Hello Summer - Looking forward to summer even though I don't have any exciting plans

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Summer started today at 11:13am here in Serbia and lately I was so occupied with my own thoughts and things to do, I completely forgot the fact summer begins until I randomly saw it this morning and it hit me - it's the start of my favorite season!

End of Spring was all about focusing on University and things I need to do to finally finish it by the Fall this year. It's not easy to stay focused after a long break but the hardest thing was just to start, now that I got the ball rolling, I just have to make sure I push through this summer and get it done! That's why I don't have any specific, big summer plans as I just want to close this chapter of my life and move on to the next one.


Even though I try to stay calm and not stress about the University stuff, seems like it's in my nature to get so stressed about it and my anxiety really kicks in often. Staying on top of things is a great way to eliminate some of the stress and I really hope I'll be able to meet all the deadlines. Recently I stopped making any plans for the next couple of weeks when it comes to social life and any kind of events with the exception of one party I want to attend this Friday - if it wasn't organized by my friends I wouldn't go so I just have to make sure to avoid alcohol and staying up too late.

My brother and his family are coming to visit us in July and kids will stay here all summer! That means there will be five kids to run after and try to keep up with their insane energy. As my parents are getting older, they obviously cannot run around all day after five kids so I'll try to help out as much as I can. I can already tell it won't be easy and sometimes I have a short temper to be honest so I have to put myself together and be a good aunt, lol.


Luckily, we have a big pool that we are setting up today in our backyard so I'll be able to enjoy hot summer days at home, jumping in the pool and catching some sunshine, maybe even get a tan! I hope I'll find some nice books to read, there will be garden work that needs to be done, I'll hang out with my friends once I the first University deadline is over (in two weeks)... I'll try to go for at least a few long walks to the river, keep posting on Hive and find other little things to enjoy during my favorite season. Like I said, I don't have any big or exciting plans, I probably won't travel or do anything super interesting but I am still looking forward to summer and having fun as much as I can. I guess what makes me excited is accomplishing something I have been wanting to get done with for a long time. :)

Do you have any plans for this summer? Let me know in the comments! Thank you so much for reading! :)



It's like watching your nephews dive in your pool, and splash the whole water out! I can almost hear their voices and their laughter! The energy of the children is therapeutic, as long as it is not 3-5 at noon ... haha! Be brave!