New here. Hello.

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Whale hello there. After listening to @cryptosneeze go on about this for over a year, I thought I better come dip a paw in to test out the crypto waters.

I've always been interested in finance, but I have to admit the crypto boom has me a bit on the back foot. I'm not exactly a techno queen. So trying to understand all the changes, terminology and apps etc. made me want to pretend it was all just a passing phase and wouldn't come to anything. However, I can see that the view I'd taken is definitely wrong and I need to change my ways if I'm to move with the times.

As you can probably tell, I love animals and have a terrible sense of humour. Crappy puns, dad jokes and one liners are just a few of the things that appeal to my sense of humour. I'm a simple gal and enjoy the little things in life. Baking, nature, gin, netflix all have a special place in my heart.

I work in healthcare so the past few years have been rough, but I just try and keep myself and my friends going. Being outside plays a huge part in that and I love paddleboarding. Last year I got an inflatable one and I've tried to go out on it as often as I got the chance.


I'm an environmental activist so spend time trying to convince others not to just let the world burn. Whether that's collecting rubbish from the rivers whikst I'm out for a paddle, beconing a regular at my zero waste store or trying to stop @cryptosneeze's obsession with Starbucks (spoiler alert - it's not happening!), I'm just trying to leave this place for the better one step at a time.

Leave nothing behind except pawprints.



(better late than never eh?)

I've never tried paddle boarding, but I would agree that simply 'being outside' has so many benefits for our general health and well being.

This Article by @steevc is a nicely written introduction for new users

My advice is to take your time, have a wander rounder and see what else there is, as there is a lot to take in.

Always better late than never! If you've never tried it, I promise you're missing out, it's a lot of fun! I would consider myself to have very good balance and yet I manage. Something to look forward to in 2022 maybe?
Thanks for the info, that will definitely come in handy!

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Welcome to the world of Hive blogging with a good dose of finance. It’s very different here to other such places and that’s what keeps me interested.

Last year we joined a canoe club with the intention of trying out their paddle boards and kayaks. The latter has got me hooked and I’ve yet to try the other. We’ll buy an inflatable board this year so we will take that with us wherever we go anyway.

Thanks! Definitely try paddleboarding, especially if you already enjoy being out on the water. You might get a bit wetter, but my opinion is its a lot more fun!

Oh and another thing we do here is share


Sorry for the silly question, is there anywhere that explains about PIZZA? Still learning!


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Welcome! Love the nothing but pawprints ethos, excited to see your stuff on here!

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Thank you!

OOh a Kindred spirit (except for the interest in finance...I'm completely hopeless there!). I am also super new, as I signed up years ago but never made it a part of my day. I'm trying harder now, with a push from a couple friends on here who are 'all about it'. ;) Welcome and I can't wait to read more!

Hello fellow new(ish)bie! I'm lucky that I have help. I don't think I could have set up my account on my own! Looking forward to getting to grips with it and hopefully finding people who appreciate all the random photos I take on my phone! BTW your dog is so adorable!

I love random phone pics! Got a whole phoneful myself! ;)
Thanks...and he's not even the cuter of the two soft spot is for our pug. She's the silly one.

I love all dogs, but pugs are something special!! I hope you find somewhere to spam them all, I'd love to see!

I love any excuse to show her off haha