

I'm definitely interested.. although that's right when the plants should be getting done.. I'll have to find a ganja-sitter

Ha ha! Make sure its a seasoned vet😁

This is a long time coming!
I hope it will work out for us all this time.

Hope to see you there!


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