My entry for the #SunThursday competition

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My first competiition post via the Photography Lovers Community!

I have recently been gifted a Mini 2 drone which is an incredibly powerful tool thanks to the RAW functionality.

The sun is the provider of energy to all living things which harness it's power and provides us with an incredible amount of potential to evolve.

Here is the image I wish to submit.
windmill 2_HDR2.jpg

Good luck to all!


Hi @bombaycrypto,
Thank you for participating in the #teamuk curated tag. We require at least 100 words, but your post has only 63 words.
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good luck in this competition and with your new drone. i have been thinking about getting one but haven't got one yet.

Let me know if you have any questions! I'm in the UK but most of the laws/ requirements are the same as anywhere else!

thanks for the offer

how are you dear friend @bombaycrypto good day
congratulations on the beautiful gift you received, beautiful shot
I really appreciate that you have taught us
have a great day