The Pomposity Of Parasites

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I have to admit, I did have some fun writing this... at the expense of our decrepit "leaders". 😂

They just keep on taxing our collective asses deeper and deeper into debt. Welcome to the cellblock my fellow inmates, where we all are doing debt-time!


The Pomposity Of Parasites

Where the dark money flows
Treachery slithers and grows
Agendas and ideologies arose
By the holy order of the rose

It's not really such a great mystery
When looking at our real history
To see those that say they lead us
Steal our energy as they bleed us

Rites and recitations are the spell
Craft is laid bare in the city's shell
Sixty eight miles is a lesson in hell
Where the soulless vampires dwell

True blue usury is the exploitation
A wicked malignancy against nation
Fiendish corruptocracy is unethical
This type of warfare is asymmetrical

No guards no bars no fences in plain sight
Hold your tongue and go quietly into night
All the bases covered and all the bets off
There is no where to go, bend over.. cough

You are servant to their grind
Peace you surely will not find
Toil and trouble for humankind
Stoke the fires if you're inclined

© 2022 @inthenow

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Thanks my friend, much appreciated! 😃


Yeah... Let's not go quietly, we deserve to have a life just like anyone else!

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Thanks very much, I appreciate that a great deal. Yes we do, even one without complications. 😃

Have a great evening.