Taking A Break ❤️

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It's been 36 hours she couldn't close her eyes

Having planned everything for the year 2022, she thought there would be many great things in store for me. Then she noticed a strange thing inside her, and it was going to change everything.

The hospital is strict during this period when Viet Nam sometimes records several hundred thousand cases each day. Once a patient is hospitalized, she must take a covid test and then be placed in isolation, which means once she is admitted, she cannot leave until she is discharged.

It was expected her coming days would be anything other than boring However, she quickly adapted to the new environment and found herself feeling better than she imagined. Plus, the only view from the balcony freshes her. She could watch the things outside and the sunrise. 🙂


When she faced the doctor in the consulting room it was hard for her to put her signature to agree to take that strange thing out and examine it through a surgical cut, but she had to.

After so many days spent in the hospital, she has finally undergone the operation. The surgical cut is painful, but after a couple of days, she could stand up and walk like a toddler. She used to be scared of the scar and wasn't brave enough to look at it until days later. She told herself, oh it looks not bad and as long as it's on her body, of course, she will love it.


Unfortunately, that strange thing isn't a just cyst. She'll have to deal with it. It's not her intention to share it, however, she thought that her Hive friends deserve to know the truth behind her absence from now on. She believes once she has done with it, it's her mission to inspire other women to fight their health issues. It requires a huge effort on our part not just for ourselves but our beloved family and friends who truly care for us.

Once she could write it down and she has been cool down and get ready for the next steps. Dear readers and followers, She- I sincerely thank you for being around and supporting me in the past time. I'm going to take a break in a while before I decide to take one more operation and chemical treatment to fight this cancer. I'm sure I'll get through this and will be back once I win over it. Don't worry, I'll stay strong and optimistic ❤️


Oh no 😥

The scar is a testimony of how brave and strong you are and that's how you will always be. You can pull through this and we will all be here supporting you. Be brave and take care ❤️

Thanks so much Pauline❤️ I wish it wasn't true but I have to face it.
After a few days resting, I feel so much better now and get ready for the tough time. I'll try to post sometimes after my chemotherapy. 🙂

<3 Do your best, my sister

Thank you be nhe❤️

Team Trang on Hive is going to be supporting you all the way. You've got this girl!

Everyone will still be here when you get back, bouncing with perfect health once more. Surround yourself with your loved ones, they'll be your strength when you need them.

Take care always and don't be a stranger in good times or bad.

Thank you @nathen007 I was tough when reading these kind words. ❤️ I'm recovering and will blog again soon. Miss people on Hive so much :)

We miss you but know you're in the safe hands of people who can fix you and surrounded by people who love you. You got a winning combination there so you just relax and let them do their jobs and you'll be back to 100% in no time.

Even while ill, you just made my day when I saw your name pop up so thank you :-)

Im sure you're always in everyone's thoughts and I obviously look forward to the party when you're back . Take care and best wishes to you, and all your loved ones there supporting you.

Cố gắng nhé Trang

Cam ơn Lộc nhé :) Trang khỏe rồi :)

Be strong @trangbaby. Praying for your speedy recovery. 😘

Thanks Sasha, I really appreciated it ❤️

You're welcome Trang, hope you are feeling better. ❤

Cố gắng giữ gìn sk c nhé.chúc c nhanh bình phục về họp team với tụi em nha.

Cảm ơn bé nhé, chị ổn hoen rồi, mong có dịp họp mặt với mọi người nè :)

Dạ.chi.khi nào ra viện e với hý.hip ghé thăm c sau ạ

Cố lên chị nhé. Mong chị sớm khoẻ ❤️

🤗 thanks bé nhé :)

Oh Sweet Trang, my prayers are with you. Thanks for the update.

Thanks so much Sara, I'm good and just discharged. Can't wait to blog again. Miss you a lot ❤️

Trang that was so long. How are you? I missed you a lot too!!!

Awwe thanks Sara, I'm back and getting ready for more adventures this summer. Hope all is well with you ❤️

Rất vui vì thấy e đăng bài, chúc em nhanh khỏe để trở lại với mn em nhé!

Thanks Anh nhé. :)

Chúc chị sớm comback

Thanks Cò nhé :)

Nay mới comback ah c

Đúng rồi cò, dạo này mọi người bận ít đăng bài nhỉ

Chóng khỏe nhé Chị. Chờ đợi những bài viết sau khi hồi phục sức khỏe 😊

Thanks em nhé, có time c sẽ viết nè.

I am so sorry to read this Trang! :( But I am sure you will win this fight! You are such an amazing and strong girl! We all will be thinking of you. Stay strong and positive!

@tipu curate

I hope for a very fast recovery Trang! You are so brave! 💛💛💛💛

Thank you Mie. :) I really appreciated it

Hey Trang! Hope everything is well with you? How are you though?

Thanks Mie, I'm good and everything getting better ❤️

We miss you around! Glad to know you are getting better. Stay safe. 💛

Stay strong. I hug you from far away but I believe you can through this. You are brave woman ❤️

I love you Sist.

Thanks and Hugs Sis, I'm feeling better and get ready to blog again ❤️

So sad and sorry to hear this @trangbaby stay strong you will pull out of this it's not your time yet my prayers are with you for a speedy recovery and we are all here for you. 🙏🙋🙏🙌🙏

Thanks Dion, I'm recovering and can't wait to enjoy everything out here this summer.

That is nice to hear @trangbaby I know you have determination nothing will keep you down go get em girl 👍

Cô bạn yêu quý của tôi, hãy mạnh mẽ để chiến thắng tất cả những khó khăn trước mắt nhé. xung quanh Trang còn rất nhiều bạn bè và người thân luôn sát cánh và mong chờ tin tốt nhất từ Trang. Mau khỏe lại và trở lại mạnh mẽ hơn nhé. Thương và yêu Trang của tôi rất nhiều!

Thank you cô bạn yêu quý nhé, chuẩn bị viết bài lại nè :)

Cố lên nhé chị. Mong chị sẽ sớm khoẻ lại và nhiều bài đọc hữu ích cho mọi người. Mong mọi điều tốt đẹp sẽ đến với chị💝

Thanks em trai nhé. ❤️

You are a tough one Trang there is nothing that will keep you down I am still expecting you in Australia for that Aussie barbecue I promised you. Stay strong Trang my prays and thoughts are with you my dear friend❤️😊❤️

Thanks Buddy, Though it's been tough, I recognized the most important part is to accept it and remain positive. The Australian trip is still on my bucket list for later this year and I can't wait.. :)

Nice to hear from you @trangbaby "Remain Positive" they are the key words and I know you will your a fighter stay strong my friend one step at a time big hug to you 😊

Năng lượng tích cực của bà là thứ ko phải ai cũng có, nay tui mới có dịp quay lại HIVE đọc bài viết này của bà! Bà là người mạnh mẽ và kiên cường nhất tôi từng biết, độc lập, tự tin, sống có thiên hướng! Chắc chắn lần này bà sẽ vượt qua dễ dàng thôi! Cố lên nhé!

Cảm ơn bà nha, tui mổ xong đợt 2 rồi, tâm lý cũng ổn hơn rồi. Hy vọng vài tháng tới thăm gia đình bà ở Ucs nhé 🤗

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I was checking some old posts and I couldn't avoid to ask myself what have been of my fav bloggers on Hive. I am heartbroken. I cannot believe such an evil thing could happen to you :(. I imagined you posting about new wonderful places in Vietnam, and not this.

All my prayers go to your soon recovery, @trangbaby.

God be with you. Hugs.

Aww thank you @gabmr, it's very kind of you. I'm feeling better and still in good hands, so not much worry. I'm going to post again soon. :) Hope you will drop by sometimes :)

Amazing photos are a fan of sunsets
your photos came out super you can see that you caught a super sunset

Thank @mihai80, I'm glad you like it. Since it's summer, this is the most spectacular sunset/sunrise time of the year.

Hey I'm just reading this now. I'm sorry you have to go through this but I hope and believe you'll come out on the other side happy and healthy. 🤗🤗🤗

Thank you @gvkanten, I really appreciated it. It feels so good to be back after my operations and break. :)

Oh Crap. Not the actual words I used, but it'll do for here.

Do you believe in coincidence? I don't. I'm currently reading a dry book (yeah, I did that on purpose) on the rivers of the world-there was a mention of the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang and I thought of you.

A day or so later I was watching a movie (Protégé) and the female lead was riding a motorcycle ON the Dragon Bridge. I was pretty sure I needed to look you up. I was right.

I know you'll be brave and strong-because you are brave and strong. I'm just going to let you know that I've got the good vibe machine up and working here in SW Arizona.

So. I'm not around here much but I promise to check in with you every now and again. I send my very best to you.

I hope you are well, Tom. It has been quite some time since we last spoke.
I believe in coincidence sometimes and I think everything happens for a reason. It's wonderful that you still remember the bike and the dragon bridge. My health is good and I won't worry as much as I did when I heard the news. 🙂

Thank you for the visit. I really appreciated it

i just recently followed you and I like you and your posts. please be strong. I know how hard it is, and im praying you get better too. nobody deserve that kind of pain. be strong. i hope this finds you well and help you feel better

Thank you so much for the following and your prayers, much appreciated it. The tough time was over and I feel much better now. ❤️